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The Top 5 Gas Fireplace Inserts

Thinking of converting your wood fireplace to gas? Consider these five customizable, easy-to-install gas inserts!

Gas fireplace inserts offer an easy and affordable way to breathe new life into an old, outdated wood fireplace

Designed to slide directly into pre-existing fireplace openings, gas inserts instantly modernize your home’s main attraction, turning it into a cozy, fuel-efficient focal point that’ll keep you warm for years to come. 

While gas inserts are flexible and simple to install, it’s still important to find the right style for your fireplace. Below, we’ve listed our top five gas fireplace inserts to help you revamp your hearth. 

#5: MADISON PARK 34 GAS INSERT by IronStrike

What Makes It Great:

The Madison Park 34 Gas Insert by IronStrike is designed for any zero-clearance, factory-built, or masonry fireplace. It boasts a tall, heat-radiating ceramic glass front for a crystal-clear view of the flames and a built-in heat blower with six speed settings to set your perfect comfort level. 

Key Features:  

Choose a contemporary or traditional-looking model to match your interior decor, along with multiple decorative facades, firebox liners, surrounds, and trim kits. You can also choose from three fire glass colors for an eye-catching final touch. The Madison Park 34 insert features a electronic ignition system with a battery backup. It also comes with a convenient remote control, so you can quickly adjust the heat to your liking.

#4: DRI2000 GAS FIREPLACE INSERT by Superior

What Makes It Great: 

The DRI2000 Gas Fireplace Insert by Superior combines the ease of a modern gas fireplace with the nostalgic comfort of a classic wood burning unit. Its heat-radiating ceramic glass front and built-in blower blanket your space with warmth, while a set of detailed, hand-crafted logs glow in the fire. 

Key Features: 

Available in 27 and 32-inch models, the DRI2000 gas insert is specifically designed to fit inside masonry fireplaces. Achieve the perfect finish with four distinct fireplace facades and an optional surround. You can also upgrade your experience with an On/Off-Hi/Lo remote or wireless, wall-mounted controls.  


What Makes It Great: 

Effortlessly transform any pre-existing fireplace with the DVC26 Innsbrook Traditional Direct Vent Gas Insert by Empire! Its classic, square design stretches 28 inches wide and 14 inches tall for a breathtaking view of fire, while the built-in barrier screen adds extra safety for kids and pets. 

Key Features: 

Create a classic, masonry look at a fraction of the cost with three brick-style firebox liners or add incredible depth with a black porcelain liner. Four decorative fronts and seven surrounds create the perfect finish, while an optional shroud eliminates any gaps for large fireplace openings. Choose between a millivolt and intermittent pilot ignition system, along with nine different control options, including wall switches and programmable remotes. 


What Makes It Great: 

The Oakville X4 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert by Napoleon features a massive, 518-sq.-in. viewing area and an exclusive split-flow, dual burner system that fills the firebox with a robust, triple flame pattern. It also has a patented Night Light function that radiates a warm glow when the fire is out.

Key Features: 

Completely customize the look with multiple decorative face plates, back plates, and firebox liners. You can also add a realistic Birch, Split Oak, or Driftwood log set for a cozy, rustic burning display. The Oakville X4 doesn’t sacrifice warmth for style. It comes with a powerful, heat-circulating blower and air improvement directional baffles to maximize the amount of heat your fireplace puts out. Use the Proflame II remote to set your ideal temperature or pair a smart phone to your Oakville X4 inset via Bluetooth and control with the eFIRE app.  


What Makes It Great: 

The Ruby Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert by Majestic offers an easy, affordable, and stylish way to update your old, wood burning fireplace. Its wide, ceramic glass front captures heat and radiates it back into the room, while a realistic Split Wood log set glows beneath the flames. 

Key Features: 

Design a look that ties into your decor with a variety of decorative fireplace frames, three firebox liners, and four burning displays. The Ruby’s integrated variable speed blower ensures every square inch of your space is evenly heated. It also comes with a battery backup, so you can still use your fireplace in the event of a power outage. Set your perfect room temperature with the included IntelliFire™ Touch Remote Control and add an optional IntelliFire™ Wall Switch for quick on/off operation.

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