Kiva Vented Ceramic Gas Log Set
Item#: 3360079

The Kiva Vented Ceramic Gas Log Set is a vented ceramic log set designed for kiva fireplaces that are narrow and tall. The logs stack like a tipi.


  • Includes 7 logs ranging in size from 9"-13"
  • Can be built to be 11"-13" tall
  • Hearth kit burner is 14" W x 12.5" D

This gas log set comes just at the logs; as a complete hearth kit with a burner, pan, embers, connector, grate, damper clamp and sand; or as a hearth kit with a safety valve already installed.

These logs have a unique seven-step coloring process and detailed mold-making methods that make them natural looking that they defy detection as artificial. This log set is for single face fireplaces and this kit is rugged, beautiful, dramatic and realistic that they speak for themselves.

Please Note: All propane gas require safety pilot valves, and many states require safety pilot valves for natural gas as well. Please check your local codes.


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