The Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl - Designer Edge

Item # M33400007

4.926 out of 5 Customer Rating (27) Reviews FAQs

The Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl - Designer Edge

Item # M33400007

4.926 out of 5 Customer Rating (27) Reviews FAQs

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In Stock3 to 5 Business Days | Free Freight Shipping!
Made in USA
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Product Details

The Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl - Designer Edge has been handcrafted in the heart of the USA. Domestic mills provide the admirable heavy-gauge 3/16 inch American steel used. Featuring a unique patent-pending two-piece welded design, this pit will not break or wear out over time. Carefully designed to withstand the earth's elements, this fire bowl has a 1.25 inch diameter rain drain located in the inner circle of the fire bowl.

This natural steel fire bowl develops a rustic iron-oxide patina that will darken over time. Its unique color is designed to change from a steel to a rustic appearance, making it the perfect final touch for your outdoor living space! Each fire bowl is handcrafted by a local artisan, ensuring that yours will be individually special.


  • Constructed from heavy-gauge 3/16 inch American steel
  • Several sizes to choose from
  • Steel color transforms into a rustic patina over time
  • Designed to withstand earthly elements
  • Patent-pending two-piece welded design

Eligible for a Product Warranty
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  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Type: Artisan
  • Shape: Round
  • Overall Width: 24" | 30" | 36"
  • Overall Height: 12" | 20" | 14 1/2"
  • Material: 3/16" Steel
  • Base Width: 16" | 18" | 20"
  • Finish: Natural
  • Color: Natural Steel
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
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Q: "How much does your 36 in Patriot wood burning bowl weigh?" A: It weighs 110 pounds.
Q: "How much does the 30\" Patriot Wood bowl weigh?" A: The 30 inch option weighs 75 pounds.
Q: "How much does the 24\" Patriot wood burning bowl weigh?" A: The 24 inch Patriot weighs 45 pounds.
Q: "Does the Patriot wood burning fire bowl have a rain drain in it? " A: This fire bowl has a 1.25 inch diameter rain drain located in the inner circle of the fire bowl.
Q: "does this fire bowl come with a metal cover or screened done cover?" A: This unit does not have a screen or cover that is designed to work with it.
Q: "Is it safe to put on a wood deck?" A: No, this is not safe for use on a wood deck
Q: "Do you have a grill that incorporates into the pit" A: No, the manufacturer does not make a grill attachment for this unit. You would have to either find an off brand or have one custom made to size.

Product Reviews

Firebowl you can put in your will!

I have only favorable things to say about this beast of a fire bowl. If you are used to the flimsy big-box-store fire pits, you will be amazed by this one. It is indestructible and will stand up to anything. No more replacing a $100 facsimile every few years. This one is going to last forever! An added positive is that its a super attractive addition to our back yard landscaping. We are completely happy with this purchase. It is worth the money.

I love it! I haven used it yet because I’m waiting for the grill top to arrive. It is well made, sturdy, a good thickness of steel! I ordered the 24” because of my small patio, I thought it would be small but it’s a perfect size and does not look small.

Great product, delivered quickly. Small hole in the bottom so rain water doesn't collect. Easy to start fire and add wood. Love it!

Good Steel Bowl

This is a good bowl requires a lifelong commitment. It helps you avoid impulse buying 5 rusting trash buckets for your backyard over the next 50 years.

Beautiful high quality fire pit

I researched pure pits for months. I wanted something different that really fit in with the vibe of our backyard. The quality and weight are amazing and it makes beautiful fires. I definitely made the right choice.

Better than expected

Solid steel. Will never break. Looks amazing.

Love this fire bowl

I bought the Patriot 30’ for my boyfriend for his birthday and he absolutely loves it it is very high-quality and heavy duty we had it shipped all the way to Portland Oregon without any complications I was impressed with how fast it arrived I shopped around for a long time and found that this was a great value!! I recommend this purchase to anybody thank you very much I know we will we will be enjoying this product for years and years to come

Great Easy Burning Heavy Duty Fire Pit

Love it. Heavy weight to last a long long time. Can burn a good amount of wood easily in it and it stays burning well with good air flow. Its starting to patina which makes it even more outdoorsy. I think for the money its way better than anything the chain stores offer.

The pit

Fantastic my whole fam is enjoying have had a fire the last seven day Since it was delivered. My youngest all ready patina the steel with some vinegar and it looks great!!

high quality "portable" firepit

We really like this product. very solid, very high quality. We ordered the small one, so we could move it around if needed (only 45 lbs). It's plenty big enough for our needs. Shipped FedEx Ground, so didn't have to worry about freight shipping either.

The Patriot fire pit Is a plan Jane that will remain the same and that’s exactly what I was looking for Thanks.

Built like a Tank

This is just what I was looking for. I had others fire pits in the past made of much thinner metal and they lasted only a couple years before falling apart. This unit is SO solid and well made, I'm sure it will outlast me. The 24" size is deep enough to hold several logs but shallow enough that the fire isn't hidden. The center hole gives great draft for getting the fire going with minimal smoke and you can move the wood and coals off to the sides for an extended burn and for cooking. It also radiates heat long after the fire is out. At 45 lbs., it's fairly easy to move for cleaning. I also want to praise Customer Service. They were very helpful in arranging delivery and were just so nice to talk to!

Love it!!

Purchased it a week ago and have used it every night since. Great size (36”) to get a roaring fire going to enjoy sitting around it with friends and family.

Exceeded our expectations.

This fire bowl is beautiful, heavy and well made in the USA. I found it online and ordered it, but I don’t know who likes it or my husband. Huge upgrade from our old one bought at a home improvement store.

Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl

I love my Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl. It is extremely well made, beautifully crafted and made in America. The additional cost of this product over the cheap Chinese made fire pits from the big box store was well worth it. And great service from Woodland Direct.

Beautiful fire bowl

This fire pit is a work of art! Beautifully shaped. It’s very heavy and substantial and will not rust through. Lifetime warranty! Love it.

Patriot 30" firepit

very happy with this product. The initial surface rust gives was to a nice patina after a few uses. The 30" bowl is perfect for group setting and it hold a lot of wood. Buy this quality American product

High Quality Fire Pit

The Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowel is a perfect addition to our patio. It is very sturdy and holds a nice fire. There is a hole in the bottom to release rain water, which is important in the NW. I would definitely recommend this product from Woodland Direct. Did I mention there is free shipping too!

Great Firepit!

Looks great, burns great, great quality! Just what we were looking for.

High quality fire bowl

I loved the photo of the fire bowl and when we received the actual item, we were very impressed. I got this as a gift for my husband and he loves it. Now he is having to design a place to put it to display it correctly! Great workmanship! I can see this lasting forever!

Awesome We Love it

Very well made - Solid Steel and a very awesome natural color when left outside a few weeks.Made in USA and a great addition to your outside deck or patio. Our 36" is over 110 lbs and solid. What we especially like is the fire curls at the edge to the Fire Bowl. Highly recommend after buying the many cheapos at the local hardware store that rusts and fall apart after two years.

The perfect purchase!

We have purchased multiple fire pits over the last 10yrs and we are so glad we finally found this one! Very easy to get a fire started and once hot, the bowl itself produces warmth well into the night. I don’t anticipate us needing to look for anything else for a long long time as this is solid!

This Firepit is Just Right

I previously had a stone fire pit but bought a new home with a smaller yard. This fire pit is the perfect size and I love the high-quality steel. I broke it in last night while watching neighborhood fireworks. This will be a centerpiece of my social distancing this summer. I also bought the 18” fire poker which is just the right size for the 24” pit. Thank you for providing a quality product at an affordable price!

Great fire pit!

This is a very well made fire pit and comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a rarity these days. Fires start and burn well and I like that it is relatively low to ground. One of the other nice features is the 1 1/2” rain hole at bottom, though I would suggest the manufactures consider installing a screen over it to prevent embers from falling through. But I highly recommend this product — it both looks and performs fantastically.

Patriot Wood Burning Fire Bowl

We were surprised the bowl arrived in a gray/steel color because the pictures clearly show the bowl with a bronze color. Thought there was a mistake, but the customer service rep said the bowl would patina over time. That solved the mystery but it will take quite a while for the patina (rust) to cover all of the exposed surface. Not a major issue, but buyers be forewarned. The bowl has an interesting performance characteristic not seen in other bowls/fire pans. The bowl is made a very heavy, fairly thick iron/steel plate. The iron gives off quite a bit of radiant heat after a good-sized fire has burned for awhile. Nice feature on a cold morning or evening. Bowl will double as a large flower pot during the summer, enabled by the drain hole in the bottom that allows water to drain.

Just like the photo

Very poorly packaged for shipment. When I arrived home on delivery day it was on the driveway completely out of the box already! Putting a heavy metal bowl in a single layer box with NO other packaging is a guaranteed failure. Fortunately there was no damage to the product as it is made from heavy steel. (I'm sure the delivery guy hates these things LOL) It's comicai to call this a "designer edge" as it is obviously made from the end cap of a large (fuel) storage tank. The edge is where it would be fitted into the tank cylinder and welded together. If you look at pricing for the "non-designer " edge it is higher! That, I guess, is because they have to cut the "designer edge" off for a smooth wall. In any event this is a sturdy fire bowl that should last for a long time and not rust away in a year or two like those other $150 pits/ bowls. The "finish" is unfinished and it is supposed to age (rust) to a dark brown color. I'll let you know how that goes. Overall I'm pleased with this purchase and expected it to do what it is designed for. Be aware that if you place it directly in contact with a deck or patio it will likely leave a rust stain at the base. Also the drain hole will let the dark charcoal "water" drain onto the surface below so plan accordingly.