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24" Stainless Freezer with Solid Stainless Steel Door
Item#: 4540049

Perlick has set the standard on outdoor cooling across the nation, and the 24" Stainless Freezer with Solid Stainless Steel Door is proof of it. For decades, Perlick products have been synonymous with class, comfort, and style, their models easily found in hotels, restaurants, stadiums, theme parks, breweries, and the finest luxury homes. Proudly made in the United States of America, Perlick means purity.


  • Temperature range of -10 - 10 degrees Fahrenheit at 700 BTUs
  • Maintenance-free automatic hot gas defrost cycle
  • Commercial-grade stainless steel interior is bacteria resistant
  • Whisper-quiet, commercial-grade, variable speed compressor
  • Fastest temperature cooling "pull down" time on the market

Featuring vinyl coated racks for storing martini glasses and beer mugs, the 24" Stainless Freezer with Solid Stainless Steel Door provides plenty of space for storing food, ice, and liquors, with extra storage racks to fit your needs. With an exclusive commercial grade stainless interior, a digital temperature control, and an astonishingly quiet compressor, this unit will not stray from desired temperature, even in intense heat. Perlick also offers the fastest “pull down” time on the market, meaning that it can go from “off” to “on” at the quickest speeds available. This is made possible by a signature forced air refrigeration system, which acts much like the air conditioning of an automobile, far superior to the simple cold plate method so commonly used by competitors. Two-inch thick, Low E walls provide maximum insulation, effectively minimizing vibrations, reducing sound, and exhibiting full UV protection. Finally, zero-clearance hinging allows for fully-integrated abutment with surrounding cabinetry. Push-button digital temperature control and display, with interior lighting included.


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