Lock-Top II Chimney Cap Damper

Item # M56200146

4.578 out of 5 Customer Rating (116) Reviews FAQs
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Lock-Top II Chimney Cap Damper

Item # M56200146

4.578 out of 5 Customer Rating (116) Reviews FAQs

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Product Details

The Lock-Top II combines the energy-saving features of the Lock-Top Damper with a special, stainless steel Gelco chimney cap. This combo unit is a great option for those who want the energy saving benefits of the Lock-Top Damper, but are concerned about snow buildup on top of the damper. This is also an excellent choice for homeowners looking to protect their chimneys from rain and pests.

This damper comes with a sweep ring, which allows for the damper to be easily removed for chimney sweeping and cleaning. A 30’ cable is suspended down the chimney, allowing easy operation and tight closing. The Lock-Top II (except the 17 x 17) is available with a 5/8 inch screen mesh, which meets California Spark Arrestor Codes. This Damper will save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs, and is sure to quickly pay for itself!

Note: Top Sealing Dampers are not recommended to be used with gas fireplaces


  • Comes fully assembled for easy installation
  • Comes with 30' stainless steel cable and a complete hardware
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Eligible for a Product Warranty
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  • Type: Damper | Single Flue
  • Installation: Bolt On
  • Mounting Type: Outside
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Width: 8" | 13" | 17"
  • Depth: 8" | 13" | 17"
  • Color Family: Silver
  • Mesh Size: 5/8"
  • Color: Silver
  • Screen Height: 8 1/8"
  • Base Width: 10" | 13" | 18 1/4"
  • Base Depth: 10" | 13" | 18" | 18 1/4"
  • Fits Flue Width/Diameter: 6" - 9 1/2" | 6" - 9" | 9" - 12 1/2" | 14" - 17 1/2"
  • Fits Flue Depth: 6" - 9" | 9" - 12 1/2"
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Free Ground Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS


Q: How do you get the chimney swept with this cap? A: The Lock Top II comes with a "chimney sweeps ring" which allows for easy removal of the damper for quick cleaning.
Q: What type of damper should we use for a gas fireplace? A: A chimney top damper should not be used for a gas fireplace because of potential safety issues. The other options would be a throat damper or a fireplace glass door. Each would conserve a similar amount of energy, but the fireplace doors would improve the look of the fireplace and would be a similar cost depending on the size of the fireplace.
Q: Can I use this damper as a heat retainer? In other words, can it be partially closed or is it fully open or fully closed? A: This style top sealing damper is not adjustable; however, we have alternatives that are adjustable. Call 800.919.1904 and our phone staff will be happy to help you find an option that works for you.
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Product Reviews

Locktop II Chimney Cap Damper

The quality of this product appears to be excellent. I was impressed with the design, function and ease of installation. Only time will judge it's durability. I would recommend it.

locktop chimney cap

this product is awesome,easy to install, and Woodland shipped it in 1 day. Their support was great ( online instant messaging ). The cap saved me about $1000.00 in the cost of repairing my broken damper.I am definately a customer for life!!

Chimney damper

As a contractor I am inpressed with the ease of installtion. I am not used to using an adhesive to fasten thisng in place. No screws or fasteners are required to hold the damper/top on to the chimney. Hopefully it will withstand all wind conditions. The metal gauge seems a little ligth but being stainless steel should last forever once is ti fastened in place

Lock Top Damper II Review

Product was exactly what we needed for outdoor fireplace and got it fast from customer service. Very helpful. Ultimately did not need the handle purchased seperately because the damper kit was sufficent, but purchased anyway for peice of mind. I highly recommend this company.


solved my major problem, no damper. easy to install, simple and attractive.

Locktop Chimney Damper

Good product, excellent salesman

LockTop II Chimney Cap Damper

I received my chimney cap damper within days of ordering. For the price, it was a high quality stainless steel cap with built in damper and it was simple to self-install. With my old throat damper, I could feel the air flow even with good glass fireplace doors. I noticed the difference immediately in how well the chimney top damper sealed.

damper for chimney

It works excellant.i would recommend this product to anyone.and it is very easy to install.

Stainless steel looks great.

The stainless steel chimney top looks great against the light shingles. I did a one-woman installation in less than half an hour. The only hitch was getting the cable to unwind all the way to the firebox; they should advise doing this BEFORE putting the glue on the flue tile. Also, I wanted a very tight seal of the damper and now it takes some strength to open & close. But there's no draft in the room from the chimney and my elderly mother says the room is much warmer than with the old iron damper. All in all: easy to install; warmer room; nice look on the roof.

Suggested improvement

In preparing to install the damper, I was concerned that I might not get the tension on the cable exactly right and air could still be leaked. Soooooo, I modified the unit by putting a fairly strong spring between the cotter pin and the cable. That way I can pulll the damper down and have further spring tension on the damper for about another 1/4 of an inch to help ensure that the damper seals tight.

Locktop II

Easy to install, should to the job. It could have been packed for shipping though. The hood detached during shipping. It was very poorly tack welded on. So I had to drill and rivot it back together. That's why I gave it a 3.

locktop II

Excellent customer service. Very easy to install. Thanks!

Chimner Damper

Very cood service

LockTop II chimney damper

Well manufactured, complete kit. Delivered promptly, Instructions complete, though I would recommend that the damper bracket be aligned with the cable and not "straight" or vertically, as the instructions imply. My only complaint about the shipped items was the included silicone seal which had completely cured in the tube (perhaps the warehouse was a little warm?). That problem was solved by a quick trip to the hardware store, so the installation was only slightly complicated.

Locktop II Chimney Damper

Your phone sales person was incredibly patient and helpful. Just like he told me, the damper was simple to install and has made our living room noticeably warmer. I'm just sorry we didn't know about this years ago!

Lock Top II

Responsive and courteous customer service from WoodlandDirect. Original order was damaged by FedEx. Woodland sent a new one right away. Installation was a ittle more involved given some of the unique aspects of my chimney/fireplace. Does take some force to close tight. Unfortunately hasn't solved my cold fireplace/draft issue so looking for addtional causes. Overall seems like a good product especially if you are losing heat up the chimney. Would be better if offered in a 12x16 configuration as well (vs 13x17) - less overhang around flue. Would be nice to offer in cooper as well.

Chimney Top Damper

I received the damper in a very timely manner and installation was very simple. I did it myself!! After having it installed for over a week, it is worth every cent. I could literally feel the heat escaping out through the chimney before installation. Not anymore!

Great Customer Service

Chose this product after speaking with representative about the Chim-A-Lator. The Chim-A-Later did not work with my chimney because not enough of the flue extended beyond the chimney. The gentleman efficiently answered my questions. Lock-top has simple installation. Drafts have stopped since installation.

Lock Top Damper II

I wish I would have bought the Lock Top Damper II long ago. My problem was with a back draft not when I was not burning a fire but two days after when a camp fire smell would come back into the room. After installing the damper, which was so simple and easy, the back draft problem stopped. The seal on the damper is super tight so no air is moving in or out of the chimney. I have a second fireplace and plan on installing a second damper later this summer. Great product!

LockTop II Chimney Cap Damper

Super Easy to install. Everything was assembled and ready. We use to hear the wind come through the chimney but not now. Wish we would have purchased one earlier. Very Very Happy with this purchase.

Lock-Top II Chimney Cap Damper

Item arrived as described - happy with the quality of the product. Installed easily, although the instructions for the 'fire safety release' did not make any sense, we installed the item without issue. We live in an old farmhouse and the fireplace did not have a damper -we would place an insulation panel in front of the fireplace, you could hear the wind howl and feel the drafts... and practically see the $$ being sucked out of the house. The positive results were immediate and easy! No drafts, no noise, no major $$$ flying out of the house. Very happy with the results, and should have purchased this product last year.

Was just as photo, great product and easy to install very please with purchase

Lock Top II Chimney Cap

This is a high quality product manufactured with excellent material and designed to last many years. It provides excelllent sealing of the fireplace chimney to prevent drafts and heat loss and has safety features incorporated in the design. Installation is very easy and all parts and material are supplied with the exception of the drill and bit for mounting the bracket in the fireplace for the control cable. My only concern with the device is the way it mounts on the chimney. It depends completely on the silicone sealant around the top of the flue pipe to hold the cap on the chimney. There are no other fasteners used. The silicone is also supplied with the unit. I would think that there would have thought some kind of screws or jam nuts would have been used in conjunction with the silicone in case it fails. However, I have two of these units (one is several years old) and I have not had any issues. Overall I like the product very much and plan on purchasing another one for one of my other houses.

liked product

I'am real happy the way my cap/damper is working and thank you for your quality service MIKE

Nice damper seems to work fine ! But for the money I think it should come with a sweeps ring ! You have to break the glue seal everytime you need to clean the chimney. It should tell you this in the discription!

Lock Top II Damper Cap

All was well until I opened it for for the first time. I wanted a fire for christmas. It looks like the side spring broke or has come loose. Now the cap is stuck in the open position. I'm unable to take a closer look due to the snow on the roof. There goes my money up the chimney.


Hard to open and close. Very hard to pull and manuver the cable into the holding bracket

lock top damper

The damper was easy to install & seems to have made a huge difference in our family room.

Lock Top II

Great product and really simple installation. We noticed n improvement in our old leaky fireplace immediately. We used to get a morning downdraft of cold air sinking down the chimney, leaving us with a soot smell. Problem solved.

Easy Installation

The Lock-Top II Chimney Cap Damper is extremely easy to install. We're pleased by our purchase and believe it will go a long way to keeping warm air in the house and weather and stink bugs out. Thank you.

Lock-Top 2 chimney cap damper

Woodland Direct was fantastic with the entire process. We will recommend them to anyone.

chimney top damper

I was very impressed with the quality of the damper and how easy it was to install. I would -- and I have -- recomenmded it to others.

Lock-Top II

Easy to install Positive protection form air infiltration, birds and bugs. Would like to see a little heavier cable in it.

Good product, could be better

First I'll start with the fact that it did exactly what I wanted it to do: seal up my chimney better than the old flue damper did on its own so that my precious heat doesn't escape in the winter, and so that the cold air outside doesn't bring in smoke from the much larger chimney next to it. Installation was a breeze once I figured out how to even out the surface of the chimney. The one issue I have though is that you really have to have that chain pulled very hard to get a tight seal. I hope it lasts.

Lock top chimney cap

So Far it's working well but I and Installer would have liked a better fastening system to the chimney instead of just the glue they provide

Lock-Top II

This product is easy to install, and functions exactly as advertised. We used to have drafts coming from both fireplaces, lowering the room temperature significantly. After installing these units on both chimney tops, NO MORE DRAFTS. Money and time well spent buying and installing these units. Haven't had them long enough to see what kind of a difference they will make in the heating bill, but I expect it will be significant also, just given the lack of cold air flowing into the room.

Great value!

This was recommended by my installer and Woodland Direct had it for more than 40% less than my local store! Great value!

Lock-Top II Chimney Cap Damper

I needed the Chimney Cap Damper in 4 days. I called and the sales person expedited my order without any additional shipping charges. The Damper arrived at 10:00 AM on day 3. The Damper works efficiently. It was easy to install and appears to be very durable. The product and the service have been impressive.

Lock-Top II Chimney Cap Damper

Best buy we have made for our wood burning fireplace so far. Keeps the smoke going up the chimney where it belongs. Before we installed this product we still had strong winds pushing smoke down the chimney and into the house. Good Product!!

Lock Top II

This item is the best thing I have used. I only wish I had found it sooner. It works great. A+++

lock top damper II

It Sealed the chimney at the top as described. This product worked well for my main floor fireplace HOWEVER. I would not recommend it for a basement fireplace because now your "seal" is 35 feet from the basement. with the closing wire coming through the old flue, it cant be shut at all. So now you still have warm air rising up 35 feet, getting cold and dropping again.This convection process and air movement still creates ashe odours in my basement(more so when its cold out ):( ( I have glass doors as well.. I think the inflatable draft balloon might have been the better option for me for the basement On a sidenote, Woodland direct was very good to deal with and I would recommend them.

Lock-Top 2 Chimney Damper

Installed chimney damper in about 20 minutes, seals great, not allowing any air leakage like the damper inside the firebox. Just had my chimney cleaned and the chimney sweep, who has been in business 30 years was impressed with the damper. Commented that it was a nice tight seal. Thank again for the knowledgeable people.

Chimney Cap with Damper

Product was a perfect problem solver for our chimney. Product arrived promptly and was of very high quality. The customer support was excellent in helping me chose the correct size and product style.

Chimney Damper

Without a doubt one of the best products purchased in my 20 years of construction. The ease of install was amazing! A hint, insure the surface is flat on the chimney flue by sanding. The damper and handle work flawless and the owner was impressed by the simplicity and the look while saving over $650 dollars against replacing the existing damper which was internal. The airtight seal prevented the musty fireplace odor they would get due to lack of seal from the internal damper on a cold morning after the fire went out the night before. *****


Easy to work with. Fabricated a chimney cap and simply installed w/4 screws and caulked it to the cap. Went together very well, Looks good from a distance too!

Great service

Great presales support and also installation support. Woodland made it easy for sure.



Esternal Chimney Damper

The exterior damper needs two modificatons. First it needs to be hinged so it does not have to be removed completely to clean the chimney and secondly it needs a heavy spring to put tension between the handle of the draw sting apparatus and the damper opener. This would allow one to close the damper completely while the spring held tension against it's will to rise.

Best solution to a problem ! Internal damper had rusted and failed. Mason wanted to remove all the stonework to get at the damper to replace it. This roof top damper system that I installed myself has solved the problem without disrupting grandfather's stone work. Rooftop damper works just as expected, perfectly !

Loc-Top damper

When I received the product, the tube of caulk had gotten a crack in it and dried out. One phone call and I quickly received a free replacement. Great customer service. The product was built well and very easy to install myself. I would highly recommend this to anyone replacing an old cast iron damper to save heat or building a new fireplace.

Great seal. I was concerned about only using a silicone type adhesive to anchor it and it holding up to high wind. I have not used the product in the open position yet, so I dont know how it will hold up to wind when open. But besides that it looks like a quality product

Chimney damper

I am extremely happy with my purchase. It is easy to open & close and keeps the draft from coming down the chimney.

Great Cap/Damper

This has worked great as a replacement for our warped internal damper. The drafts are gone and our room is warmer. Minor issue of note... It would be nice if it came with detailed instructions as I have never worked on a chimney before. Luckily, I found a video on YouTube that guided me through it. I think the only frustrating part about installation was the coiled wire. It was coiled perfectly upon arrival, but when I removed the tape it became a tangled mess. Not much anyone can do about that I guess, but it took me a good 20 minutes to straighten it out before I lower it down the chimney.

Lock Top 2

The Lock Top 2 was recommended by my chimney professional and they couldn't believe the price from Woodland Direct. It was an easy installation and works great. I'm very pleased with the item and glad I purchased it from Woodland Direct.


The installation was simple because of the length of the cable. The instructions had to be reviewed as to the release for a chimney fire. Once read, the set up was easy. It would seem that a collar around the chimney and cap would allow for a more secure installation.

cap with damper

Top of the line ...

Lock Top Damper

I had this damper installed professionaly. Seems to be working as advertised. It has noticably reduced the draftiness from our fireplace. Would recommend it.

Lock top chimney cap damper

we just finished our first winter with this damper. Had a chimney sweep mount the unit on the flue top, and I did the inside work. waited one day for the adhesive to cure before doing the cable mount inside. everything went smoothly. during the winter never felt any air movement inside our fireplace. operates smoothly and seals tight! good product and woodland was easy to deal with. Cozy

lock top II chimney cap

Fairly easy to install, looks great on my chimney, and nearly eliminated those cold drafts! Worth every penny.

chimney cap

very helpful on the phone ,,,also fast shiping

Finally no Rain water in the fire place

There are no longer a cold draft by the fireplace and the noise reduction was an unexpected benefit. Vey pleased with the product.

Lock Top II Chimney Cap Damper

Great product! Works well and the customer service from Woodland was great. John answered all of my questions before I got the product and answered my questions after I got the product. I'd recommend this product and this company. Initially I wasn't sure if this cap would work because the top of my chimney wasn't completely level, but the adhesive that came with the product was thick enough to make up the difference.


Easy DIY and keeps the cold air out.

Lock top ll, chiminey cap and damper

Installation was very easy. Unit work well.

topper and damper

the combo package is great,easy to install and the cable just long enough for three story chimney. customer service was excellent

Great unit - easy install

Went in real easy - no issues. It does what it says. I would have liked to see a spring on the line to provide some give to insure a tight seal - you are basically relying on a tiny setscrew to keep the thing tightly covered. way better than the throat damper it replaced!

topper and damper

excellent device and easy to install. . great customer service

Lock-Top II Chimney Cap Damper

Well made and attractive chimney cap/damper. It was very easy to install and fairly easy to operate. Provides excellent protection from rain, snow and pests. Completely eliminated the chimney draft. The only negative, in my view, is that it's rather pricey.

Product Review

The Lock-Top II Chimney Cap w/ Damper was very easy to install. Instructions was clear and concise. I would recommend slowly unwinding the cable before starting the installation...it can tangle into a mess. No doubt, this product is made of high quality. WoodlandDirect has the best prices and their delivery was very fast...I would highly recommend them!! Thank you


Quality product with only one problem that is not a deal breaker. It is difficult to close the damper tight enough to get a good seal. There should be some sort of racheting/reinforcing device to aid tightening.

Chimney Damper

This is a fantastic product. I didn't know they were available until my neighbor found them online. Our dampers rusted out long ago, and we had been told it would be a major project to go in there and repair them. But not with your product! It was a 45 minute project, and I couldn't be happier with the product ... both the shipping and the quality!

Seems Great

Not the dead of winter yet but firebox inside stays about room temp. Chimney is on outside wall. Never had a draft into the room however firebox was much colder. Got this item due to wind driven rain running down capped chimney freezing/ breaking lining a little. Dry as a bone now. Warmer is a plus.

Excellent Product

Super easy to install. Absolutely no drafts when closed. I do recommend to anyone needing a damper.


Easy to install and very effective works well

Chimney Cap

Arrived in a few days. Went on very easily happy with the product

Great Product

Easy to install, works great.

Locktop II Chimney Cap Damper

The quality of this product appears to be excellent. I was impressed with the design, function and ease of installation. Time will tell of it's durability. I received my chimney cap damper within days of ordering, online ordering waa easy and quick.. I would defintely recommend this to anyone and it was easy to install.

Lock Top 2

The installation was simple enough. However, I would like to see a more robust cable. because of the acute angle of my firebox, I had extreme difficulty in attaching the brass barrel to the cable and position it such that it 'felt' like the damper was closed once the chain/handle were pulled down. I finally had to put a pair of vice grips on the cable above the bracket in order to ensure that the damper was completely closed while adjusting and locking down the brass barrel. This turned out to be a bad plan. The vice grips frayed the cable to the point where there were only one or two strands securing the barrel. Fortunately they did not part. I ended up having to splice the cable and crimp new pieces together . It was an arduous process. I think that the bracket should be re-engineered so that it is easier to slip the barrel through the slot. As I said, the biggest problem I have is associated with the angle of the firebox and the shelf above it. It is always an adventure releasing the barrel to open the damper and later on closing it shut.

I am happy with the product as well as the service, delivery, etc

Top Cap Damper II

Woodland Direct sales rep was very helpful in guiding me to the right product and I am very pleased with the Top Cap Damper II so far. Product quality seems great and installation was simple. Good product, good service. Very pleased overall.

Great Damper

Chimney Damper was easy to install and works perfectly. The only drawback is condensation that forms when it is really cold outside. It does its job and stops the drafts!

Lock Top II Chimney damper

Great Product! Customer has loved the improvement to his fireplace! Thanks!

Spring could be added

The product is solidly built. I enhanced my sealing ability for air leakage by adding a spring in the line. That way when I pull the line tight, you can tell that there is no remaining air gap.

Lock Top II

Excellent phone ordering service. Prompt delivery. All parts included, easy installation.

Lock Top II Chimney Cap Damper

Works Great! Easy Install! Woodland Direct got the product to me as promised and by ordering from them, I saved big $$ by installing this myself!!

Great Product

Easy to install and works great!


Quick easy install, big improvement.

Lock Top

You should be quite proficient at home repair before attempting this install. I installed it a week ago and we have to wait until winter to see the impact it has. I believe I have a reasonably tight seal at the top. Lock top needs to add elasticity to the pull wire. When locking it closed to the bracket, the wire gives up the slightest amount of slack as it seats in the bracket. It is very slight, but prevents a very tight seal at the top. If the wire had just a small amount of elasticity, the top would close very tight allowing a bit of play to pull the wire to lock it to the bracket.

Customer service

I recently purchased this damper from Woodland Direct and after I installed it the top piece that is pulled down to seal the opening was warped. I called woodland to explain the problem and within a few days they sent me out a whole new unit... no questions asked...didn't expect that. You guys rock !! I highly recommend Woodland Direct . They are professional by all standards!!


The Lock-Top II Damper came fully assembled which was very nice not to have to mess with assembling the springs. In my situation I have to extend the bracket that bolts to the fireplace place wall so that the chain does not rub the chimney liner. Very easy to install. So far so good.

Didn't properly fit my 6x6 chimney

I was told this cap would fit my 6x6 chimney and it did, except that the fusible link safety device would not let the cap close all the way. I had to do my own adjusting, tweaking and manipulating. After all was complete I must say that this is a great cap! No more drafts coming through and the chimney heats up quickly.

The product is as described. Seems to be a quality product.Haven't used it yet,but it was easy to install.

Problems from the start

After installing the cap on the flue and fixing the cable to length, I checked back on top to ensure there was a tight seal - there wasn't. The fusible link was hitting the side of the damper and causing a jamb so the damper wouldn't seal. After multiple phone calls I was told to remove the cap, bend the fusible link rods so they wouldn't interfere anymore, and reinstall everything... 30' high on top of a ladder. When I did bend the rods, this removed the tension from the linkage in the middle and it fell to the bottom of the chimney. I had to retrieve it and fine tune the linkage so that everything would fit right. I giant pain in the tail, but everything seems to be working as it should.

Stop Reading Reviews

If you are looking at this review then you are considering getting a damper. Stop reading the reviews and just buy this thing. Ultra easy installation and works great!. I have a 5 star HVAC guy who was blown away by this thing. He is going to start recommending to clients in need. Woodland had the best price as well. Enjoy.


I really like the concept of the damper itself and the safety features. I am concerned with the pulling of the cable to close it. Would like to see a spring loaded lever to make easier to close it and keep it tightly closed. As it is I don't think my wife can close it.

Chimney Cap Damper (Lock-Top)

Installed it several weeks ago so far excellent results. Installation was fast, easy and assuring as agreed.

Lock-Top II

Fantastic chimney damper!!! I modified the install a bit and mounted brackets as well as used the silicone. We have some real strong winds here on the Jersey Shore so I just wanted to be sure it would not go anywhere. As soon as I closed the unit I could immediately feel and here the difference with the seal that it provided!!! Highly recommend this product!!! -Jason


Quality product & quick delivery.


Easy. Works.

Very Impressed

Had it installed in no time. Works much better than the old throat damper. Still can't believe how fast the installation was.


Amazed at how fast these arrived. Had someone install and he said they were easy and believes they would be more energy efficient. He will recommend these to others who need them.

Lock Top Damper

Hey this was an easy kit to install. I have not used it yet as winter is not here at this time. The bracket directions could be a little better but all went good. Thanks TC

difficult if you have a fireplace insert with 6-8 inch round, looks easy for a chimney without this

Looks like the device is well designed...

Certainly designing something that will work in the diverse applications of chimney flue types is complicated, but this one does a good job. I still needed to modify both the existing conditions and the new unit itself, and the attachment bolts could have been longer (anticipating the diverse applications) but thankfully I had replacement bolts handy so I didn't have to run to the hardware store to find more.

replacement damper

I installed my Lock-Top 2 chimney Cap Damper in April of this year 2016. I read the installment of the cap and complete it with-in minutes. A couple of days later I finished the completion of installing it. All was good until I looked up the chimney and seen day light when the cable was secured into the wall bracket. I tried for a couple of day to try and pull the cap down to close all the way down. With a little help of a neighbor he pushed the cap down and it was secured. But when it was opened and pulled down it would not close properly. At this time I called Woodland and we talked about this problem. Over the coarse of the summer I did nothing but figured I could work on it in the fall. In the fall the same thing occurred several time. I called Woodland and with in a couple of days I had the replacement delivered. I installed it that day and on the first pull it was closed like it should have. They stand behind their product and without any hassle at all. It has been a good experience with this company and I pass it on to all interested in Woodland Products. GREAT JOB!

saving energy BUT the smell of ashes is killing me

I installed the Lock-top II BUT by the next morning the smell of burnt wood and ash is overwhelming. The way it is designed and how it locks makes me think that it really does not seal since the spring tension is always trying to keep it open. I have no doubt that I am not losing as much heat out the chimney but now it seems air is coming in (not out) now bring the smell.


Lock-Top II Chimney Cap Damper



Easy to order and install. No complaints.

The Chimney Cap Damper arrived quickly and was easy to install. Also Woodland Direct customer support was GREAT. The first damper I ordered was the wrong size. Customer support identified what I needed, sent me a replacement, and quickly accepted the return and credited my account. Couldn't be more satisfied.

Initial Review

I'm happy with the construction, instructions and ease of installation. This damper was installed to reduce heat loss and to minimize the smell drafting down the fireplace into the house. We have had multiple shifts in weather and my wife has noticed the smell creeping back into the house. I need to investigate how the smell is wafting into the house. I don't know if the damper is not totally sealed or if the air is coming in from the clean out. I'll keep you posted.

Sealing damper

Excellent construction and installation was easy.

Works great

The conventional fireplace damper should be outlawed. I recently purchased a new home and the room with the fireplace was always cold. Damper was closed but as any fireplace owner knows it’s not great. Also road noise was noticeable. Spoke with the great customer service folks at woodland direct who recommended this product. Easy DIY installation. Road noise gone, room temperature is up and easy 3 degrees. I did remove the old damper which I’m not sure if it contributes to burning more wood or could be the better cramp.

Lock top II

This product was super easy to install with the exception of the bracket at the bottom. You will need a hammer drill or something stronger than your run of the mill cordless drill to get holes drilled in the fire brick. This product did save me from paying someone to cut the old warped cast iron damper out of my fireplace to replace it. It keeps the stinkbugs out and the warm air in! Doesn't seal like the gasket would make you believe but still seals way better than a cast iron damper. Decent product, but with it's simplicity, it should be cheaper.