A transitional living room with white-painted, exposed brick walls, white plush couches, and a large hearth with a classic, square fireplace.

Transitional Style Guide

Explore the features of transitional design to create a cohesive, classic-meets-contemporary living space 

Transitional design is a balanced blend of traditional and modern styles.  

This versatile look samples the core elements from both classic and contemporary aesthetics to form a timeless, fresh look's that polished, yet casual and approachable. It features natural colors, with darker colors reserved for accent pieces.  

A transitional space has a cozy, inviting vibe, with plush furniture and large-scale patterned textiles that aren’t overwhelming in the room.  

The style also incorporates layered metals, glass, and natural materials, like rattan and wood, for a more relaxed feel. 

Transitional Fireplaces

Transitional Fire Pits 

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