A close-up view of a brass CrossFire gas fire pit burner and supercharged orange flames.

The Top 5 Gas Fire Pit Burners

Create an incredible, customized fireside experience

A great fire pit isn’t complete without its powerful main component — a burner. If you’re concerned about flame size, presentation, gas usage, and heat output, then choosing the right burner for your gas fire pit is crucial. 

Since there are so many different burner shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, we’ve put together a list of our top five gas fire pit burners to help you find one that will meet all your expectations and more.


What Makes It Great: 

If you don’t have access to a power source in your outdoor space, the HPC Round Match-Lit Torpedo Burner is the perfect option. It comes fully assembled and includes all the components you’ll need for a quick installation, so you can start enjoying soothing, campfire-like flames and up to 150,000 BTUs of heat ASAP.  

Key Features:

The Torpedo is designed with powerful raised ports that maximize flame height and warmth, while using minimal amounts of fuel. Its manual, match-lit ignition system allows you to adjust the flame height to your liking, while the ability to use Natural Gas or Propane ensures the Torpedo is a great fit for every enclosure style. It’s also compatible with any kind of fire pit media, including fire glass, lava rock, and outdoor logs


What Makes It Great:  

The Push Button Ignition Fire Pit Kit from HPC features a unique, Penta-shaped design that creates soothing, natural-looking flames and up to 150,000 BTUs of warmth, so you can keep your outdoor space relaxation-ready in any season. 

Key Features:

This hassle-free burner kit arrives fully assembled and ready to install into a Natural Gas fire pit enclosure. The included stainless steel, bowl-style pan holds your fire pit media in place, while the battery powered, spark ignition system instantly lights the flames. It also comes with a manual control valve and a key, so you can easily adjust the flame height by hand. 

#3: 42” RECTANGULAR CRYSTAL FIRE BURNER by The Outdoor GreatRoom

What Makes It Great: 

Ideal for custom-built enclosures, the Crystal Fire Plus burner creates bright, full-bodied flames and boasts a higher BTU rating than most gas fire pits on the market, delivering up to 90,000 BTUs of heat for Natural Gas configurations and up to 100,000 BTUs for Propane. 

Key Features: 

The Crystal Fire burner outlasts any weather condition with a 304-grade stainless steel design and raised ports that supercharge your flames and prevent water from pooling inside the burner pan. It also features a convenient, push-button ignition system with a flame-sensing function that monitors your fire pit for extra safety. Add the perfect finishing touch with five shades of fire glass, a glass wind guard, and a grey glass burner cover that turns your fire pit into a stylish outdoor table. 


What Makes It Great: 

If you’re building your own gas fire pit, the Round Match-Lit CROSSFIRE Burner System has all the elements you’ll need to complete the project. It features an impressive 180,000-BTU output, a powerful air-to-gas ratio, and a corrosion-resistant brass design to outlast even the harshest elements.  

Key Features: 

The CROSSFIRE uses revolutionary Venturi Jet Technology to create powerful, fuel-efficient flames. Its simple, match-lit ignition system ensures easy, reliable operation without the need for a power supply in your outdoor space, while an optional, heavy-duty cover protects your burner from the elements, keeps out debris, and prevents curious critters from moving in during the winter months.  

#1: OUTDOOR LINEAR T-BURNER by Grand Canyon Outdoor 

What Makes It Great: 

This burner’s unique, T-shaped design fills your fire pit with tall, billowing flames and delivers up to 175,000 BTUs of heat, turning your backyard into a tropical-feeling retreat fit for entertainment. Find the perfect size for your fire feature with 36- to 72-inch models and add an eye-catching finishing touch with five vibrant fire glass colors.  

Key features:

Ignite your flames with a standard match-lit ignition system or upgrade to the Weather Beater Electronic Control System. Powered by a microprocessor, the Weather Beater system senses if the flame goes out, then relights it automatically. If the fire doesn’t reignite, the system stops the flow of gas. The system can be operated by your choice of wall switch, pool controller, or hand-held remote and can even connect to your smart device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 


If you have questions about installation requirements or need help choosing the right gas fire pit burner for your project, call our team of NFI certified experts at 800.919.1904 today!


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