A modern living space with white walls, a large bookshelf with minimal decor, a white shag accent rug, a yellow accent chair, and a linear gas fireplace with a stainless steel frame.

The Top 5 Ventless Gas Fireplaces

for cozy, cost-effective ambiance, anywhere in the house!

In terms of affordability and flexibility, Ventless gas fireplaces are second-to-none. They’re designed to burn gas at nearly 100% efficiency, leaving no smoke and little to no fumes behind. Plus, Ventless fireplaces don’t require a chimney, so you can install one in practically any room of your house, and save money while you’re at it. 

Just like any other fireplace, Ventless models come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and BTU outputs. They also have more restrictions when it comes to location, room size, media, and elevation, so it’s important to find the right one for your unique space.

We’ve narrowed down our top five Ventless gas fireplace picks to help you create a cozy ambiance, anywhere in the house!


What Makes It Great:

Even with it’s simple, linear profile, the 36” Empire Boulevard Contemporary Ventless Gas Fireplace serves as an eye-catching focal point in any space! Choose a single-sided or see-through model, then add the optional LED lighting kit to showcase the flames. Multiple firebox liners, decorative trim kits, fire glass, and gas log media options let you find the exact look you’re going for. 

Key Features: 

The Boulevard Contemporary kicks out 28,000 BTUs of heat, and works with Natural Gas and Liquid Propane configurations. Choose between a millivolt ignition system, which comes with a basic On/Off remote control, or an electronic intermittent pilot ignition system with a multi-function thermostatic remote and Smart Thermostat function to preserve your ideal room temperature. 


What Makes It Great:

It’s in the name — the Monessen Artisan Ventless Fireplace is a work of art with its polished, linear design, shimmering fire glass, and brilliant LED accent lighting! A 37,000-BTU output heats up to 1,400 square feet, and the included Total Signature Command® System lets you alternate between three flame settings, and control the ignition.

Key Features: 

The 42” Monessen Artisan is compact enough to fit in smaller spaces, and is available in single-sided and see-through models. Upgrade to the remote-operated IntelliFire Plus Ignition System to conserve fuel and save on energy costs. Personalize your Monessen fireplace with your choice of firebox liner, decorative trim kit, and optional Rope Light Kit. Finally, add a sea of sparkling fire glass, or go au-naturel with a realistic ceramic log set.


What Makes It Great: 

The Ventless 72” Empire Boulevard Linear Gas Fireplace is the perfect focal point for any modern-minimalist home with its streamlined design and in-floor LED lighting. Create incredible depth with a black porcelain liner, or brighten up the room with a stainless steel liner. Express your style by choosing from single-sided or see-through models, then pick out a decorative trim kit and vibrant crushed fire glass, or add ceramic gas logs and stones for a rustic touch.

Key Features:

With an output of 40,000 BTUs, and the option to use Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, the 72” Empire Boulevard quickly warms up your space. It features an electronic intermittent pilot ignition system and battery back-up, as well as a multi-function thermostatic remote and wall-mounted lighting control. The Smart Thermostat function makes it easy to set the temperature to your ideal comfort level, and keep it there all day.


What Makes It Great:

Add an element of elegance in any space you choose with the 48” Empire Boulevard Contemporary Ventless Gas Fireplace. Available in single-sided and see-through models, the Contemporary Boulevard features a clean, linear design that blends effortlessly with your existing decor. Its 32,000-BTU output warms every inch of the room as you relax by the fire.

Key Features: 

With the Empire Contemporary Ventless Gas Fireplace, you can choose between a millivolt pilot ignition system or an electronic intermittent pilot ignition system. The millivolt system includes an On/Off remote control, while the electronic intermittent system comes with a multi-function thermostatic remote. Both systems include a Smart Thermostat function that lets you easily maintain your preferred comfort level. Customize the look with your choice of firebox liner, decorative trim kit, crushed fire glass, hand-painted gas log media, and optional LED lighting to amplify the flames.


What Makes It Great: 

The 60” Empire Boulevard Ventless Gas Fireplace goes beyond bold with an enormous viewing area, contemporary linear burner, and in-floor LED lighting. No space is too large to heat with 40,000 BTUs and a multi-function thermostatic remote that functions as a programmable room thermostat. With the remote, you can also switch between six flame settings, and adjust the accent lighting to match your mood.

Key Features:

Equipped with an electronic intermittent pilot ignition system and battery back-up, the Boulevard also includes a Smart Thermostat function to set and maintain your ideal room temperature. Enjoy the Boulevard Ventless Fireplace in one area with a single-sided model, or opt for the see-through model to connect two rooms. Customize it to fit your style with your choice of firebox liner, decorative trim kit, fire glass, or optional hand-painted ceramic fiber driftwood gas logs and stones.


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