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Top Gas Fire Pit Burner Kits

Our top-rated burner systems for custom-made & DIY gas fire pits!

If you're building a DIY fire pit, then a gas fire pit burner kit may be the simple solution you've been looking for to finish your project just the way you want.

Burner kits offer you the option to add on everything you need to complete your custom fire feature, including the ignition system, connectors and fittings, key valve, burner, pan, and media.

They save you the hassle of having to find each item separately, and you don't have to worry about the compatibility of the components!

We've compiled a list of our most popular fire pit burner kits so that you can find the perfect solution for your custom fire feature!


Each burner kit was chosen for its quality, flame presentation, ignition system, and overall ease of installation.



Square Match Lit Torpedo Burner Flat Insert - 18" by HPC

$934 & up

What Makes It Great:

The HPC Match-Lit Torpedo Burner features a tactical, Penta-shaped design with powerful raised ports to supercharge your fire and maximize the heat output. Each strategically placed port is welded to the burner, eliminating any threading on the venturi, where water and other debris can build up. The ports are even equipped with superior water drainage to help prevent the burner from rusting or corroding over time.  

Key Features:

With its durable, commercial-grade stainless steel design, the Torpedo burner is ideal for any kind of environment, from dry, arid climates to humid, coastal areas. It also arrives fully assembled and comes with all the components you’ll need for a quick and easy installation, including a whistle-free flexible gas line for Natural Gas and Propane configurations.  

Linear Trough Gas Fire Pit System with Manual Ignition - 48" by HPC

$1,473 & up

What Makes It Great:

HPC's Linear Trough Gas Burner is built for top performance and comes with everything you need to create a striking focal point in your outdoor space! Featuring an elegant design and a V-shaped pan, this burner is durable, stylish, and highly efficient. 

Key Features:

The Linear Trough Burner is constructed of 304-grade stainless steel and produces up to 90,000 BTUs of heat, making it great for large outdoor entertainment areas. The narrow trough-style pan adds to its high-rated performance and requires less fire pit media than standard rectangular burners, saving you money. 


30" Square Flat Pan Burner System by The Outdoor Plus

$412 & up

What Makes It Great:

This impressive Square Burner System by The Outdoor Plus features double the rings for double the flames! The flat pan design ensures a seamless installation, keeping the focus on the fire and the media.

Key Features:

With a heat output of 190,000 BTUs, the Square Flat Pan Burner will keep you warm while creating a mesmerizing flame presentation. It's constructed of 304-grade stainless steel for long-lasting durability and comes with an easy-to-light push-button ignition.

31" Penta Burner Fire Pit Kit by HPC

$1,222 & up

What Makes It Great:

The 31-inch Penta Burner Kit by HPC is ready to drop into your desired fire pit enclosure. The unique star shape produces a realistic flame presentation by evenly dispersing the gas flow.

Key Features:

Although it's compatible only with Natural Gas, the Penta Burner is an excellent option for permanent custom fire features. It puts out 150,000 BTUs of heat and the fire ignites quickly with the economical push-button ignition.

42" Rectangular Stainless Steel Crystal Fire Burner® by The Outdoor GreatRoom

$796 & up

What Makes It Great:

The long, linear lines and a 42-inch length of the Rectangular Crystal Fire Burner System help you achieve a sleek, modern look in your DIY fire table or fire pit.

Key Features:

Diamond fire glass media and 90,000 BTUs of heat make this Crystal Fire Burner® a great design piece and heating source. It's UL listed for safety and available in Natural Gas or Liquid Propane fuel types. Add on the optional glass burner cover to protect the burner from harsh outdoor conditions while transforming your fire feature into a seamless outdoor table.


48" Round AWEIS Fire Pit Burner System by Fire by Design

$3,126 & up

What Makes It Great:

Fire by Design's Round Burner System uses a patented All-Weather Electronic Ignition System (AWEIS) to ensure your fire will ignite and stay lit in all weather conditions. Fire by Design has combined rigorously tested technology and components to make the safest and most reliable ignition system on the market.

Key Features:

A hot surface ignition, along with flame sensing technology, maximizes the efficiency of your outdoor fire feature. The electronic ignition system enables you to light your fire pit with the touch of a button, flip of a switch, or tap on your smartphone.

40" CROSSFIRE Brass H-Burner System by Warming Trends

$2,810 & up

What Makes It Great:

Warming Trends' H-shaped CROSSFIRE Brass Burner offers an unusual flame pattern that will make an excellent addition to your custom fire pit, fire table, or landscape fire feature.

Key Features:

With a 200,000 BTU heat output, the 40-inch CROSSFIRE H-Burner provides not only a unique flame presentation but also exceptional warmth. It's manufactured in the USA from corrosion-resistant brass and comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. Choose between a standard hardwired electronic ignition system or premium AWEIS.

Linear EI Series Interlink Torpedo Burner Pan Insert – 97 x 8 by HPC

$5,413 & up

What Makes It Great:

HPC's top-of-the-line EI Series Interlock Torpedo burner insert features a 97-inch length and 200,000 BTU heat output that's perfect for creating an impressive fire feature in both commercial and residential settings. The electronic ignition system conveniently pairs with an on/off wall switch, hand-held remote control, or your smartphone! 

Key Features:

With timed shut-offs and multiple control options, the Linear Interlink EI Burner System is commercial-friendly, versatile, and easy to use. It's made from 304-grade, 18-gauge stainless steel and has 1.5-inch tall sidewalls for better media retention and rigidity. The raised T-burner and weep holes in the pan provide excellent water drainage, ensuring the burner stays dry. 


If you've been thinking about buying a burner kit to finish your custom fire pit, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Are you concerned about safety?

If you want total peace of mind while operating your gas fire pit, look for burner kits that are UL-approved, and CSA tested.

Burner kits with these approvals have undergone rigorous testing to verify that they are reliable and safe heating appliances.

Check out this article for more burner safety tips.

What is your desired BTU output?

The power for gas appliances is measured in BTUs, or British Thermal Units. BTUs tell you how much heat a gas appliance will produce (the higher the BTUs, the higher the heat output).

Whether you're using an existing gas line or are going to have one installed, your gas plumber will need to know the BTU capacity of the burner to ensure the gas line can supply a sufficient amount of gas for the burner to work correctly.

If you don't take the pipe size and BTU capacity into consideration, you could end up with low flames and poor burner performance.

How much do you want to spend?

Determining your budget upfront will help you narrow down the list of fire pit burners from which you have to choose.

It will also help to influence the type of ignition system you want (manual, push-button, or automatic), and if a custom-made burner is right for you.

What fuel type do you want to use?

It should be evident which gas type you're going to use, but there are a few exceptions. If your home is supplied with Natural Gas, but you don't have a gas line already installed at the fire pit location, it may be a better option to go with a Liquid Propane tank.

On the other hand, if you don't want to worry about running out of fuel or refilling a Propane tank, Natural Gas may be the better choice.

If you need help deciding, read up on the benefits of each gas type here.



Find out even more about outdoor fire pit burners in this in-depth article. If you'd like to talk about installation requirements or need help picking out a fire pit burner, call our team of NFI certified experts at (800) 919-1904!


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