An outdoor restaurant patio with two tables, red chairs, greenery and fairy lights on the ceiling, and two overhead gas patio heaters.

Product Spotlight:

Patio Heaters

Woodland Direct offers a number of different patio heaters that will help keep your outdoor space warmer, even as the weather cools down. Let us help you find the perfect one for your needs—read on below.


Bromic is known for manufacturing highly stylish patio heaters that are wonderful for luxury outdoor areas. Their heaters create beautiful accents, so If you don’t want to—or can’t—hide your heater, Bromic is the perfect choice. Plus, their dual-element electric heaters only require one electrical conduit line, while many other electric heaters need two lines. This means less intrusion into your space, as well as less hassle when it comes to installation.

Bromic electric heaters are also great in climates that experience fluctuating temperatures as the seasons change. Their controls regulate the electricity flowing to the unit, allowing you to select exactly the amount of heat that you want. So if you have chillier weather one day, but warmer weather a few days later, you can adjust the heat as needed.

Bromic’s gas heaters are excellent if you live in a windy area. The average gas patio heater can operate in winds up to only about 6 or 7 mph. Bromic’s Platinum Series gas heaters, however, is rated for winds of 12-13 mph. Their Tungsten Series is rated for 7-8 mph.

If you live in a coastal saltwater environment and you’re considering a Bromic heater, please call our Master Hearth Professionals at (800) 919-1904 before purchase.


Sunpak gas patio heaters can be installed on ceilings, making them fantastic for busy outdoor spaces. They’re also a great choice when space is limited, because they can be installed more closely to combustibles than many other heaters. They feature all-stainless steel construction, too, so they’re excellent for areas near the ocean.


Infratech has been creating top-notch electric infrared patio heaters since the mid-20th century. Their heaters use exclusively medium-wave infrared heat. Medium-wave heat creates a pleasing glow—unlike the harsh light of short-wave heaters. This makes Infratech heaters a great choice if you plan to do a lot of outdoor entertaining. They also feature all-stainless steel materials, so they’ll stand up to seaside environments.

Infratech controls are advanced, yet simple to use. If you need to set up multiple heaters or heating zones in your outdoor area, you’ll find Infratech very helpful—just one control panel can manage all your heaters. Their controls are UL listed and can integrate with smart home technology, so you can turn them on while you’re still out shopping for the party.

Infratech heaters can also be flush-mounted into a ceiling—perfect for when you want your heaters to be barely noticeable. Plus, it gives you more space between the heater and anything under it.



The perfect patio heater is waiting for you at Woodland Direct—just call (800) 919-1904 and tell our Master Hearth Professionals exactly what you need.


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