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Fireplace Heaters - Blowers
By using the heat produced by your fire, these fireplace heaters distribute more heat throughout your room and increase the efficiency of your fireplace by up to 500%.These fireplace heaters fit fireplaces of many different sizes, providing you with the versatility that makes all the difference.
Wood Burning Fireplace Heaters
Greatly improve the efficiency of your fireplace by installing one of these wood burning fireplace blowers. This accessory takes the heat energy created by the fireplace and expels it back into the room, saving you energy and decreasing heating costs. These blowers typically have thermostats that manage its on/off capabilities – so you don’t have to.
Wood Stove Heat Reclaimers & Fans
Keep fresh air evenly distributed throughout your home with one of these room circulating fans. These units balance the temperature throughout the house, even if you installed a wood stove or fireplace in a distant room. Perfect for offices, home, and storefronts alike; you will enjoy quiet performance, efficiency, and a standard of excellence like no other.
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