A steel wood burning gas fire pit that is shaped like a globe, with cutouts for each continent, so the flames can poke through.

Top 5 Most Unique Fire Pit Finds

From twinkling stars to floating flames, we’ve rounded up the 5 most unique fire pits to enhance your outdoor space!


Come sundown, the Amina Powder Coat Steel Fire Pit’s vibrant LED lighting and tall flame pattern transform your tranquil outdoor space into a trendy nightclub scene.  

Set up seating around the Anima’s low-profile design for comfortable fireside chats or serve drinks and snacks on its wide ledge, so your guests can grab and go as they mingle.  

Perfect for backyards and busy commercial spaces alike, the Amina’s sleek steel base stands up to inclement weather for a lifetime of cozy, colorful nights around the fire.  

It also offers five different ignition options, ranging from simple match-lit to user-friendly electronic systems for effortless operation in any environment.  

#4 EVENING SKY FIRE PIT by Patina Products  

Ignite the Evening Sky Fire Pit and watch its delicate celestial cutouts transport your backyard to a galaxy far, far away! Each fire pit is hand-welded from a one-piece, 16-guage steel drum, then hand-finished for a completely one-of-a-kind result. 

Its earthy, rust patina ages beautifully over time, adding a warm and whimsical touch to your outdoor space. 

Ideal for homeowners looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy the sights and sounds of a real wood burning fire, the Evening Sky Fire Pit arrives in one piece, so you can skip the assembly and start relaxing right away.  

#3 NEWTON FIRE PIT TABLE by The Outdoor Plus  

With its angular metal design and levitating flames, the Newton Fire Pit Table is a modern work of art masquerading as a functional focal point for your backyard. 

Its intricate design may be intimidating at first glance, but this fire pit table is incredibly easy to set up and comes with a match-lit ignition system for simple operation.  

Anchor your Newton in chic, industrial style with chain supports or choose an unconventional “floating appearance.” Plus, you can pick from three size options, seven distinct finishes, and eight shades of sparkling fire glass for a unique look that’s completely tailored to space.  

Any way you configure it, the Newton Fire Pit Table is guaranteed to turn heads at your next outdoor gathering! 


The Navigator Wood Burning Fire Pit by Fire Pit Art features a glowing compass rose, the iconic seafaring symbol that takes us back to simpler times, when tall ships harnessed the wind.

This wood burning fire pit is made from 1/4-inch-thick carbon steel to outlast harsh weather conditions and features a natural iron-oxide finish that develops a rustic patina as it ages.

The interior of the Navigator is coated with a high-temperature, corrosion-resistant paint and includes a 1.5-inch rain drain in the bottom of the base.


The Third Rock Fire Pit is surely one of the most unique fire pits on the market! Watch as Earth’s continents get illuminated by fire for an artful, yet functional, presentation.

Constructed of 1/4” thick steel, these fire pits are made-to-order in the heart of Tennessee and include a numbered brass plate to certify they are one-of-a-kind.

The inside is coated with a durable, heat-resistant paint, while the outside is finished with an iron oxide patina that will darken over time.

Oh, and did we mention the Third Rock was featured at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics? How cool is that!?

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