Sierra Birch Vented Ceramic Gas Log Set
Item#: 3360035

The Sierra Birch Vented Ceramic Gas Log Set is a vented ceramic log set that are designed to reflect high mountain birch and quaking aspen logs that could easily have come form the closest ski slope. These logs are smooth yet textured bark is highlighted with hand-tinting.


  • Complete gas log set
  • Glowing embers for radiant look
  • Natural Gas burner is match lit ready
  • Propane burner includes a safety valve with pilot
  • Natural looking logs for unique look

These logs have a unique seven-step coloring process and detailed mold-making methods that make them natural looking that they defy detection as artificial. This vented log set is for single face fireplaces and this kit is rugged, beautiful, dramatic and realistic that they speak for themselves.

Please Note: Product does not include an adjustable control. Additionally, the appearance of these logs will change significantly in as little as one burn. Carbon buildup or "sooting" occurs with all gas log burners, but can appear more significant on the light finish of faux birch logs.


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