HY-C Black Type 2 Hearth Pad

by HY-C

Item # M15400029

3.812 out of 5 Customer Rating (16) Reviews FAQs
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HY-C Black Type 2 Hearth Pad

by HY-C

Item # M15400029

3.812 out of 5 Customer Rating (16) Reviews FAQs

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Ships Within 5 to 7 Business Days
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Product Details

Protect your floors from intense heat, soot and ashes with the HY-C Type 2 Black Hearth Pad. It’s undergone rigorous testing to become UL Listed for thermal and ember protection, with an R-value of 1.56. It's also certified safe to use on the wall in order to reduce the clearances necessary for stove installations, perfect to use when you're short on space.

With the HY-C Black Type 2 Hearth Pad, you can broaden your hearth to safeguard the floor in front of the fireplace from hot coals and flying sparks. Because it's constructed from metal and micore, this hearth pad is non-combustible and doesn't transfer heat. This hearth pad offers both superior protection and a fine design.


  • Made in the USA
  • Rectangular style
  • Able to be used under other heating equipment such as kerosene, gas and electric heaters
  • Black hue enables it to fit into many styles of decor
  • Available in seven different sizes

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  • Style: Rectangle
  • Protection Type: Ember | Thermal
  • Certification: UL Listed
  • Material: Micore
  • Width: 32" | 36" | 42" | 48" | 52"
  • Length: 28" | 32" | 36"
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: 7/16"
  • R-Rating: 1.56
  • Item Weight: 8.5 lbs. | 11.1 lbs. | 15 lbs. | 16.5 lbs. | 20 lbs. | 21.3 lbs.
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Q: Is the HY-C Black Type 2 Hearth Pad OK for use with pellet stoves? A: Hearth Pads are approved for use with pellet stoves. Whether it will provide adequate protection for your stove depends on the R-value of the hearth pad and the value required in your stove manual. Additionally, the overall size of the hearth pad will be dictated by your Pellet Stove's manual.
Q: Does this pad have a beveled edge? A: The edges of this hearth pad are rounded.
Q: Is the entire hearth pad the same thickness? A: Yes, this hearth pad is the same thickness across the entire width.
Q: Would this type of hearth pad stand up to people walking on it? A: I would not recommend this as a surface that would have to stand up to the rigors of regular foot traffic.
Q: Can heat pad be used on outside deck? A: This item is made for indoor use only. It will not hold up well to weathering.
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Product Reviews

Hearth Pad

Very happy...great product!

Poor Quality

Fell apart within two weeks.

Bad shipping

You get what you pay for. Sometimes even less. I knew this thing was cheap but it does the job. I have it set on some carpet so when you step on it it tends to want to flex and crack. It arrived with one corner dented it as if someone had dropped it.

Lost my order, used a third party that shipped from there location. took 3 weeks to receive order.

Stove Mat

It came promptly and packaged very good. Looks great. Customer sales and support were friendly and very helpful. I will order from them again if I need anything else, won't need to look anywhere else.

I was immensely pleased with service and delivery of the item I ordered. I cannot thank you enough for your prompt service. I was going out of town and I needed the item immediately and there it was! Thank you very much...

Wood Stove Mat

This stovemat was a superior solution to tile or other non combustible floor material under our woodstove. The mat compliments the oak floors and matches our black Elm stove. It arrived quickly and installed in minutes.


Unfortunately,the hearth-pad was too big and did not suit our needs.> However, I returned it for another rug, that would be more suitable, which we are very pleased with. The return process and credit due back did not go smoothly or in a timely manner! I followed all the instructions to ship it back, including using the shipping label provided. Furthermore, Woodland Direct never contacted me, that they did not receive the hearth-pad, especially the warehouse it was shipped to. If it went to the wrong warehouse, why didn't a representative contact Woodland Direct (where it was purchased) or me?? I had a conversation with a sales representative and received e-mails confirming the shipping details. Copies of the invoice and return information, which I was advised to do, were included in the box. When I was notified, (via e-mail) my case had expired and the credit was denied, I called Christian many times, and after leaving several voicemails, he never returned my phone calls. Sunshine took over my case, after I had NO success reaching Christian. She told me several times, that the situation would be resolved, by the end of the day. It took over a month before there was any resolution. I'm very displeased with the length of time it took to correct the situation and lack of professionalism, which I received.Unfortunately, my husband and I will not be doing any business with Woodland Direct. We were insulted, when we saw a restocking fee on the invoice statement. You would think, after the all the hassle, it would have been waived. Sincerely Disappointed and Frustrated, Susan Kustra

Not What I Thought

Bought this as an alternative to a stone hearth pad, as reviews indicated it would work just as well. Well it was much flimsier than I expected it to be and we didn't end up using it as our stove would have just dented it. Unfortunately the cost to return it outweighed the refund, so we kept it. Good for use on a wall but not under a wood stove.

Stove Mat

I was hesitant to order something I couldn't touch & see but I was very satisfied/pleased with the stove mat. Very well constructed & I'm looking forward to putting my beautiful antique wood burning bookstove on it. I so appreciated the prompt service in the shipping, etc. Thank you!

Hearth Mat

Very good quality, more than I expected.

Black Hearth pad

The product was great...except for all the damage done to it. It was full of scratches and looked horrible when we got it.

Hearth Pad

Great product! Weight and price was a concern for my set up, and this pad offered the same protection that other non combustible materials have but a fraction of the price and weight. I bought 3 and the total weight and price was less than what Home D. was selling for 1 of their hearth pads.

Heater pad

Was what I was looking for.


Product was as described. Packaging was very good. Timely delivery. Thank You

Just what I needed

Perfect size for our stove and the quality is great.

Submitted: 05/05/2020