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Air Duct Boosters / Supply & Exhaust Fans
Help banish hot and cold spots in your home with an air duct booster or supply exhaust fan. Because these fans are designed to boost air or heat efficiency, you’ll save on your energy bills and protect your equipment from rapid deterioration. These units are great for residential and commercial application, and for ease of use, can be installed directly into your HVAC system.
Blower & Fan Accessories
Whether you're looking for thermostat controllers, variable speed controllers, or other items to accessorize your fan, we've got you covered. Here at Woodland Direct, we make it our priority to guarantee that you’ll have access to all the blower and fan accessories needed to fill your home with warmth - literally.
Draft Inducers
Install one of these efficient in-line draft inducers within your vent pipe to solve problems related to negative pressure, down drafts, and undersized chimneys. These fans aid in the proper exhaustion of draft from your appliance, ultimately improving its performance. They draw the air up the stack and keep it moving smoothly, maintaining the negative pressure throughout your venting so that your unit keeps running at its best.
Fireplace Blowers
Install one of these direct vent blowers in your existing direct vent fireplace for greater heating capabilities. The direct vent blowers distribute warmth evenly from your fireplace throughout the room. Perfect as a replacement to an inefficient, loud or broken blower, this fireplace accessory warms up your room and save you money.
Radon Mitigation Fans
Operate one of these Radon Mitigation Fans to lower the levels of radon gas in your home or commercial space. Radon gas, a byproduct from the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil, kills 20,000 people annually from its effects. These fans will pull out potentially dangerous air from under your basement, crawl space, or concrete slab, filling the area with negative pressure and preventing radon from entering your home.
Side Wall Vent Systems
If you’re looking to gain greater flexibility in the layout of your home or want to lower your heating costs, install a side wall vent system. These venting systems are configured to pull the flue gases from your oil or gas fired heaters through the side of the house, rather than running them out the roof. Choose the type of system that’s best for you by considering your appliance’s fuel type, burner configuration, and emitted BTUs per hour.
Ventilation & Air Transfer Fans
Ventilation and air transfer fans work to distribute warm and cold air appropriately to other rooms, helping to eradicate hot and cold spots in your house. These units perform best in homes with split systems, ductless heating and cooling, and areas with space heaters, stoves, or fireplaces. Best of all, these fans will help control the temperature in your crawl space, keeping it dry and mildew free!
Wood Burning Fireplace Heaters
Greatly improve the efficiency of your fireplace by installing one of these wood burning fireplace blowers. This accessory takes the heat energy created by the fireplace and expels it back into the room, saving you energy and decreasing heating costs. These blowers typically have thermostats that manage its on/off capabilities – so you don’t have to.
Wood Stove Blowers
Warm an area of your home more efficiently by utilizing one of our wood stove blowers. These accessory parts usually attach to the back of your wood stove, redistributing its heat to the front of your stove and circulating it around your room. Besides keeping your fingers and toes warm, these wood stove blowers save you energy and money.
Wood Stove Heat Reclaimers & Fans
Keep fresh air evenly distributed throughout your home with one of these room circulating fans. These units balance the temperature throughout the house, even if you installed a wood stove or fireplace in a distant room. Perfect for offices, home, and storefronts alike; you will enjoy quiet performance, efficiency, and a standard of excellence like no other.
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