Magic Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer

Item # 2610001

4.554 out of 5 Customer Rating (74) Reviews FAQs
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Magic Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer

Item # 2610001

4.554 out of 5 Customer Rating (74) Reviews FAQs

The Magic Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer increases the efficiency of your oil, wood and coal burning stove. When the exhaust gases from your wood stove heat the stove pipe to 280ºF, the Magic Heat's internal thermometer turns it on. The Magic Heat's electric...

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Product Details

The Magic Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer increases the efficiency of your oil, wood and coal burning stove. When the exhaust gases from your wood stove heat the stove pipe to 280ºF, the Magic Heat's internal thermometer turns it on. The Magic Heat's electric powered fan forces cool air to circulate around tubes heated by the hot flue gases. The warm air is then forced out into your living space.

By reclaiming the heat from your wood stove's exhaust fumes, you are increasing your heating efficiency and will use less fuel to heat the same amount of space. This heat reclaimer is proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality craftsmanship. Please keep in mind that this accessory is made for single wall pipe only and not double wall black


  • Crimped pipe on bottom
  • Fits 6 inch flues for wood stoves
  • Designed for use with inside flue temperatures exceeding 350 degrees F (skin temperatures of 250 degrees F)
  • Installs easily using basic household tools and plugs into any standard 110V home outlet
  • Thermostatically controlled; factory preset to provide trouble free operation

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  • Type: Heat Reclaimer
  • Material: Steel
  • Overall Width: 10 3/4"
  • Overall Height: 14 1/2"
  • CFM: 225
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Attachment Size/Pipe Diameter: 6"
  • Color: Black

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NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
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Q: "Hello. I am looking to add a heat reclaimer to my stove pipe. Although it is all double wall pipe. Do they make a heat reclaimer to fit double wall pipe? Thanks" A: The heat reclaimer can only be used on single wall black stove pipe. We do not carry a version to work with double wall pipe.
Q: "How close can the heat exchanger be to the top of the stove?" A: Magic Heat must be installed between 12 and 24 inches from the appliance flue outlet using single wall connector pipe.
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Product Reviews

Magic Heat Reclaimer

We installed the Magic Heat Reclaimer in 1978 when we installed our Ben Franklin cast iron free standing fireplace stove. It really puts out lots of heated air. We have really enjoyed it. The only thing is a person has to know how to pull the motor out of the box a little if the electricity goes out and you are still using the fireplace so the motor doesn't get too hot.

magic heat blower

Magic heat claimer

I was very pleased to find such a good price on this product and it was shipped and on my door step within a few days. As was the other products that I have purchased from you. Thank you again.

Majic Heat

I to the Magic Heat on my wood stove in my shop and the difference is amazing. I use to have to struggle to keep the temperature above 40. With the Magic I can get the temperature to 60 in a short time. The only is was ease of installation. The top should be expanded so that the outlet and inlet ducts are not the same size.

Magic Heat Reclaimer 6"

Am very happy with the 6" Magic Heat, heat reclaimer. Highly recommend this device be installed on any woodstove. It work's fabulously.


The unit works fine and the experience was a pleasant one.

Magic Heat Stove Heat Reclaimer

Great unit; during moderately cold days the primary heat is not even turned on. This unit keeps the living area comfortable. Every wood stove in a large area needs one.


We have had a fan like your for about 15-20 years, and it is the only FAN that get the air around our house,WE LOVE IT! Merry Christmas, may God Bless you and your families For the Holidays.

Magic Heat

Helps heat my 1200 S F studio. Gr8 item for a small stove. Good price and I think it's made in America......


I was very happy with the prompt delivery time and overall service with Woodland Direct.I would order from them again with no reservations. Thanks Woodland. Bonnie from Windsor Ont. Canada

magic heat reclaimer

this heater replaced one that I have had for over 20 years. Granted I did not use it steady . I heated my whole cellar from the reclaimer and the heat from the stove was directed upstairs. it kept my floors nice and warm.

magic heat blower

we love it. this blower does a great job of blowing the heat throughtout our home.


Magic heat reclaimer

There are some serious problems with the design. The inlet and outlet on the heater box do not fit properly. The male end of the stove pipe is not fully received by the unit, nor does the top fit properly. Because it would be unsightly (crimps on pipe showing, ill-design), I have not installed the unit so I can’t comment on its performance

Magic Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer

I installed this poduct in about 2 hours. The manufacturer indicates that the reclaimer may cause some smoke, primarily from the oil on the tubes, when first fired up, but I really didn't experience a problem with smoke. We haven't had any really cold days up to this point, but we have used it several times on some chilly days. The second time we used the reclaimer I received a call from my wife asking how to turn it down, the temp in the house was in the mid 80's. From the experience I've had so far, I believe this will work great! My house is approximately 1500 square feet, and it seems to warm a good portion of the house quite well. I'm thinking about installing another one in another area of the house. At this point I don't know that we'll need to use the gas furnace much this winter, which was part of the objective. It's amazing how much heat you lose up the chimney. I read several reviews that folks indicated a lot of black nasty residue. I think this probably comes from not burning properly cured wood. I burn primarily hedge, and that seems to work very well. I definitely would recommend this product.

warmer garage

My husband loves the wood stove heat reclaimer. It has made the garage much warmer. Would recommend buying one especially for a house. Great buy.

I love the magic heat. My furnace is down and im only burning wood in my stove in living room. With the magic heat installed in my flue it warms up my whole house. So glad i bought it. I received it fast and got free shipping! Definitely order it from woodlanddirect too!

Stack Robber

I have used this product in the past. It works great for an older style stove and reclaims more heat from all the work one puts in gathering wood.

Magic Heat 6" Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer

Purchased this this fall for my log cabin and put it on my old cast iron signal stove. This worked great and and kept my kitchen warm. I live in northern Minnesota and this is a great addition to my cabin.

Heat reclaimer 6"

Very good , would recommend for a wood stove!!

Heat reclaimer 6"

Very good , would recommend for a wood stove!!

Magic Heat reclaimer 6"

I was familiar with his type of heat reclaimer from the days when I was a boy back on the farm where a unit similiar to this was installed on top of an old Quebec space heater in the living rood. It was the only source of heat in the winter out side of the cook stove in he kitchen. I still live in the country, in Canada, near the mountains. My house is an old two story, built in 1908, approx. 2800 sg ft. There are times when the temperatures in the winter due plummet quite low. The first winter with the wood stove (without the heat reclaimer) I became aware of the difference of warmth in the house and of how much wood I used and the savings in the gas bill, which was quite substantial. I installed the unit at the maximum recommended distance from the woodstove on the vertical stack. The installation was very simple and easy. The design of the unit and quality far exceeded from what I remembered. It is even pleaing to the eye. When I fired the wood stove, I expected an increase in heat efficiency. What I did not expect was how much. Wood stoves are only 20 -25 % efficient if your are lucky but with this Heat Reclaimer, I feel comfortable by saying I have increased it by 300%, or more. I am also using a minimum of 1/3 or more less wood to maintain the heat level is the house. I also use an extra fan to move the air throughout the house and turn the furnace on only to keep the basement from freezing. As this is still early winter, I will know more in the spring just how much more savings I will have. Please be aware of the building codes and insurance codes in your area. They have have this idea all people are not too smart, yet they do have a say. To anyone who is not afraid to chop a little wood or carry out ashes, I can only highly recommend that you install this unit on your wood space heater. I cannot say enough good about it. Being a retired contractor,Woodland Direct has been one of the most pleasant and obliging companies I have dealt with. I have built and installed many fireplaces and woodstoves over the years and this one I like the best. Good Luck on yours

This is amazing

Sugh a nice reclaimer, very well built, my only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner. Woodland direct is so awsome.

magic heat

my old magic heater finally failed, over 20 yrs old. the new one is quieter and seems like more heat and air flow. love it

Magic Heat Reclaimer 6"

I was NOT initially told the item was not in stock (back order) when I purchased the item. However, the delay was not that bad. I have had this exact item for 6 years. It is absolutely awesome!! This is my "back up" unit as they sell like "hot cakes" and I'd rather have a backup unit then waiting for parts in the middle of the Winter! Regards, Jim

Woodland Direct Heat Reclaimer

Magic Heat Reclaimer

Using in 1200' shop. Does an outstanding job. Really does throw out the heat. Temps down to 6-19 F ambient and still keeps the shop warm to ~ 60 F. Only complaint and knew of this in previous reviews b4 purchase, is that the bottom stove pipe (male end) is net fit for 6" stove pipe. Needs a little more crimp to fit properly in Heat Fab stove pipe. We had to do a "bubba" and fit it. I would still purchase again.

Magic Heat Reclaimer

The Magic Heat Reclaimer works better than I ever imagined it would. Within 2-3 minutes of starting a fire in my wood burning stove, the fan comes on and nice warm air is coming from the heat exchanger tubes. The bonus is even after the fire has died down low enough that the stoves factory blower has turned off the Magic Heat Reclaimer fan will continue to put out warm air for a considerable length of time. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to make their wood burning stove more efficient.

magic heat

Could blow a few more cfm's but overall works great


I installed this heat reclaimer about 2 months ago, and so far it seems to be very effective and is saving some wood. It's a cold winter, but this thing distributes heat throughout the house much better than just using a ceiling fan. Even with an airtight stove I believe this unit is utilizing a lot of heat that otherwise went up the chimney. It's a simple install and looks to be well built. The only negative is the noise of the fan, I was accustomed to 'silent' heat, so when the fan runs it's no longer silent, but worth the noise.

Customer Service

I have to say that the customer service at Woodland Direct is outstanding! They took the time to make sure I was taken care of when the product had an issue. Thank you for all your hard work.

magic heat flue pipe heat reclaimer

Unit works good I get alot of usable heat out of it , 1 word of caution is make sure you pull and push the tube cleaning rod every time you stoke the stove if not the creasode will become built up to heavy and you will not be able to use to self cleaner to clean to unit. I think this unit needs to be able to be disassembled to be cleaned manually when this happens. Seems like this will be a recurring issue . Other than that works as described.

magic heat

This is the third magic heat we have had since around 1981. Two 8" and this 6". There was another brand recommended with our new wood stove, but it did not begin to work for our home. As I have read in other articles, I did have trouble with the male crimp fitting into the female pipe. Over all this is the only heat exchanger that we will go with.


This heat reclaimer is the best available! We had a different one that we bought at a local store and it didn't do much of anything as far as helping with heating. This reclaimer does so much better. We can get our the general temp in the room up to 70 degrees when the temp outside is in the teens. It pushes the heat out into several rooms. Has been a huge energy saver for us this winter! Highly, highly recommend. It is also set up to kick on and off based on heat or there is a switch that you can flip on so the reclaimer is on like a blower.

Magic Heat

OMG should of bought it a long time ago. Two thumbs up.

Magic Heat Reclaimer

The product looks well built. I'm especially impressed with the 'soot removal' tool that keeps the outer surfaces of the heat exchanger tubes clean.

Magic Heat Reclaimer

Directs heat from the wood stove into the room - a wonderful addition to the stove.

Magic Heat

It was unbelievable how fast this item came. Would definitely give the company an A+++. Thanks

Unbelievable How Well This Works

It is absolutely unbelievable how much heat was lost up my chimney. My woodstove is in my open basement, and with this heat exchanger on the flue pipe, it heats my entire house (1100SF basement, 1300SF upper floors) even when it's near zero outside. I should have bought this years ago.

Magic Heat

I ordered it over the phone and had all my questions and very friendy if i need any other products i will order them in a sec.


The Magic Heat Reclaimer is a great investment. I am impressed at the heat it distributes out. I can tell the difference with this being the only heat source.

Great Product

I purchased the 6" Magic Box I call it, and two weeks after installation it has not missed a beat. I live in North America's highest county in the US, Summit County Colorado, it gets cold here and I burn a lot of wood and half of it has been going out the chimney until now. What a difference, wow....this unit is amazing, I'm still grinning about how warm the entire ole farm house is. I first saw this unit at a friends house who has this Magic box on an 8" wood stove pipe and his place is bigger than mine but just as warm. He talked me out of a ceiling fan to get this Magic box instead, sure glad I listened to my engineer buddy. This is a great feature to have on a wood stove.


Life I'm my hobo hut is grand with this new addition! Nice and toasty!!

More Heat

Ordering was super easy. It arrived on time and it was the best price I could find. It gave me the heat I was wasting up the chimney . It works great. Thanks

magic heat reclaimer

Works well. Will see about all the reviews that claim massive buildup of creosote. only had 3 days


Almost melted my face and it was 9 outside


Good stuff

Magic Heat

Everything and more, I would do business again.

magic heat

have not used yet,(still in box) but am replacing exact same unit with one that i have using in my shop waste oil heater since 1999, It is still working fine but has pretty good deteriorating outlet flue and tube facia where soot bar goes thru. priced very reasonable so opted to replace whole unit instead of repairing old one , plus is made in good ol USof A

Amazing product

Purchased the magic heat for our wood stove in our shop. This product works great, using the heat normally lost out of the stove pipe. You can feel the difference once the stove heats up. Well worth the money.

Rattling Fan

This is the second Magic Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer that I have purchased. The first one lasted many years. This one produces much needed heat in our garage, but the noise that it makes is very disturbing. I do not remember the first one we bought making such a racket. There are others on the market that are considerably cheaper, but with less than half the heat exchanging tubes, so we stuck with what we knew was a good product. Except it is not such a good product because of the racket it makes.

6" Magic Heat

Throws heat unbelievable! Would buy again for sure!

6" Magic Heat

Best investment for our home yet. We live deep in the Rocky Mountains and this thing keeps our house as hot as we want. Love the automatic operation! Highly recommend it if your thinking about an efficient and effective way to move heat throughout your house!

It took my around and hour to install the Heat Reclaimer. I am amazed at the amount of heat it extracts from the flue pipe; it warms up my 500 sq.ft. workshop twice as fast. I'll be ordering another one to put on the wood heater in my patio room. Thanks.

6" Magic Heat Review

The heater was very easy to install. I quick run through the instructions and it took about 20 minutes total. The heater is very well constructed compared to others I had looked at. It puts out a good amount of heat compared to what I was getting just from the wood stove itself. The only negative I has is the fan. it is VERY loud! it is also forcing so much air through the tubes that it tends to cool the discharge air temp down too much. I installed a fan speed controller so I can vary the fan output which gave me better temp and sound control. I did notice that I am going though less wood then before installing this unit. Good purchase and I would recommend it. I would also recommend buying it from Woodland Direct. It was very simple to do on their website and it showed up 2 days later. I only gave it 4 of 5 stars because of the fan, otherwise this is a very good unit. run it


Very nice item that could use one minor modification or accessory. That would be a variable speed fan controlled by an actual thermostat. As the unit comes to temp the fan starts slowly and RPM would increase as the flue temp gets hotter to full speed at a predetermined temp. This would eliminate the on/off cycling until the flue is at a high temp.

No Complaints

Ordered and received within I believe three days! Free shipping too! No complaints here thank you Woodland Direct! The heat reclaimed has worked flawlessly and seems to be very good quality too.

Magic Heater

I saw this product in a friends work shop. I was sold at that point. The heater showed up on the date that Woodland said it would. I installed yesterday and I'm totally satisfied. Makes huge difference.


Wonderful product, quick service and was as advertised. Had improved out Woodside output.

Magic Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer

Fast shipping, unit works great. It is heavier than I thought it would be, not overly heavy, it does have some metal in it so it is not cheaply made. The only issue is when I received it the slider knob to clean the tubes was sticking out of the box. It was not damaged, though it looks like doubling up on the cardboard at the knob, or revising the packaging would solve this.

Review heat reclaimer

The unit works great at transferring the heat to our living space. It was easy to install. The main improvement I suggest is making the blower motor quieter.

Magic heat reclaimer

Works great. Runs everyone out of the house it blows so much heat. Thank you woodland direct.

Magic Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer

This unit is a must for an internal stove pipe. I estimate it increases your stoves heating efficiency at least 50%. Would buy again and recommend to anyone.




We finally decided to purchase the Magic Heat Reclaimer and looking at the reviews. After installing our wood burning stove 6 years ago. I wish we would have purchased the Magic Heat Reclaimer sooner. We're using less wood and the reclaimer fan pushes the heat evenly through out the whole house (1800 sq ft home). GREAT investment. I would highly recommend Magic Heat Reclaimer.

Magic Heat

Though a little on the Bulky side, the Magic Heat serves it's purpose. Had it a month now, keeping my home toasty, hoping it will save energy burning only 1/3 of the amount of wood during the season as advertised. Will see. :) !

Magic Heat Reclaimer

Works great. Does exactly what it says and makes an enormous difference in heating. Worth the money. Solidly built unit. Shipping was fast. No problems. I’m completely satisfied.

6" Magic heat Reclaimer wood stove

This went together really easy, less than 2 hours, followed all directions faithfully. Started my fire, & Zoom, the fan started, heat began flowing across the room, Don't hesitate to purchase if you are burning wood, it compounds the heat received, less wood to carry in, & to cut & split. works like a "MAGIC HEATER!


It is fabulous! The only complaints I have is that the fan turns on too early and it blows cold air. Same thing after the stove is running low on wood, it turns on and blows more cold air. And where I live there are usually a lot of power outages during winter, so I am not looking forward to having to take it apart every time so as not to melt the fan. I do not have to do it to my oven and was wondering why the same components could not be used in the Magic Heat? But the heat that comes out and blows around in my house is incredible. Thank you.


Magic Heat 6'

This Is My second heat reclaimer. Replacing one that I had for 21 winters .Great heat circulation!!!

The best Heat Reclaimer Made!!

I purchased the Magic Heat 6" Heat Re-claimer as a Gift to my Granddaughter for her new shop. I bought this same Re-claimer 16 years ago for my Barrel Stove in my shop and its still performing.. Its on Automatic and other than oiling the motor it was a "Set it up and Forget it Operation".

Stoyan P. | Chewelah, WA
Submitted: 01/01/2022

Magic heat

This unit really helps me get fast heat that usually goes out the chimney, great product.

. | Pingree, ID
Submitted: 02/04/2022

Bicknell Utah Review

I bought this due to a friend saying they work well. I’m glad I took his advice. I have a Lopi wood burning stove in our basement and when I start a fire, within 5 minutes the magic heat is already blowing hot air into the basement living room and the heat goes up through the floor joists and heats my whole house to 71 degrees within 30-45 minutes. It takes 20-30 minutes just for the Lopi stove to finally kick its own fan on due to the thickness of the stove itself and when the Lopi fan and the magic heat blow hot air together, it makes the house comfortably warm. Sometimes up to 73 degrees. Our upstairs is 2,300 square feet. Exterior walls are built with ICF block. My HVAC doesn’t run at night and only turns on early in the morning when my fire goes out after burning for 6-8 hours depending on how much wood I load the stove with. There is a lot of heat you don’t realize you lose out your chimney until you install a magic heat and it captures the lost heat and it’s then blown back into your house. You won’t regret purchasing a magic heat when you are trying to enhance your heating capacity of your stove. Believe me…..the guy from Bicknell!

. | Bicknell, UT
Submitted: 02/09/2022