Vacu-Stack Air Cooled Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

Item # M11600002

4.594 out of 5 Customer Rating (101) Reviews FAQs
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Vacu-Stack Air Cooled Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

Item # M11600002

4.594 out of 5 Customer Rating (101) Reviews FAQs

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Product Details

The Vacu-Stack Air Cooled Stainless Steel Chimney Cap is the premier chimney cap for solving common, wind-related draft problems. These problems often occur for homes that have hills, mountains, tall trees or buildings in the vicinity.

How it works: When wind flows around the Vacu-Stack's unique design, wind speeds increase which creates a partial vacuum. This vacuum then pulls flue gases up and out of the chimney, thus preventing wind-induced downdraft and the resulting infiltration of smoke, odor, and flue gas into your home. This cap also functions as a conventional chimney cap by protecting the chimney from rain, snow, debris, and animals. It is designed for round chimneys that are air insulated (also called air-cooled). The Vacu-Stack can also be installed on a square or rectangular chimney using the Masonry Adapter.

The optional stainless steel spark screen is required in some states. 1 inch x 1 inch is standard; smaller 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch mesh is also available.

Please be aware that any Vacu-Stack chimney cap that is larger than 12 inch will be custom made and will ship out in 1-2 weeks.

Customers from all parts of the country have had great success with the Vacu-Stack. We have found that the Vacu-Stack will solve the majority of down draft issues when they are wind-related. Customers who purchase and install the Vacu-Stack for non-wind-related issues may see an improvement, but not a complete resolution to their down draft problems. Please be aware that if you purchase and install the Vacu-Stack, it cannot be returned.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • For use with double wall and triple wall chimneys
  • Powder coat options available

Eligible for a Product Warranty
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  • Type: Metal Pipe | Wind Resistant | Single Flue
  • Installation: Slip On
  • Mesh Size: 1" | 1/2"
  • Mounting Type: Inside
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color Family: Silver
  • Color: Silver
  • Fits Flue Width/Diameter: 4" | 5" | 6" | 7" | 8" | 9" | 10" | 11" | 12" | 13" | 14" | 15" | 16" | 17" | 18"
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Free Freight Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS


Q: Will this product fit on a 6" triple wall duravent pipe? A: Yes, this cap will fit on a 6" triple wall DuraVent pipe.
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Product Reviews

Chimney cap

the Vacu-Stack worked as claimed. I live at 8800' in the Rockies foothills above Boulder. We get winter winds that have been 40-60 mph. The gusts used to cause a back draft, not anymore. Highly recommend. Great service from Woodland Direct. I ordered the stack on ebay and realized that code required 1/2 inch screens installed. One call and they shipped them right out.

Product Review

Well built product . We are satisfied with the wind cap and we are glad to have found this company's web site. The customer service personnel was full of info!

high wind cap

Since installing your Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Cap I haven't had any trouble with high wind [ I get gust at 30 to 40 mph or more ] blowing smoke back down my chimney and into my house, only I wish I would have ordered the same cap, but with the bird guard on it... Thanks for a great product it sure solved my problem. J.A. Iliff

Product Review

When the wind would blow in certain directions my house would fill up with smoke. Purchased the vacu-stack cap and installed it and haven't had a problem since. I would purchase this product again.

Vacu Stack Review

I've had one wind event since installing the vacu-stack and so far it has performed excellently and as described. Pretty big wind, and no smoke. While this is strictly a first impression, so far it's been a great addition to my wood burning experience.

Vacu-Stack Review

I have been delighted with the craftmanship and functionality of my Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Cap. It looks good on the Chimney and more importantly it does its job! Thanks and I look forward to further business with you folks.Frank Steen

Vacustack Review

What a great product. I live in Wyoing where the wind blows a steady 10 to 25mph every other day. This product works great to prevent wind comming down the stack, and also creates a vacum to increase air flow from my fireplace. I would not be able to use my fireplace without this product.

Vacu-stack Review

We never had trouble with smoke in the house from our fireplace until the big ice storm. We lost so many trees that the wind really became a factor. We live on a cliff overlooking a lake so we do get wind...alot. We had to take smoldering logs out of the house on more than one occassion because of smoke filled rooms caused by downdraft. The vacu-stack was easy to install and we haven't had a smoke problem since...and we still have the wind.

Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap Review

Good price and very fast service thanks!

vacu-stack chimney cap

I recently installed a wood stove to provide emergency heat when needed. Unfortunately, everytime the wind blew even a small amount, smoke would blow back down the chimney pipe through the stove and into the famiy room. I solved the problem with the vacu-stack chimney cap. The wood stove now draws beautifully even on very windy days and NO smoke in the room. The vacu-stack has also made it easier to light the stove as there is now a positive draw up the chimney. I would highly recommend this product in order to solve wind related smoke issues .

product review

Have been fighting smoke coming in the house for years during high winds. Have used it once in windy condictions and it seems to be doing the trick. Really looking forward to using my fireplace this year. Really easy to install as well.

Vacu Stack Cap

Easy to install, fit good, had it delivered to my door in 2 days from vendor and saved $ 200.00 compared to what I could buy it for at my local stove shop.


We live on the shoreline of Saginaw Bay. Our Fireplace Wood Stove Insert would get a downdraft when the high winds off the Bay would occur and the fire was down to coals. The Vacu-Stack had a pretty good test last night as we recieved gusty winds up to 45 mph last night. I got up at about 3 am and put some wood on the bed of coals. It took about 5 minutes for the wood to ignite. There was no downdraft, smoke or other problems as we have experience in the past. As this current storm progresses we will continue to watch the stove very carefully, but it has passed the high wind test so far. Thank You.

Wind-proof chimney cap

After much conversation with your salesman, I bought this item...the 2 separate pipes (inside for the smoke stack, from inside to outside for the fireproofing insulation). The cap system was "designed" for an outside pipe that is supported by the fireproofing insulation between the pipes. There is NO MENTION in the advertising or by your sales staff that the cap is merely suspended by the horizontal strips of stainless steel that rest upon the outside pipe. I found that my system uses a 2 inch air space instead of insulation which, evidentally is a STANDARD in the mobile home industry. Therefore, on windy days (which is what I purchased the cap for), the cap slides across the top of the outside stack in the direction of each gust causing undue pressure on the smoke stack. I am coming up with a "fix" to clamp stops to the metal horizontal strips to hold the cap in the center. Needless to say, I am disappointed in your uninformed people and in the manufacturer's instructions. I had to hire a cherry picker to put the cap on in the first place, now I need to make the above "fix" as a 67 year old man on a high roof. Also, I purchased a support bracket kit that was mounted by the guys I hired with the cherry picker... The stainless steel bolt was way too small to connect the holding strap on a 12 inch outside diameter. I had to offer a regular steel bolt which will soon rust...not too intelligent of the supplier or your company KNOWING the dimensions of my chimney. Another thing to "fix" that was bought from you!

vacu stack chimeny cap

best thing since sliced bread. awsome able to start fire with strong winds and 45 to 50 outside . used to have realy bad back draft issuses not now does every thing it says. thank you!!!!!

review on Vacustack

The Vacustack is excellent. It stopped the wind and smoke from 'backwashing' into the house, it keeps the fireplace going smooth during wind gusts, and we are at the top of a mountain ridge with a little more exposure than most homes have. We are extremely pleased with the Vacustack.

vacu stack

Product was over priced and did not work at all.

Thumbs Up!! I am extremely pleased with our high wind vent cap. There are no other companies that offer one that would fit our manufactured homes wood burning fireplace chimney. We received ours promptly and havent had a problem with down draft since, it also makes the fireplace draw much stronger. Thank you for a wonderful product! I recommend it to everyone that is having issues with a wood burning fireplace!

If my down draft problem was 100%. It solved my problem by 75%. At lest I can have a fire on more high wind days now. I'am really satisfied with the product.

Feedback on wind cap

We have a lot of wind here in the foothills and this year has been especially bad, with smoke pouring out of the stove into the house. Your cap has solved that problem. However, it did arrive bent. We straightened it out and put it on anyway. Very happy with your product.


For the past 20+ years I have been living with a smoking fireplace. We have bad downdrafts. This is the first item that has helped. It did not stop the problem completely, but is defiantly better. It is harder to clean though.

good company and service

We are very pleased with the service--and return service--we received from WoodlandDirect ! The company was patient with our mistakes in measuring. We received courteous and prompt service. We will order again from WoodlandDirect.

vacu stack

this works great !!! worth every was a 100% improvement !!

vacu stack

this works great !!! worth every was a 100% improvement !!


I've struggled for years with a stiff north wind puffing smoke out into the room from our wood stove. Vacustack worked as advertised! Wish I'd bought it sooner.

Vacu-stack Wind cap

A very well built stove cap. We have an airtight Riteway wood stove which creates a lot of creosote. We were hoping to lower the height of our pipe with this cap but still needed the height to prevent downdraft. Might have a problem down the road with creosote building up on so many surfaces on the cap but am pleased with the purchase and quality of the unit.

So far, So good

Working with the customer service team was excellent. They had all the information that I needed to make a decision. I was not sure about the size, placement and the ability for the cap to withstand a heavy wind without falling onto my neighbors’ roof here in the city. We can get some powerful winds blowing in northern Illinois at times and it only takes one to cause a lot of damage. So far everything is tight with the silicon suggestion. Also the draft up the gas converted fireplace is much improved. Cold winter area is not pouring down the chimney since I installed this product.

downdraft problem!!!

perfect product,took away our downdraft problem!will recomment any one with these problems.thanks mario.

Chimney Vent Cap

Fast shipping, nice product, very well built. Really cut down on the drafting in my chimney. Very pleased...thank you.

Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Cap for Air Insulated Chimneys

Excellent product. Great for preventing wind down draft problems. Collar has stopped the rain water from dripping down the chimney and into the house. We do not use spark arrester it would surely get clogged up faster. Periodic cleaning is necessary, it does get cresote inside the topper layers. Holds up well in cold midwest winters and full time wood stove heating.

Fireplace Vent Stack

The product works as advertised. Installation was easy and once installed the backdraft that was experienced is no longer an issue. I would recommend this product to anyone experiencing backdraft issues due to high winds.


I have had my Vacu-Stack installed for over a month now, the old stack was backdraft frequenlty allowing the room to fill with smoke. Since the installatoin of the Vacu-Stack I have not had a backdraft yet. I highly recommend this product.

Vacustack cap

Ok I'll bite cuz after putting this cap on I've never had smoke in the house even with 40+ mph winds! Drafts so much better! Was a little awkward to install evenly in the pipe. But no big deal.

sorry, can't give good review as it is working as stated! Concept sounded great. We have suffered for so many years and now that there is a small baby in the household, it needed to be corrected.....when smoke blows back, we whisk her away to a second floor back bedroom.

Well Made Chimney Cap

This is a high quality product that looks and functions great. It was easy to install and even though it needed a slight modification for my particular installation, that was simple to do. I should never need to replace this unit!


The Vacu-stack seems to have solved my occasional but serious downdraft issues...I only had problems during storms where the wind came from an unusual direction when the fire was not robust...the new vacu stack has been through several storms here and no smoke in the room at all...


Product did nothing to help with my smoke issue still have smoke and ashes coming in on breezy days.

Hi wind chimney cap

Once I rented a lift, and removed the stock simmon cap I found the screen was plug on the east side of the cap. I add another 4' section and you high wind cap fixed one the problem of smoke inside the house when windy, but now I have had 3 dead birds in the fire place and a couple at night getting stuck in the pipe. Need a screen or bird restrictor for the cap.

Vacu Stack Chimney Cap

Works great... haven't really had a problem with back draft since I installed it. Just make sure you have the size right... I was advised to get the next size up from what I actually needed... and so as I was trying to get it installed it got kinda jacked up. Once it dawned on me that they told me the wrong size to get, I sent it back and they sent me a replacement, but it wasn't a cost free mistake for my end of it. They charged me for half the original one due to the damage it received during my attempted installation and i still had to pay for the new one. That asside... it's a great product minus the billing issues.

Vacu Stack

Nagatives: Drilled into the chimney to secure to the top so I could remove it for cleaning out the stack. If it had been slotted and big enough to go on the outside I could have clamped it on as I did the one I replaced with this cap. Still getting a down draft but not as often. No instructions on best position to place this on top meaning open end or closed end facing the wind that is causing the down draft. positive: Keeps the rain from running down the chimney. Have better suction so the fire burns hotter. Well made.


Very pleased with the performance, installed easily, has thus far eliminated down drafts even with 40 mph wind gusts! 4 star rating due to the month it took to receive the Vacustack.

Works great! I hihgly reccomend it.

Vacu Stack Cap

I love this stack. I have only used it for about two week and it is great. Great draw with no back draft. The price here was great! I am very happy with this cap.

Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Cap

We installed this part on our cabin which is located on a really windy ridge in the mountains. We had been having a lot of trouble with back draft & smoke coming into the cabin. We found this by doing a "google" search. We were very happy with the speed of delivery, the ease of installation, and so far extremely happy with the results. We have only built a couple of fires since installation as it was summer, but there was no back draft or smoke. We LOVE it so far!


Normally I'm only able to use my wood stove if there is no wind. Well, I had 30mph winds last night and never once had smoke in the house, its been a long time since I've bought something that works 100% as stated. Very Please.

Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Cap for Air Insulated Chimneys

Excellent product ! No more windy days without a fire. Since the purchase of the Vacu-stack, no more down drafts. Very impressed with the design of the product.

Down draft Smoke in the house

Vac stack works great had to wait for the weather to co-operate to install. But now its on and We just had a night of high winds and the vac stack never failed no smoke inside my house solved the down draft problem .

Chimney cap

Excellent product. Very easy to install with instructions provided.


To say the Vacu-Stack is the greatest invention ever created would be only a slight exaggeration. Since installing this device we have had absolutly no smoke blowback, even in 65 mile an hour blizzard conditions. It dosen't even smoke up the room when starting a fire - it draws so well. I was skeptical at first when looking at the Vacu-Stack but am happy as can be with the product. It came quickly, was packed expertly and installed easily. 5 Stars

New Chimney Cap

Purchased a "Vacu-Stack" Chimney Cap for use on my Simpson DuraPlus Triple-Wall wood stove chimney. The Vac-Cap produces a nice draft with the highly variable high-altitude wind conditions here in the mtns. of central Colorado. My old, standard DuraPlus cap will probably end up at the metal recycling yard. The Vacu-Stack Cap has been well worth the $'s I paid for it at

Vacu Stack Wind Resistant Cap

Works as advertized. Since I installed it we have had no smoke blow-back into the house even on the windiest days!

Chimney cap

I am so glad you emailed me for a review. I have been at the end of my rope with my wood stove!! I have done everything. You were my last hope and everyone said that not even a chimney cap could solve my problem well guess what you guys did!!!!! I could not have a fire if the pressure was down, wind was blowing over 10MPH, or if it was coming out of the east. It did not matter what I did it would back draft. You guys are a life saver literally because that is why I purchased your cap because I went threw carbon monoxide poisoning. This cap should be installed on any wood stove because I have had a enjoyable fire nonstop now for at least 2 months without ANY problems. THANK YOU Woodland Direct you have made my life much more enjoyable and more importantly SAFER!


The vacu-stack is an excellent cap for your stainless chimney. I had draft issues and this unit got rid of them, even in the strongest winds

vac stack

Every pleased with vac stack.cap. The past two days has been every windy and no smoke has came back into house. So glad to have purchased the vac. stack cap Thanks to the salesmen that helped me to get the right item.

Vacu stack

Works great most of the time but still allows the occasional puffs of smoke.

Great Cap

I bought this cap on a recommendation from a local chimney sweep. I found the installation to be a very simple process. We get some heavy wind here in Eastern Arizona and consequently, occasionally smoke would get blown back into the house. Not pleasant to wake up in the middle of the night with the house smelling strongly of smoke! Since installing this cap, we've had many windy days and nights with no smoke being blown back into the house. I'm extremely happy with this chimney cap.

Vacu-Stack wind resistant Cap

Great product. Solved a lot of the problem with our fireplace - especially on the windy days. Now we can use our fireplace more often without a lot of smoke coming into the room.

Vacu-stack chimney cap

I don't think the Vacu-stack cap cured my problem, but it is much better. We have had one instance when smoke came into the room when the wind was very gusty. I'm not sure what the wind speed was. Before using the cap we couldn't have a fire if the wind speed was over 15 mph. Last night we had 22 mph gusts and it did fine. I haven't yet figured out what the maximum wind speed that it can handle at my house is.

Well built quality product.

Works great

Great retailer, great product, solved my downdraft problems.

Wind, what wind?

This cap is awesome! We live on top of a knob in Wyoming. There's frequent 50+ mph winds, and this cap always maintains a draft. It works so well that the wood actually burns faster when it is windy. It's almost a venturi type of draw with the design of the cap. We got smoked out with our old cap, so this was the upgrade to hopefully never have that happen again. I'm a believer in this product! Thanks, Woodland Direct.

Not designed properly

A waste of money. Any steady wind easily causes downdrafts and the resulting smoke fills the room. Have your engineers try their designs in the real world....not on paper.

chimney cap

Purchased new chimney cap to prevent downdraft. Cap was very easy to install but I have not fired up the wood burner yet. Once the weather turns for the worst and the wood burner is running I will have a better idea if the new cap reduces/eliminates back puffing. High winds last winter caused issues with old chimney cap. True test will come shortly when the weather changes in western Pennsylvania.


installation was a snap it works very well it stopped down draft when wind is blowing hard out of northwest 35 to 40 mph it would cut off our chimney after installing vacu-stack chimney works amazing......................................................

Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Chimney Cap

This cap has improved the way my fires burn tremendously and eliminated the back puffing I've been experiencing. I've procrastinated a long time about this product and am impressed by its performance. Quality piece and made here in the good 'ole USA!

Vacu-stack wind cap

I live on top of a hill in a windy state and this cap has met all my expectations. So far, I have been burning wood for about two months and the wind has not put out my fire in my stove. I replaced my old cap (that would spin in the direction of the wind) with the vacu-stack and it works awesome!! Last season using my old cap, I would not even think about burning on a 25-40 MPH windy day. It simply would put out my fire and fill the house with smoke. No issues and again this has met all my expectations! I actually would score this cap a 10.


Solved all my wind downdraft problems, very happy and would recommend

Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap

Wow! I was un-prepared for just how well this chimney cap performs. After reading the reviews I expected an improvement, but my expectations were defintiely exceeded. I replaced a standard Simpson Dura-vent cap, and the difference is amazing. Not only do I no longer have downdraft problems, but the positive draft in the chimney is also improved dramatically. I can't say positively, but it also seems like it has reduced issues with "cold-air block" when starting the fireplace on a cold day. By the way, I live on a very windy west facing ridge at 8700' ft elevation in Wyoming. I have a relatively short chimney (~12ft vertical).

Vacu-Stack wind resistance cap

This product has been heaven sent! We live in the middle part of Indiana, where the winds are constantly blowing, and change as often as a blink of an eye. We have had problems with the winds coming from every direction. We have had down drafts, puff backs, and smoldering smells for years. We had tried everything to fix these problems with no positive solution. We purchased the Vacu-Stack and even though we are still having a slight poblem with the south westerly winds, we are very happy that we purchased this product. What a difference! Your product was an easy fix, and I wish that we would have purchased your product sooner. Love the peace of mind that we won't wake up to a smoldering smelling house ever again. Thank you so much!

Lots of wind and I tried a few options......none worked. Then I tried the Vacu stack. Problem solved. Works great. ..I 120% recommend this product.


Excellent result stopping blow back on wood burner stove .Usually strong NW wind here in the Poconos.

Only Thing That Worked!

Just want to say this is the best down draft preventer I have found. We live on a hill top like little house on the prairie and we get up to 40 mile an hour winds here. The house used to fill up with smoke from our wood stove and we would have to open all the windows and doors and put out the fire any time we had any wind. We installed this 2 month ago and have not had a single problem with the down draft issue we had. We were to the point of thinking of un installing our wood stove, but thanks to this we plan on many more years of wood heat! Thank YOU!

Chimney Cap

Very helpful and timely on your service.

8" Vacu-Stack

Haven't got a chance to try it yet. But there should be brackets that come with it to secure it better in high winds. Fabricated my own brackets out of 1" angle iron to secure to the outer wall pipe with screws.

Well Made!

Made in America. Glad to see that! Nice and made in the good old USA. Thanks


The price and quality of this item was/is excellent. After reviewing other comments it was what I have been looking for as winds were creating problems for my wood burning stove. I have not started the fire yet , but am looking forward to a fire without smoke inside the home.

Does What it Claims!

I live in a windy area. A calm night is rare, and wind gusts as high as 60-65mph take place, and steady winds in the range of of 20 to 30mph for extended periods are not at all uncommon. With the old fluecap (just the basic style, open 360 degrees with a wrap-around screen) we had problems. With a low fire burning with the catalytic engaged, we would get smoke in the house forcing us to burn a hotter fire than necessary to create a draft to overcome the wind. With a new stove coming I was overhauling the entire flue system. I had shopped around for something to deal with the wind. As much as the moving "weather vane" style tempted me, having that up there, rattling around did not sound good, and my stove guy advised against it as well. The Vacu-Stack was the only viable choice left. I got the 8" for air-insulated flues. This morning I reloaded our old, leaky, soon-to-be replaced stove for a morning warming fire. The wind was howling pretty good, with sustained speeds of around 20 to 25 and gusts of around 40 in the area. But the VacuStack is working exactly as advertised. Even when starting the fire, and with a low amount of heat energy going up the flue, no backdraft smoke. Once the fire got going I went outside and watched the smoke coming out of the fluecap. I could actually see the way the design was pulling the smoke out of the flue. On the windward side of the cap the smoke was being pulled almost towards the wind before wrapping around the sides of the Vacu-Stack to be picked up and pushed along in the direction of the wind! Stainless steel construction, stainless steel screen, made in the USA, a lifetime limited warranty for defect(s) in material or workmanship, and it works as advertised. PS - If this does not solve your wind-related draft problems check the height of the flue above the roof. If wind vortexes can cause wind to occasionally hit the flue from opposite directions at the same time then this cap may not solve your problems and you may need to raise the height of the flue pipe above the roof line. best to consult a pro at that point.


We have battled the wind coming down into the house and causing smoke so many times. It got so we would not build a fire if the wind was blowing too hard...which was a pain since we heat primarily with wood. Since installing the Vacu-Stack we have had a fire built every day...with no problems. We would recommend this hands down!! Thanks.


Works great! Arrived quickly.


After looking online at the product and reviews, there is usually a little bit of doubt if the product will work as stated. Upon talking to a sales representative and having some questions answered, decided to purchase the cap. We usually have no problem with down-drafts but this is dependent of wind direction which would have to be from the Northeast. I can honestly say that in the past week and a half, we would have had to "baby sit" the stove or not burn it at all with the wind speed and direction of the wind that we had. We kept the stove going thru all this and not even a trace of smoke in the house especially over this past weekend when we had our first "Nor'Easter" The Vacu-Stack wind resistant cap certainly did it's job and then some. I would highly recommend this cap to anyone that has a problem with down-drafts.

Vacu Stack Cap

Wow I wished we knew about this about 7 yrs ago My husband and I have fought with the back puffing for that long until we ordered it and put it on I recommend if anyone else is having this problem it is a sure cure thanks so much for designing this wonderful cap .


The last blizzard with wet snow and 50+mph winds, the back side of the standard cap with the square holes plugged with slush, causing a down draft nightmare opening doors and windows to let the air (and blizzard) in to get the updraft back. Lots of cleaning soot, shampooing, etc. from the inside of the house Ordered the Vacu-Stack. Procrastinated install due to back injury/treatment. Today, got hit with another slushy snow blizzard with 50+mph winds, and started getting another downdraft. Despite objections from the wife, I got up on the roof from the down-wind side of the house, and stuck the new Vacu-stack in place. Unbelievable!! The updraft turned my fireplace into a blow torch with vents open. Can shut the vents down with no worry of down-draft when the heat flow & updraft decreases. What an amazing difference, instantly!! But don't wait for a blizzard to install your new cap.

Vacu Stack

Great customer service and super product.

Looks well constructed. Shipped and arrived quickly. looking forward to using it this fall.


all installed but have to wait 4 cold weather to see how it performs as it is 88 degs. today. i am hoping they perform well as i have $500 invested not counting my labor


Quick shipping. Nice quality, USA made product.

Vacu stack

Looks grate Works great


I found the vac u stac easy to install and the draw I've received so far is great. The real test will come when I have a East wind. So far I'm pleased!

Chimney Cap

Product looks like it is well made. Hope it works as good as it looks.


so far so good, haven't had a back puff even on the windiest days. The installation was very easy and the fit is great. Have been telling family/friends about this. Thought it to be a little pricey but now I see it well worth the price.

Vacu-Stack Topper

I had nothing but troubles with smoke coming into the house when I opened the wood stove to feed the heat. Put this on, and no more smoke. Awesome. High quality, and now when I look up, I think about Moscow. Looks great!

High Wind Chimney Cap

During windy days I couldn't have my wood burner going in my barn because the wind would blow down the flue and billow smoke throughout the barn. Installed a damper, but this didn't help much...Installed the "Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Cap for Air Insulated Chimneys" and the problem was solved...Great product!

Vacu-Stack Review

I am an indoor air quality specialist, so I have some tools that others may not have. Wind downdrafts, high gusty winds caused our wood stove to puff large amounts of gases and smoke into the living space. We couldn't use wood stove to heat. Particulate counts in our house at that time were over 57,000 per each quart of air. Much more normal readings are under 1000. Since the installation of the Vacu-Stack, our air particulate readings are always well under 1000, mostly in the 300-400 range. Does it work? Yes! We are using our wood stove again, even with wind gusts of over 25 mph, can breathe clean air in the house. Thank you so very much!


This product has fixed our problem. Thank you so much we can now use our fireplace.

Vacu Stack

We used to be hesitant to start the woodstove on windy gusty days. The VacuStack has solved those problems. We have not had a puff of smoke come back into the house since I installed it. Actually the more windy, the more it drafts. Highly recommend. Seems better than the cap that spins around. Certainly quieter.

Great Chimney Cap

Installed and the back draft is gone.


Works great. Fixed all my smoke problems. Great people to deal with. Very helpful


We have a fireplace that was installed over 20 years ago, and it never drafted well enough to use it. I had decided to replace the chimney with an expensive insulated one ($2000). Before going to that expense, I decided to try this product first. I called to order, so I got the right one. Customer service was excellent, and the product solved my problem. We are now able to use the fireplace. Very satisfied. Thank you Woodland


I've owned a vacustack in the past, so I knew the function. You guys got it here very fast and in good shape! Thanks for the service.

Chimney Cap

Excellent Product, Happy costumers