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Arizona Sands Fire Pit Table
Item#: 2680005

Every occasion has its crowd, just as every backyard has its furnishings. To make sure that you have both, we present the Arizona Sands Fire Pit Table. This particular unit molds a hint of the Sahara with aquiline hardware, fashioning a convenient table top surface for any sort of occasion.


  • Durable, hardy slate table top
  • Wrought iron powder coated frame
  • Includes protective cover, log grate, and fire poker
  • One Year Limited Warranty

It’s never too late to change the look of your outdoor room – and the truth is, it’s never been easier. The simple addition of the Arizona Sands Fire Pit Table is a great way to change things up and keep them classic, never straying too far from what makes your backyard the thing it has always been meant to be – a proper expression of you.


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