A French country-inspired living room with light pink walls, a white and pink floral print couch, an ornate wooden coffee table with a bouquet of flowers, a large, white hearth with a mantel and traditional, square wood burning fireplace.

French Country Style Guide 

Find out how to transport your home to a tranquil countryside with soft, delicate French Country design  

French country design can make even the most urban home feel like it’s located in a quaint, European village. The style is a harmonious mix of rustic and refined decor, inspired by homes found in the French countryside.  

Popular for its comfortable and casual elegance, Fresh Country features muted color schemes, distressed, painted and vintage furnishings, and natural materials, like wool, linen, and cotton.  

Accent colors in a French Country space are usually warm-toned yellows, reds, pinks, blues, and creams. It also includes patterned fabrics, such as toile, stripes, plaid, checkers, gingham, sunflowers, roosters, demasks, and small floral designs.  

French Country couches and armchairs feature soft, cozy cushions, while side tables and coffee tables are made of wood and have elaborate carvings and curves.  

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Toile de Jouy, or toile, is a specific type of linen cloth printed with romantic, pastoral patterns in a single color, such as black, blue, or red, on an unbleached fabric.

French Country Fireplaces 

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French Country Fireplace Doors 

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French Country Fire Pits 


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