A traditional masonry hearth with a black fireplace, a log set, and distressed, bronze-colored tri-fold glass doors.

The Top 6 Fireplace Doors

Boost safety in style with this must-have fireplace accessory!

Adding a decorative door to your fireplace is a quick and simple way to update the look of your hearth, without any major renovations. 

Fireplace doors also create an extra layer of protection for you and your guests as you cozily gather around the fire.

With countless door models ranging from traditional to modern, choosing the right one to fit your fireplace may seem like a daunting task.

We've rounded up our top 6 fireplace doors to help you gain some inspiration, so you can find the perfect style for your space!


What Makes It Great: 

The Thin-Line Zero-Clearance Fireplace Door by Thermo-Rite adds chic, timeless style with its fine-textured black finish and durable, hand-welded steel frame. Choose from three different size ranges to achieve a clean, custom inside-fit on your zero-clearance masonry or factory-built fireplace.

Key Features: 

Teflon bi-fold doors glide open smoothly for an incredible, unobstructed view of the flames, while ¼-inch, tempered tinted glass in bronze, clear, or grey complements your decor, no matter the color scheme.

#2 ARDMORE BLACK FIREPLACE DOOR by Hearth Craft Essentials 

What Makes It Great: 

Keep the heat inside this season with the Ardmore Black Fireplace Door by Hearth Craft Essentials! Designed for quick, surface-mount installation, the Ardmore sits outside of your fireplace opening and reduces heat loss by as much as 90% for significant energy savings. A powder-coated, welded steel frame, tempered glass, and included mesh screen guarantee top-notch performance and safety for years to come. 

Key Features: 

The Ardmore’s modern, trackless bi-fold design opens 180 degrees for a full view of the flames. Easy-grip handles help you tend to the fire as needed, while a hidden damper lets you control the amount of warmth your fireplace puts out. Available in three size ranges to accommodate fireplaces of all dimensions, the Ardmore features a sleek matte black finish and smoke-grey tinted glass for a touch of sophistication in any space. 


What Makes It Great: 

The Stiletto Masonry Fireplace Glass Door by Design Specialties is perfect for contemporary spaces with its minimal, slim frame and full-vision, tempered glass design. Two different finishes, 25 color options, and three glass tint shades let you customize the look to match your taste.

Key Features: 

Handles on the top of the Stiletto make it easy to tend to the fire, while the smooth-gliding, trackless, bi-fold design offers a clear view of your wood burning fire. An optional curtain or Gate Mesh screen adds extra protection, so you can enjoy your fireplace safely with the doors open. 


What Makes It Great: 

Each Legend Zero-Clearance Fireplace Door by Design Specialties is created using a special laser-cutting method that eliminates seams, welds, or sagging hinges for the cleanest look possible. The Legend features trackless, bi-fold doors and ¼-inch-thick tempered glass that comes in bronze, clear, or grey color tints.

Key Features: 

Choose from three size ranges to find a precise fit for your fireplace. Four different finishes, available in a variety of colors, make it easy to match your room. An optional curtain or Gate Mesh screen puts a barrier between you and the flames so that you can open the fireplace doors for more warmth in colder weather.


What Makes It Great:

With Thermo-Rite’s rugged, self-aligning hinges, a welded steel design available in a variety of powder-coat, antique, or textured finishes, and ¼-inch tempered bronze, clear, or grey-tinted glass, the Heritage Masonry Fireplace Door adds timeless style to your traditional masonry fireplace. 

Key Features: 

Measure the height and width of your fireplace opening and pick from two, convenient size ranges to find a custom fit. Choose a tracked or trackless bi-fold design, and add the optional Air-Draft Control to the bottom of the frame to control air flow to the fire. 


What Makes It Great: 

The Brookfield Masonry Fireplace Glass Door by Design Specialties features a light, aluminum frame with a trackless bi-fold design that opens completely for a full view of the fire. Great for both modern and traditional spaces, the Brookfield comes in three size ranges and can be installed as an overlap or inside-fit. Handles conveniently placed near the top of the frame let you safely tend to the fire as needed.

Key Features: 

Create your ideal focal point with an Artisan Premier or powder-coat finish in the color of your choice, then add extra pizzazz with bronze, black, or grey-tinted glass. An optional curtain or Gate Mesh screen protects little hands and paws from exposed flames and sparks, providing peace of mind as you use the fireplace with the doors open. 


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