HY-C Adjustable Log Rack Kit

by HY-C

Item # 1540002

4.559 out of 5 Customer Rating (68) Reviews FAQs
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HY-C Adjustable Log Rack Kit

by HY-C

Item # 1540002

4.559 out of 5 Customer Rating (68) Reviews FAQs

The HY-C Adjustable Log Rack Kit is perfect for building a log rack in any length you want. Just add two 2 x 4's of any length (not included) and you have an elegant, easy to use log rack. Made from 18-gauge, 1.25 inch outside diameter tubular steel,...

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Product Details

The HY-C Adjustable Log Rack Kit is perfect for building a log rack in any length you want. Just add two 2 x 4's of any length (not included) and you have an elegant, easy to use log rack. Made from 18-gauge, 1.25 inch outside diameter tubular steel, the HY-C Adjustable Log Rack Kit is not only great looking but also very solid.


  • Add 2x4s of any length to customize the storage you need
  • Keeps your firewood off the ground
  • Helps protect your firewood from rot, termites, and insects
  • Helps firewood to dry for easier, safer burning
  • Easily assemble/disassemble in minutes

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  • Type: Outdoor Wood Racks
  • Material: 18-Gauge Steel | Steel
  • Color Family: Black
  • Overall Width: 12"
  • Overall Height: 42"
  • Finish: Powder Coat
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 14 lbs.
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Q: "What is the height?" A: Height of this rack is 42".
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Product Reviews

Adjustable Log Rack is Great

I replaced a metal rack that was tippy. I was surprised how easy this rack went together, holds all the wood and looks much neater. Very pleased.

Product review

Happy with item - thanks!

Log Holder

This was purchased for my son's cabin. He actually told me what kind he would like to have because it could be adjusted to any length depending on where he put it. IIt was absolutely perfect.

Log Rack Kit

The log rack kit makes a very sturdy and stable rack that holds several days worth of firewood. I think that it is an excellent value.

I have not gotten the correct order yet. The wrong item was sent but the return of the first item so far has been easy.

Adjustable Wood Rack Review

When I saw it I knew it was exactly what I needed. Seamless order and shipping process made it even more of a bargain. Surely not a product for everyone since it was made for me.Jim in Louisiana

Nice Product

Nice product. My only concern was that they should have put a bead of weld on both sides of the 2 x 4 bracket instead of just on one side for added strength.

Adjustable Log Rack Review

Very satisfied with the log racks and they arrived in a very timely manner.Thanks and we will be ordering again I'm sure.

Adjustable Log Rack Kit

I'm assuming that a "5" is a good rating (?). I have partially assembled one of the two racks that I ordered. This weekend I'll get out my drill and permanently attach the brackets to the ends of the 2x4's. I'm also going to screw two cross pieces of 2x4 evenly between the two end pieces (into the long 2x4) for a bit more stability. Seems to be a good product and for around $100, I have two firewood racks that I can adjust as needed. This was just what I was looking for!

Adjustable Wood Rack

Looks nice and works well. Wish it were welded on bot sides though. But i have not had any problems with it yet. Seems like a nice product.

Log Rack

Very nice...I bought 4.

Fire Wood Rack

The product came promtly and is simple to use.

Adjustable Log Rack Kit

This is an excellant product, easy to use and looks good anywhere. The really nice part is, as you use wood you can move the ends closer so your log rack never looks next to empty.

Adjustable Log Rack Kit

Very good price. Only needed a couple of 2 x 4's (waiting for reuse) to assemble. Guesstimate it holds half a cord with 10 footers as span. Simple to put together. Better yet, easy to take apart when the logs are gone. Not sure how it will fare outside sitting in 12" of snow all winter but so far, I'm very satisfied.

adjustable log rack kit

Awesome! Great product. Very easy to put together. Went together very quickly and had the wood stacked shortly after. I bought 3 and will buy more if needed!


I now own 7 of these. The length can be set to precisely fit the location. They are perfect for my needs.

adjustable log rack

works great. quick ship.

Adjustable Log Rack

The neighbors cut down several trees, and we got the wood for "free", so we needed several of these racks to hold it all. They are really nice, the only modification we made was to add eye bolts at the bottom to replace the carriage bolts. By replacing the bolts, we now have a place to tie down the tarp we placed over the wood. So glad to find such a great product, and the best part is it is MADE IN AMERICA!

log kit

This is a great product. I can make it any size I want and if you don't need a wood pile during the summer, it can be taken apart and stored. I wish we would have had this years ago. I'm thrilled with my purchase. I reccommend this product to anyone

wood rack

works great

log holders

the tubular log holders are of a very light gauge and will probably only last 2-3 years ; also "U" form is too narrow and so creates a narrow and not very stable base when loaded. For $50.00 pretty disappointing for something designed for rugged outdoor use stacking wood.

Log rack

The separation was a little smaller than I had expected; but, it does seen to adequately work. Good product for the money spent. I am glad I found you. I only wish I had the same response to my chimney thermoter.

Wood Pile Racks

These racks are durable, strong and very flexible for making a Firewood Rack in a wide range of sizes. The set-up is easy and, since you use 2 X 4s as the runners, the material is readily accessible. The 2 X 4s act as the base and the rack ends slip on to allow stacking of firewood up to 3-4 feet high and almost any length. It works very well and I have now used the six that I have for several years with no problems. It's a winner and it's priced reasonably.


Received product in a timely manner and it was as the literature described.

Wood Racks

Fast shipment, quality product, unbelievable. Very pleased and I will purchase from you again. Great selection of fireplace accessories.


Very prompt delivery and the rack works great. I'll be keeping you on my favorites.

wood rack

This is my second order. Products are as advertised and well made. Service is excellent.

adjustable log rack

product was received broken. Piece that holds 2x4 was broken. weld did not hold. Woodland customer service very attentive and mailing a new piece to megood csutomer service

Log Rack Kit

This product worked out great, and was all that was promised. My wood pile has never been neater, or so high off the ground, thanks to the two treated 2X4's on edge. Service was great, with delivery within just a few days. I'd recommend the log rack and Woodland Dirent.

Fire Wood Rack

Great product and outstanding service!

Simple to assemble, durable.

Log Rack Rating

Good product: easy to assemble; holds a reasonable amount of logs.


I'm very pleased with my adjustable wood rack. Would recommend 3 cross-braces for the owner installed 2 X 4's if the unit's length exceeds 7-8 feet.

wood racks

I have bought this sort of wood rack through a kocal home Depot for years. and been very satisfied. They quit carrying this item and had a similar "put together" item taht I did not find sturdy enogh for my use. I finally found teh source, your company and now probably have as many as I will need for teh rest of my life. (:-) I was pleased with your serivce adn teh specific item meets all my requirements. Roger Milam Sorry for any typing erors but fidn no way to use spell checkc in you comment box.

Log Rack & cover

I would like to have been told that you did not make a cover that fit an 8' log rack. The product arrived quickly.


Easy to put together and strong. Very versatile as to the length of the rack desired.

firewood rack

Works fine but could be a little higher say 48 inches.

Wood Rack

Very satisfied customer. Well constructed product, great customer phone service, USA made. I can't ask for more, Scott.

Wood rack

I was very dissapointed in th eproduct. It was expensive and didn't come with any hardware! I understand that yoo have to apply your own base 2x4, but for the price it should have had the screws and washers. Lowes carries a similar product for half the price.

review on wood rack

Love them this one I ordered for a friend. They loved mine.

Firewood Rack

This is great... you can put them on any 2x4 length. I have them on 2x4x10's and am getting more to put on 2x4x12"s. I keep them off the ground by putting them on cinder blocks.... these are really nice.

Log holder

This log holder was as easy to assemble as the discription stated. It is sturdy and love the options available to adjust to 'just the right size' needed. (Hope 5 is the highest score and not 1).


I purchased one kit and it is great. The kit comes with 2 pieces in a strong box. Each piece is a railing to contain the stacked wood inbetween the railings. Very adjustable, I use 2, 8 foot 2x4's and its easy to set up. 1 thing is needed for improvement, the kit should have 3 rails one for each side and one for the middle. If you use a shorter than 8 footer then you may not sense the twist, but the attachment areas use wood screws and the holes are too small for bolts. Regardless the fixture holds wood stacked all the way up and easy to set up and off the ground. I could also brace the center with a piece of 2x4, but really not that critical, its just a little side to side wobble.

Wood Rack

Great product. I liked how you could determine how big the wood rack could be depending on the length of the 2x4. Can fit the rack to the size of area you are putting it in. Seems to be sturdy materials. Like it so far.

Adjustable Log Rack

Working great... 2 pressure treated 2 x 4's were used to connect the rails and one pickup load of wood was put in it and now all of it has been used so we will be getting another load this weekend. Works great... Thanks

Wood Rack

Love it. It assembled easily, with the 2X4s from Home Depot. It's WAY better than my old free standing rack that has legs and tips over!

firewood rack kit

Would be better if horizontals were on outside. Okay if you don't need long peices of firewood.

Great Product

High quality; easy to assemble, great value

Wood Ring Bracket

The bracket broke off of the post when we tried to put the 2x4 in place. Poor welding on bracket. Would not buy another.

Firewood Rack (ends)

Timely shipping, Excellent product that exceeded my expectations, Treated 2x4's fit into rack without trimming, .Powder coating seems very durable and well coated.

Wood holder

The dimensions of the metal sleeve channels were a little too tight for the treated 2x4 I bought. In tapping the metal over the wood, the weld on the channel was starting to give...I had to be very careful. Since the holder is outside, I'm worried the welds will eventually rust out or give out.

"Nice Rack!!" :-)

These are the best wood racks of this kind/type you can get. Very heavy construction. Perfect for the purpose. Can break them down in Spring, and re-assemble in Fall. Excellent product. (Bought the cheaper ones at a big box store; they stink. They are bending already at the pressure/weight points. Doubt the cheap ones will last me two seasons. Don't go cheap on these. Get these ones from WD!).

Firewood Log Rack

It's exactly what I needed. I really like the expandable feature.

Great Rack

Very good log rack...couldn't be happier.

Nice alternative to more expensive alternatives and performs same function, especially for outside or garage storage. Would be nice if mounting screws to the 2x4s were included in the package.

Wood Rack

Bought this product from Woodlands Direct. I went and got 2 (2×4's) and put wood rack together, it was very easy and very strong. I'm very happy with it, thank you.

short but sweet

I really like the concept... a very sturdy and low cost and good looking frame for storing firewood....BUT a height was not given in the description and the frame is too short....I would like to be able to stack firewood at least five feet high and I cannot do it with this rack. I ordered two and they are in use but I will order no more. The picture image is misleading/deceptive

As Advertised

This was perfect for holding a face cord of firewood. Made in USA, very sturdy and robust. It's nice that it can be adjusted to smaller sizes of wood as necessary. Delivery was prompt, as well. This was a much less expensive option for what we needed. Thought... You may want to paint the 2 x 4's before you load the wood. Once the wood is on the rack, it's too late. :) Very satisfied

Wood Rack

I like the ability to use different length runners to make the rack fit my needs.


Love these adjustable racks ... makes my life a wee bit easier.. : - )

Very helpful sales person and super fast delivery.thank-you..

Log Rack Kit

Satisfied. Seems to do the job.


The item arrived on time was easy to assemble. Its a good product for the price and a perfect fit depending on how much wood I want to store for the winter.

Good quality at a bargain price.