Basket Weave Hearth Center
Item#: 1155249

When it comes to the hearth, care and maintenance are key for a proper burn. That’s where the Basket Weave Hearth Center comes in. Equipped to facilitate, maintain, and clean up after your fire, you’ll find everything you need in one succinct place.


  • Includes poker, broom, shovel, tongs, and stand
  • Hand forged from welded steel
  • Incorporated space for firewood storage
  • Ten Year Limited Warranty
  • Proudly made in the United States of America

Setting a finishing touch on your fireplace, this hearth center includes a poker, broom, tongs, ash shovel, and room to store your firewood, making tending your fire simple. By employing the combined effort of tongs and poker, you’ll be able to easily shift hot logs into the most ideal burning configurations, without having to worry about getting too close to the flames. Additionally, the shovel and broom sweep in after the fact to keep ashes out of the room and make for a thorough cleanup, without leaving dark stains. All pieces of this set are hand forged from steel and finished for fit, flair, and eminent durability, backed with a 10 Year Limited Warranty for an added peace of mind.


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