Vacu-Stack Solid Pack Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

Item # M11600001

4.495 out of 5 Customer Rating (182) Reviews FAQs
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Vacu-Stack Solid Pack Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

Item # M11600001

4.495 out of 5 Customer Rating (182) Reviews FAQs

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Product Details

The Vacu-Stack Solid Pack Stainless Steel Chimney Cap is the premier chimney cap for solving common, wind-related draft problems. These problems often occur for homes that have hills, mountains, tall trees or buildings in the vicinity.

How it works: When wind flows around the Vacu-Stack's unique design, wind speeds increase which creates a partial vacuum. This vacuum then pulls flue gases up and out of the chimney, thus preventing wind-induced downdraft and the resulting infiltration of smoke, odor, and flue gas into your home. This cap also functions as a conventional chimney cap by protecting the chimney from rain, snow, debris, and animals. It is designed for round chimneys that are not air insulated (also called air-cooled). The Vacu-Stack can also be installed on a square or rectangular chimney using the Masonry Adapter.

The optional stainless steel spark screen is required in some states. 1 inch x 1 inch is standard; smaller 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch mesh is also available.

Please be aware that any Vacu-Stack chimney cap that is larger than 12 inch will be custom made and will ship out in 1-2 weeks.

Customers from all parts of the country have had great success with the Vacu-Stack. We have found that the Vacu-Stack will solve the majority of down draft issues when they are wind-related. Customers who purchase and install the Vacu-Stack for non-wind-related issues may see an improvement, but not a complete resolution to their down draft problems. Please be aware that if you purchase and install the Vacu-Stack, it cannot be returned.

Designed for use with:

  • Single wall chimneys
  • Masonry chimneys
  • Solid pack insulated chimneys
  • Class-A chimneys
  • B vent chimneys

Eligible for a Product Warranty
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  • Type: Single Flue | Metal Pipe | Wind Resistant
  • Installation: Slip On
  • Mesh Size: 1" | 1/2"
  • Mounting Type: Inside
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color Family: Silver
  • Color: Silver
  • Fits Flue Width/Diameter: 3" | 4" | 5" | 6" | 7" | 8" | 8" Oval | 9" | 10" | 11" | 12" | 12" Oval | 13" | 14" | 15" | 16" | 17" | 18"
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Free Ground Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS


Q: We need a new high wind chimney cap for our 8" chimney pipe. I see this one has great reviews, and I am very interested. However, I couldn't find a size listed in the specs. Will this chimney cap fit an 8 inch chimney pipe? We have a wood burning stove. A: Thank you for your question! The Vacu-Stack is available in a variety of sizes, including 8-inches. To find the correct size for your chimney, please see the sizing guide listed under the "Additional Resources" section above. If you need further assistance, please call one of our NFI certified experts at 800.919.1904.
Q: Does this chimney cap fit over pipe or into pipe? A: This chimney cap is made to fit the inside of the your flue pipe.
Q: Will this cap work inverted? A: No, it must be where the wind can contact it in order to correct negative drafting issues.
Q: Does this cap rotate or is it stationary? A: This cap is stationary, it has no moving parts.
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Product Reviews


Recieved product promptly and appreciate the quality, This cap has done what it was said to do, I will purchase from woodland direst for my future needs. again thanks so much. It is a pleasure to deal direct with professionals.John Bouchard

chimney cap

my customer was more than satisfied with your vacu-stack chimney cap, since he had a very serious problem with a down-draft. he is very pleased with your product as well as me. your service was incredible and i expect to be doing business with you again. thank you ever so much!

Works great

Works great in the wind solved that problem, now I have to figure out what to do on a 40 degree calm rainy heavy air day. anyway I love the vacu-stack Dan Wolfe

Vacu Stack Works!

I live in an open area, unprotected from most NW or N winds. Until I installed the Vacu Stack, I could not run my wood burning stove when there was more than a 5mph wind. For the last two days, the wind has been 20mph from the North and not a single puff of smoke!

Review of Vacu-stack 8 inch

Product is made of high quility material and the craftsmanship is second to none. So far I am very pleased with my purchase. Sandy Aubertine


Very good product, service was good Thank you for your help Bob Ottenmiller

Vacu-stack Chimney Cap

Product is simple but effective for it's intention. Installation instructions are confusing with better clarity needed.

Vacustack Chimney Wind Resistant Cap

We live in the front range above Colorado Springs, CO at 8600' and experience extremely high winds. We have been unable to use our fireplace when it's windy due to blow back of smoke in the house. This product has solved the problem!

Vacu-stack wind cap

Well, I wasn't sure that this would work. After living here for 6 months, burning more recently as Winter came, the house never seemed to be clear of smoke, especially when higher outside winds were present. Ever since installing the Vacu-Stack, my house has had zero smoke (which I thought was strange because the Vacu-stack was intended to resist 'the winds' mostly). IN fact, High winds or no winds, my wood burning stove works ten times better NOT allowing any smoke in the house now! Yes, I'm thrilled. LKL

Vacu Stack Review

Works just like they said it would, fixed my problem.

6" Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Chimney Cap Score

I just installed it yesterday, just before a snow storm.It seem to be working fine as expected, no back drafts in my chimney cause I can't smell the oil, fuel like before.Excellente product.

Vacu stack review

We could not be happier with this purchase! We were having terrible problem with back draft due to wind and the product worked like a charm. No more smoke in the house. We joke and tell our friends that we've decided to quit smoking :) Thank you so much.

5" Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Chimney Cap Reivew

After several years in a row with pilot light going out, and having broken pipes, pumps, and wet floors; The Vacu-Stack seems to have solved my problem. We've had a very cold winter in north central Pennsylvania with several days and nights in the single digits. We've had high winds and ice storms. The pilot light has been going all winter. This gas furnace heats a camp that I only visit once or twice a month. I need reliable heat source. Thanks

vacu-stack review

As advertised the vacu-stack performed as stated.I'm no longer plagued by downdrafts which brought smoke into the home which gave us flu like symptons. Your price was way below the other three dealers I contacted so I'm happy that I went with you folks.Until my next purchase take care and thanks for the great service and product.

Woodstove cap

As advertised, quick service, excellent telephone response to our questions. Good job. Would buy from you again.

Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Chimney Cap

This is how it's done! Product shipped same day it was ordered. Tracking was super simple. Order arrived on time and packed well. Best of all, cap was easy to install. All this was done in a very courteous manner. Thank you Woodland Direct.


Excellent company. Product received in a timely manner (even to Alaska). Price is very, very competitive even with shipping. I will definitely shop here for my woodstove needs.

8" Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap

I was having problems with "puffing" inside the house especially when the wind was blowing. I purchased the Vacu-Stack and installed it 4 days ago and I have already noticed an improvement in draft and I have had no back-puffing since. I have only had it installed a short time, but it appears to have solved my draft problems--even when the winds are calm.

top chimney

I receive the top on time very satisfied with the product and the fast delivery,thank you.

Would've been a higher score but...

The chimney cap is fine but the purchase interaction was disturbing. The listing clearly said "Free Shipping" but Woodland Direct's checkout added it anyway. Four emails got no response, then WD canceled the transaction. A call to eBay resulted in eBay offering to pay the shipping, which they did, so I went ahead and re-bought the item. Looks like a reputable company but there seems to be an ogre in the works somewhere.

VacuStack 8"

We received the VacuStack in a timely manner. We recently built a rocket stove. It is a high efficiency wood burning stove with a horizontal flue incased in a mud mixture called cob. It exits out the north wall of our home. It worked great until the north wind picked up. Smoke started backing up into the room. Installing the VacuStack IMMEDIATELY solved the problem and we are relieved. I will forward some photos to give a better idea of our situation in case you ever have an inquiry of this type. Thanks for a great product.


Shipping was prompt and product was as expected. Thanks!


This is a very good product that performs as advertised. We installed two on our residence, and now have purchased four more for our commercial property.

I purchased this because during windy days my stove will blow smoke out of the vents when the wind blows down the flue. Installed this sucker and have not had any complaints.Only thing I don't like is I clean the flue from the top down and am going to need to remove it each year.A note for WoodlandDirect:You guys ever hear of double boxing? It took me 30 min to bend this thing back into shape after FedEx got it to my door! Some proper packing would be nice!



I recently purchased the 6" Vacustack beacuse we have such bad downdrafts. We live in the foothills if the Rockies and have very strong winds and are surrounded by mountains. So far, so good. We have had some strong winds with no downdrafts so far. We'll have much stronger winds this winter, so it will get a work out. At this point, though, I think it will be fine.On the other side, there are a couple things to be aware of before you buy. First, it fits on the INSIDE of the chimney. This means that the top of your insulated chimney pipe is exposed allowing water to get at the insulation. I made a collar to fit over the top of the pipe, but this would add an expense for many, but don't leave it exposed! Aluminized chimney tape would work too, but replacement would be needed periodically. Second, the cap needs to be "secured" inside the chimney with silicone sealant (not supplied). This also should have been thought through a bit better. You'll need to cut it off and replace it every time you clean the chimney. Once again, I made a permanent solution by attaching a gasket around the pipe. If I can think of these things, the engineers should have too.But, it is very well made and looks like it will last many years. I think it is a good value (I paid $99 including shipping) and I'd buy one again. Just remember it will take some extra time and material to properly install it.

vacu-stack chimney cap

all i can say is it works like a charm we had winds up to about 20mhp yesterday thier was no smoke smile in my shop . best money i have spent thank you Richard Stroup


Good product.Easy to install.Works fine to 35 mph wind.Efficiency droppedat higher than 40-45 mph, which is frequently the case here on the coast.

VSS-06 & AD-06

I am very pleased with the vacu-stack, I am still getting a little bit of smoke with strong gust , but other than that it works very well. I was very displeased with the instructions . The parts for the adapter all came thrown in a box, with no instructions on where the washers or nuts go. Thanks.

vacu-stack chimney cap

I live at 8,000 feet at the foot of a 12,000-foot mountain. In certain wind conditions the canyons channel the wind and it gets fierce and relentless -- the anemometer at the school has clocked to 140 mph, and 60+ is commonplace here. Since installing the vacu-stack we haven't had a single back-puff -- though we haven't had a real hurricane-velocity test yet. I'm pretty impressed. The downside is it really does force-draw your wood stove, so you take a hit in thermal efficiency. But that's better than smoke in the house.

Chimney cap

I found WOODLANDIRECT to be a very plesant internet shopping experience...particulary a person named Steve; he was very helpful. I will definitely use WOODLANDDIRECT again.

chimney caps

OUTSTANDING!! Nice product. Nobody gets a "5" in my world but there was nowhere to add a + sign (as in "4+") and it wouldn't have done it justice to just give it a "4".., so nice goin' guys, you earned it!! That goes for the product AND the people at Woodland. A real good experience in this day and age of "just give us the money & we'll do the minimum for ya, at best!!!" Please don't let this revue go to your heads, maintain your professionalism!!

Vacu Stack

It does exactly as described. Since fitting the Vacu-stack i have had no problems with windy days. My boiler used to get blown out by wind all the time but now no problems at all. Highly recommended if you have wind problems

Water in the flue

After installing your chimney cap it rained the next day and I was getting a considerable amount of water in the fireplace coming down the chimney flue. Only thing that changed was installing the new chimney cap. Have you had any other complaints about this?

VacuStack Cap

Item received as promised in about a week. Definitely a no hassle transaction, even better than eBay.Cheers to all of you at Woodland Direct.

Vacu stac

I am very happy with the chimney cap i purchased. now i dont have to keep my fire blazzing to prevent down draft. who would have thought somthing so simple would work but it does. my house is backed up to a field and i get 40 to 50 mph winds and havent had a problem. ive tried other chimnay caps that deflect the wind and they dont work. this is the true problem solver.

VacuStack Chimney Cap

This chimney cap really works. I replaced a conventional chimney cap that rapidly quit drafting because of soot accumulation. This chimney cap is designed to draft exceptionally well even in difficult areas such as next to a steep mountainside (my application). It is very easy to install. I checked all the products on the market and decided this chimney cap is the best. I am delighted with my purchase.

Vacu Stack cap

we live in high wind area and this is our 2nd vacu-stack cap, works great.


The transaction went smoothly and the salesperson I spoke with guided me away from the wrong part and right to the cap that fit correctly. However,, he assured me this was the best cap on the market for eliminating my down draft problem and it is even worse than the original spinning cap that was on. Before it took a strong wind to have smake backing up into the house and this cap allows smoke to push back into the house with a lot less wind.

Vacu Stack

The unit was very easy to install and It works great

chimney cap

this is the best thing for problem wood stove. i have done everything under the sky to try to get my stove to work right from outside air vent , this cap really helped make things work great. if you have any problem with your wood stove this can help. I have a clay liner and i had to get the adaper it worked out great


The product helped our smoke isues but didn't cure them, certain wind gusts still get smoke in the house. I think we are going to need to build something custom to extend our brick chimney farther up.

6" vacu-stack model VSS

the 6" vacu-stack dropped loosely into 6" masonry chimnet adapter, 1/4" gap all the way around where it was supposed to be a" snap in" fit, I called woodland service rep. to have him check other stock, they were all the same.He told me I could return it. Upon closer inspection , the round portion of the stack was spot welded with the over lap joint tappered , giving the bottom end tapper too small of diameter to fit right.I broke spot welds loose, aligned it properly and used stainless rivets to fasten it back together, with a spot of hi-temp silicone to seal all joints.It seems to be working well, just poor workmanship and quality control in manufacturing.

vacu stack wind cap

excellent service & work

Product/Service review

Service and delivery were very good except for price of delilvery of course. Unfortunately the chimney cap did not fit my 6" metalbestos. I gave specific dimentsion and description of my chimney pipe however instead of getting 6" diameter I got about 5 1/2" which allowed too much play. Finally, I was refunded the cost of the cap but not the shipping and I was left with a cap that I cannot use. The cap looks like a quality product I wish I could use it. Don


For 26 years we've fought downdrafts for our woodstove. We tried 'Liverpool Caps" which worked most of the time, but not all the time. We're on the side of a mountain and 45 knot winds are not unusual (and they seem to aim right at our metalbestos chimney!). Since installing the Vacu-Stack, even in high winds, we've no problem at all. Great design! We can even burn the woodstove with the glassed front door wide open and not worry about downdrafts.

wind resistance

We live in a high wind area (40-50MPH is not uncommon) and, after losing our old cap in a gale two years ago, we were getting pretty discouraged with the caps we tried. .We purchased the wind guard vacuum cap with the screens, and for the first time in two years, we can have a fire without dealing with downdrafts. The heat has to build up in the chimney before it draws in a high wind, but once you get it going, it works like a champ. It is well worth the investment , and the only drawback is that it draws almost too well, and the stove has to be dampered down to prevent overheating.

Vacu-stack Chimney Cap

This is an excellent product. I live in a high wind area, and had problems with the chimney backdrafting. The vacu-stack has completely eleiminated the problem. Easy installation-even in the winter.

You people handled me very good, I ordered the wrong size and you gave me credit for the right one. The vacustack works very well, I had a down draft problem and it solved it good product thank you jim

vacu stack

This is a amazing product I live in the mountains and have a lot of wind people said we always smelled like smoke. The vacu stack solved the problem of downdraft.awsome product thank you jim

6" vacu-stack

I live on the lake (windy) and lots of trees for shade with a steep roof and side mount chimney. I had smoke puffing before I got the vacu-stack. Not now! I was leary that it would work but the darn thing works! It seems to work better the harder the wind blows. Thanks , Dean

Happy Overall

I purchased this becuase we were having draft issues. However, this didn't fix the problem as well as I hoped. Some of the reviews on here said that it helped even without wind, it hasn't done that at my house. I have noticed that when the wind is blowing (hard) outside, it does create more of a draft. People on the phone, trying to help me decide what I needed to get, were very nice and helpful.

Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Chimney Cap works dont think by it My chimny is so twisted (%120)and house is next to large trees that wind comes on top of the chimeney before a lot of pufs now noting

vacu stack

best thing I ever purchased, Our pilot kept going out , has not since we bought the vacu stack. Thanks Soooo Much!!

Chimney cap

The turbine style cap has worked just fine 4 me. The only way I could think to make it better would be to have it go arround in the wind, then we would have perfection. Other than that it is a great thing and to top it off it is made in the U. S. A.

Vacu-stack cap

East wind has always blown down the water heater pipes enough to put out the pilot light, for years. Tried everything, put on the vacu-stack 6 months ago and only one time the light blew out! Wasn't cheap, but it's the only thing that has worked!

chimney cap

for some reason the cap leaked, also with all the surface area on the cap it collected a lot of soot, The hot air coming out of the chimney would condense and it would drip soot on the roof as well. I just replaced it and threw it in the trash after one season

downdraft diverter

improved the performance of our smoker by almost 100%.Hardly any instances of pilot light going out due to downdraft.

Wind resistent chimney

Great product. Great service

vacu stack wind chimney cap

The product did not fit into my chimney. It was about 1/16 diameter too large. I had to cut the sleeve and bend to get it into the chimney. Also no rain guard to keep the rain out of the chimney. I had to cut the guard off my old cap and screw it onto your cap. Then I used some siliocone to seal it. Also my old cap had a quick turn screw feature to lock it onto the chimney. This one had nothing like that. I suggest you try to buy some insulated chimney flue and try it yourself. It is summer now so I do not know if the wind resistant part will work.

Chimney Cap

Received very good advice from company. Cap fit perfect. Improved drafting of my chimney. Highly recommend this company and product.


Was Very inpressed with this. Tryed it out on a windy day and the only problem i had was keeping my match lit to start the fire. Before i always had a draft in the woodstove that would smoke up the basement. But not anymore. Price was fair. The shipping department could use some help. No info on shipping and No email on a tracking number like they said i would get. Would buy from again!

vac cap

I live in a high mtn valley in the norther rockys, have high wind and bad down drifts, this cap work great not only did it take care of the down drifts, help with the draw as well, and the servive was out standing!!!!!!

Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap

It is absolutely the best it has solved our problems.

Chimney Cap

Our fireplace was useless if was windy of raining out. The day we tried it was windy and raining. Works great.

Anti Downdraft Chimney Top

The product arrived quickly, and works very well. We had problems with smoke down-drafting from our wood burning stove into our home when the winds were high. Our roof is high pitched, and our ceiling is 20 ft. This has virtually eliminated the problem.

Vacu-Stack Cap

This cap has helped greatly with the wind related issues I was experiencing due to tall trees close to my house. The wind used to blow the smoke down to the roof but now the smoke seems to get away from the chimney and roof. I'm from Canada but was able to do a pick up at their warehouse just across the border. Their customer service was excellent. I was greeted at the warehouse with a smile and asked if I had any questions about installation. Extremely happy with this purchase.

how it worked

The chimney cap reduced the amount of back draft, but did not eliminate it when strong wind was from one direction.

Solve Wind Draft Problem

I live on in a mtn pass on a hill side that is higher than my house. The purchased the 12" Vacu-Stack and it works most of the time. I have alot of wind and unless I keep the fire extremely hot, it pk, If NOT, SMOKE COMES in. Last night I wanted to go to Bed and the fre was tring to go out and I had to remove the smking ember LOG 8" in Dia 18" long to my driveway and put water ont it as the smoke was coming in. It really smoked really smoked removing it and carring it outside thu the house. I poured water on itt as to not ignite the woodled are sourding my home. Please contact me to try and resolve my problem with your product

No difference

I couldn't tell a difference after installing this chimney cap. I've had problems with back drafts blowing smoke back into my house. I filled out the form and faxed it in a week or more ago, but have not received a response. Tommy 817-994-2559


I am writing this at my husband's urging, since he has been short on time. The vacustack we purchased from you seemed to work okay at first. When we installed it, it didn't seem to fit as tight as we thought it might even though we ordered the correct size. As there were no instructions with the product and my husband being an independent contractor in the past thought, "How hard can it be?" Perhaps we should have called you right away for customer support. We have basically a 30 foot chimney (2-story old home with attic) so need lots of draw. We usually burn pretty hot fires. And though my brother's vacustack (he recommended it to us) looks shiny and new, ours quickly became black and gummy. The chimney was clear, by the way, because we had to check it after discovering that when we opened the stove doors it was starting to let smoke move into the room. We realize that there are many things to consider about diagnosing the problem. But we became so frustrated and disillusioned with all the smoke coming in (some of that was due to the old house not being airtight, of course), that we took the vacustack off and just went on as before----coughing and suffering as best we could. I cannot take another winter of that and am glad warm weather is (hopefully) here to stay. But I think my husband believes he has wasted his money. Feedback would be welcomed. --------Sincerely, VLJ


The product solved my problwm and worked the way the company said it would. Great product!

Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant chimney Cap

This product did not work for me at all.

Vacu-Stack wind deflector

Very well built product. Easy to install. We've not noticed a single downdraft through the chimney into the stove since installing this. Definitely seems to be doing the job.

chimney cap

This cap does all it says. Since I have installed this smoke kickback has decreased greatly. We had several weeks recently of very windy days, Sandy after affect in Ohio 35 55 substained winds, after that another three days of 25 to 35 mph winds and little if any smoke kickback. This really made a difference for us. Thanks Jerome

Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap

Works great ! ! ! We have heavy winds and rain frequently and the stronger the wind the more draw the chimney has. We don't get that smoke blow-back anymore.

Vaccu-Stack wind stack cap

This is our second vaccu stack cap . The first lasted many years because of it being stainless. We are replacing it now because the wind and removing it to clean stack has taken its toll. The problem is the arched wind deflectors are attached with only one bolt to the side of the stack which allows it to move and eventually crack/break at the stack. On the new one we just bought, I riveted the arches together at the top of stack where they cross each other. This ties them all together and strengthens wigs by connecting them into a single-unit which cannot flex with wind or handling. The vaccu-stack does a great job in keeping down drafts out of the chimney and causing smoke at the stove.

Wind Protection Chimney Top

This item saved us this winter. No snow, dry forest and 40 - 60 mph winds for 2 weeks. We did have to screw it into place after blowing off, but it allowed us to use our outdoor wood burning boiler in severely adverse conditions. It arrived 2 days before the windstorm! I need one for he house stove now! Without it, I would have had to shut down the boiler & use my furnace.... I love this thing!

vacu-stack chimney cap


Solved my problem

I had huge issues with a strong north wind blowing down my metal stove pipe and filling my house with smoke. This cap solved the problem. Great product.

backdraft smoke

this product was a fix for smoke in the house, my wife loves me again!


worked as promised, no more backdrafts thru door. fit well in our stainless liner. we are very happy with our purchase. thanks, jim &diana

High Wind Chimney Cap Rocks

I love it. It was worth every penny. I am surprised it is not standardized to install this chimney cap on every wood burning system.

wind cap

reduced wind blowback at least 75 % and drafts much better. only in high gusty winds do we get occassional blowback

Vacustack cimney cap and adapter

My house is the NC mountains and is very windy. cap working as advertised and relatively easy to install myself. Not the prettiest cap I've seen but sure beats smoke in the house. I painted mine flat black with heat resistant paint before I installed it which helps the look.

Chimney cap

Smoke still comes into house :/ not as bad but still an issue!

vac u stack

We purchased this product because we have been getting down drafts and getting smoked out, since we installed it we haven't had any further episodes. Thank you for a quality product that works. Sincerely Doug

chimney cap

This cap has helped a lot. While it doesn't work a 100% of the time, it has improved our situation by 90%. Where we couldn't light a fire when any wind was blowing, now we heat primarily with our woodstove and only on the windiest of days do we have to turn on the furnace. Our chimney is far too short and we have many very large trees that adversly affect down drafts. All in all this product saved our winter. Thanks.

Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Chimney Cap

It works. If it didn't I would have returned it.

It was a easy instalation, hope it will work well. We will see next year.


We haven't had the product long enough in stove season to give it a definitive test, but at least once or twice, it still back-drafted. I was hoping for better, but we may need to add a section to the chimney.


Chimney Cap

Great product. The dowdraft has been eliminated. The fireplace is now very quiet when it is windy. I would buy it again however i would pick the one with the screen to prevent bird nesting.

Great product

This is well built and easy to install. It looks good. I did add a couple of stainless self drilling screws to make sure it stays attached to the adapter as I am not confident that silicone alone will hold it in place long term. The adapter was a little over sized. We had to modify it to make it fit the flue.

vacu-stack wink resistent chimney cap

The web sight was easy to use. Shipping was a little shower to get out then i would have hoped but the custumer service on the phone was direct, helpful and professional. All the review on the product i ordered were very good and it was worked as advertized. This winter with the wind we get off the water will tell all. So far fantastic.

Review for Vacu Stack 6" dia chimney cap

I purchased this item not because I had a problem with downdrafts, but because I had a problem with water coming down my metal pipe chimney due to wind driven rain. I live in the middle of a treeless farm. After numerous wind and rain storms, I have not had one drop of water enter the stack or any issues with draft. Great design, easy installation.

I got this cap because I live in the mountains and we get strong wind in the winter.this is the third different one I cost a little more but worth it . I haven't had any back drafts since.if any one reads this before buying this product its the best you can buy


I finally have peace of mind knowing I won't wake up to a house full of smoke. My old stack was wind driven but would get stuck into the wind; it is part of the landfill now! A lot of our cabooses had the same design for the caboose heater, so you know it has to work. (UPRR) I hope 5 is the best.

Vacu Stack chimney cap

This item is very well made and worth the price. The customer service is excellent and friendly and they handled the slight problem I had with the wrong size immediately, by sending a replacement. They also sent a label for return of the wrong size item. I recommend this company highly and would definately order from them again!!

vacu stacked wind resistiant chimney cap

I waited till we had a really cold spell to evaluate. We have been troubled with down drafts in our wood burning furnace for years - especially during frigid temps. I am happy to say, even with -10 degree temps, no down drafts. I couldn't be happier with this product/purchase.

Vacu stack

We installed the vacu stack, but it doesn't seem to work. Not sure what we could have done wrong, but the wind comes down the chimney just as fast as it has before. Still, I cannot light the stove when it's windy. I should probably return it and ask for a refund. PS. I entered 3 for a value, because I did not know if 1 is very good or very bad. It doesn't say.

Exceeded my expectations. Works great in the wind as advertised. No more back draft!

easy to install, helps with down draft

Vacu Stack Wind Resistan Chimney Cap

This product is well made and best of all it works as advertised. I had problems with my pellet stove losing vacuum with frequent high winds. This cured the problem. Well worth the money


The Vacu-stack wind resistant cap works as it is supposed to. It solved all our problems with the wind coming down the chimney. The installation was a little harder than it should have been. It did not fit into the chimney as it should have. It was too tight a fit to go all the way down.


Delivery was quick and packaged very well. Installation was easy and as described on your website. The item functions just as listed. Quality is outstanding and the price very fair for type of material.

my review of wind resistant cap


Vacustack Chimney

My new chimney is the talk of our neighborhood. It works great in our windy mt. location. Futuristic appearence. Confusing draw in the calm.

Vaccustack chimney cap

Product did not provide any improvement with the smoke back drafting into the house during high wind conditions. I would not recommend this product to anyone. The simple cap that was installed on the chimney when it was built had the same results with back drafting and was a lot less $$$$. I would ask for my money back, but the product is used now.

Turbine Wind Cover for Chimney

The cover works great. We don't have the wind blowing down the stack, and I would highly recommend this product.


While there is some improvement, our wood burning stove still had times, often a whole day, that smoke billowed into our house, so we're still not "there" on having an easy to use wood stove.

Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Chimney Cap

This chimney cap is terrific. We just put it on and had a storm with wind gusts of up to 70mph, with no problems. Before this the wind would come down the chimney and blow smoke into the house. Thank you for this great item.

Vent Cap

I purchased a wind resistant vent cap and my problem of eliminating down drafts was solved. I live on Lake Ontario and the winds are sometimes extreme, but I am totally pleased with my purchase.

Best Money Spent

We recently purchased this cap hoping to help with the back puffing we were dealing with last year. It has eliminated it completely. We live on a hill top and get high winds. Not a problem now. I highly recommend this product!


I own a 50yr old home with 75ft or taller trees around the house. We have always had draft issues. This new Vacu-Stack solved all our issues, It was easy to install. Now no more back drafts or puffs of smoke out of the stove. We love it.

Chimney Wind Guard

This product really works. I live in an area with gusty wind, and had severe and annoying smoke blowing down the chimney which this cap cured entirely. Installation was straightforward, thanks to the company's specialist helping me determine proper dimensions and mounting accessories. Highly recommended if you have smoke backing down your chimney.

Vac U Stack

I have a fireplace insert and a standing chimney, exposed on all sides from 6' above the fireplace to 15' at it's top. I've tried all manners of creating draft, from a dual wall liner to extending the height of the chimney itself. Nothing has done the job that this Vacustack has done. It hasn't made a forge out of my stove, but it has allowed us to successfully use the stove for heat this winter without being smoked out every time you open the door. The Vacustack was money well spent....Thank you!

Wind cap

Nor'easter winds are no longer a problem while using your chimney cap. A large investment in time (self installed) and money, are now a project with many happy returns. Thank You


The cap works great but, I have a block chimney with 1" thick round stone sleeve and the pipe on the cap was just about the same size around as the. Stone therefore I had to make a piece that slid inside the cap pipe and inside my chimney.

8" Vaccu-Stack

After tolerating 23 years of down draft cause by trees in vicinity and trying my own shade tree engineering to no avail, I chanced this cap and was surprised at how well it works. It doesn't however stop the down draft 100%. In high and swirling wind gusts of 18 mph and over coming from the W to NW over the tree tops, it will create a slight puff now and then but mostly when the 6" (single wall) flew pipe and stove are still cold from first start. Before the install, the wind would fill the house with smoke and we had to open all doors to vent it out. Would like to eliminate that too but not sure if possible. In short though, this cap was worth every penny spent on it.

Vacu Stack - 8"

As skeptical as I was, I have to say I'm amazed at how well this cap solved my back drafting problem. I have a tall tree line and on really windy days it seemed like the wind blowing over the trees came back down on my chimney even though it was installed correctly for height vs distance from roof. I haven't had any problems since installing this cap.

Vaccustack doesn't work

I purchased the Vaccustack flue cap for backdraft during northwest wind. The unit did not help the backdraft problems. Money down the drain. I have no complaint with your business but the product simply did not work.


Excellent product. Stops downdrafts and works as a rain cap also. Well worth the money, very well constructed.


Works great, it definitely solved the problem.

Great Chimney Cap

We had lots of problems with the wind forcing smoke back into out wood stove. My wife did not appreciate the smokehouse atmosphere. We live in a very windy area and have not had one issue since installing this cap.


Did not seem to do much good to draw smoke up the chimney. I do not see any of the landmarks mentioned in the material, so I do not understand why the chimney has such poor draw. Several other homes in the area have the same problem.

Chimney cap

The best product out there for cantankerous and shifting winds

stopped the back puff'n

Custome complained about back puffing. Due to roof pitches, on the house, and sorrounding houses, i thought , that was the cause ! of it ! After installing the VACU STACK, The problem was solved !! Only took a couple days to get it shipped here, and was very easy to order, online !! THNX. WILL USE YOU NEXT TIME I NEED SOMETHING IN THIS FIELD ! !

Great Product

This is a great product, down drafts have stopped, and no smoke in the house. Very happy with this product.


Product arrived quickly, great price, easy install, does exactly what it backdraft, and solves the wind issue. Neighbors are now asking questions and looking to buy!


Works better than expected. I had my doubts, but absolutely works perfectly. No more down drafts. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a chimney!!!!! This should be offered for sale in all the big box stores!!

Vacu-Stack Wind Resitant Chimmey Cap

So glad that we found your website, and discovered this chimney cap. It solved our problem with the trees around us and the wind. Now after years in our home we can enjoy our fireplace, we got it just in time for the winter cold and the holidays to begin.


somewhat helpful but did not eliminate or live up to hype.


After 22 years of fighting downdrafts and NOT lighting a fire on windy days and nights....We can finally enjoy the fireplace during windy periods. The first night after I installed it, the wind was 20-25 miles out of the north so it was perfect timing. And after several hours burning, walking in the house was so enjoyable....nothing but a hint of walnut and ash burning in the fireplace, and NO smoke. The only bad thing was it took 22 years to find this. What a great product. Shipped fast too. Thanks Woodland guys!!!


We live in the Ozark mountains where it is windy a lot. We had normal chimney cap that let smoke blow down the pipe and smoke us out. The value stack wind resistant chimney cap works great drawing the smoke out; not letting the smoke be forced back down the pipe and smoke us out. I highly recommend chimney cap. Thank you


Second one I bought . Very good product.

Chimney Top

Easy site to get around. Found what I needed and product arrived very quickly and fit in chimney with no problems.

Vacu - Stack

Great product, well built, excellent materials and made in the USA. It solved my back draft problem. No more fumes from the gas pilot when the wind blows. Would highly recommend this chimney cap. A thanks to James who answered all my questions.


Seems to work great. I live in high mtn wind area, doesn't move at all. Great product so far.

Vacu-Sack Works

My wife and I live in the open and on a hill. We love our wood burning stove, but after the second serious back drafting event, we were about to quit using the stove because we were tired of smelling of smoke for weeks after each event. After finding this product and reading all the positive reviews, I decided it was worth a try. Now we've had the vacu-stack installed for the past 6 weeks, we are very pleased with how it's simply completely stopped the back drafting issues, even with the last blizzard that came through with winds over 30+. I highly recommend the product. We are once again in love with our wood burner and all the heat it provides,

We live on a hill and have had back drafts with our stove. Even with a fire it would smoke the house up. Now when we have wind gusts 50+ miles an hour it burns great! We have not had any smoky back drafts. So far we love it :) Definitely fixed our problem!

Chimney Cap

Well constructed. Seems to really reduce down draft as advertised.

Customer Service

Very pleased with my new Vacu-Stack. Customer service rep. (Donavon) was very knowledgable & helpful. Well made cap and a good value. Free shipping & arrived quickly. 4 wins & 5 stars. Thank you

High Wind Flu Cap

I live around 9200' up in the Colorado Rocky's. Winter means wind. I now can leave the doors open on my wood burner and no backdraft. Love it!!!


We didn't realize how poorly our wood stove was performing until we put in the Vacu-Stack. The first night in years our stove held coals overnight without stoking during the night. Didn't know this would be a benefit.

So Far So Good

So far so good. Installed easily enough. Now I need a really windy day.

Unfortunately I ordered the vacu-stack, just as the heating season was winding down, so I haven't used it that much. But the short time that I did use it, I was pleased with the results.


do not like the 1/4" gap all around the stack as it fits into adapter, that you have to fill with caulking and its the only thing that holds it in. it think it should fit tight as with stove pipe. as far as how it works we will have to wait for cold weather as it is 88 degrs. out side

Chimney cap

Call them Monday had on Wednesday the service was impeccable order# 2947735please thank The gentleman that took care of the order I forgot his name he was very pleasant very efficient


I have not lit a fire yet but I believe I will have a better draft now if not I will be looking for an extension to raise the vacu stack. The person that helped me was very helpful. I have been wood heating for 30 years and I learned something from him I did not know that is going to be very helpful.

Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap

I was having trouble with downdraft in my chimney on windy days, installed this vacu - stack chimney cap couple of weeks ago,it has been working well and we're very pleased, it takes my draft up the chimney without any problem. We don't have that back draft any more. The cap is very well-built & it was easy to install. So far so good.

3" vacu stack

I have a very poor vent for my sewer gases and hope this will help.

Vacu Stack

My wife and I purchased our house six years ago. Due to the downdraft in the chimney, I had to burn newspapers to create an updraft to start every fire. The next morning, we would find ashes blown onto the carpet if we had high winds during the night. We never thought we would be able to solve this problem until I discovered Vacu-Stack doing online research. Ordering was easy and the product was a breeze to install.The difference was unbelievable. I was able to light the wrapper on a Duraflame log and the chimney draw was perfect even on a night when we had 40 mph gusts. I can't say enough about this product. We now enjoy out fireplace every evening without the smell of smoke or ash. Well Done!


I installed the Vacu Stack wind resistant cap 2 days before our first winter storm of the season. I live on the Bay so its always windy but this storm had 40 mph sustained wind with gusts to 60 mph. The cap performed perfectly! I had no draft problem at all and before I started the fire perceived no down draft. Before installing the cap I would have had 60 mph gusts into my fireplace!


Only wish I found it sooner!


Cured the problem as soon as we installed it and our fire burns hotter,works perfect.


Good price, fast shipping and awesome customer service. Helped us decide about item and assisted with getting correct fit.

Great Product

Our stove pipe does not reach the roof peak. It is short 5 feet. Purchased the vacu-stack to alleviate back drafts. Installation took seconds and I had no back drafts on a moderately windy day. Bravo!


Super helpful sales staff and a great product, my third buy of this product for our new home.

Chimney Cap

Very satisfied with this seller. Would recommend to others. Will purchase from Woodland again if need arises.


First off let me state that the staff was great and answered all my questions. Twice in one week downdrafts filled my home with smoke. I decided to try the vacuum-stack chimney cap even though I thought it to be a little pricey. We have had several more high wind days and I have not had any more problems. After experiencing a smoke filled house twice in one week it is great to relax and enjoy a fire without fear. Now I believe the price was worth every penny I paid.

5 stars

I had a down draft problem with my wood stove. After I installed the vac u stack it took care of any down draft issue. It works as advertised. The staff at woodland direct were the best very professional. Thank you for the great service. Allen


Can't give 5 as of yet . Cause ordered late and climate has changed . What I did not care for is the way to install it with silicone. I do like the style of cap and the easy way to put the spark arresters in 5 stars on that. I will let you know next fall when we start up again . Thanks for the assistance.


This company has excellent customer service. We ordered the wrong size vacu-stack and they immediately ordered the correct size for us and promptly processed a refund. We would definitely do business with them again. The vacu-stack was exactly what we needed in our chimney. We were having a down draft problem due to high trees surrounding our house. After installing the vacu-stack it works like a charm. Recommend for anyone having a down draft problem.


Just moved into the country to the north side of about a mile of farmland and put in my wood furnace using type A insulated stove pipe, which I'd used in town for 15 years without any problems. 2nd day we used it, we had high winds and smoking problems. Bought this cap, worked initially, but still had problems smoking. Realized that the stove pipe joints needed to be sealed, taped them up and haven't had any problems since.

Chimney cap

Chimney cap that I ordered works great. Solved my problem when the wind blows. Thanks. Product totally does what you said it would. Thank you.

Vacu Stack Chimney Cap

I am a little disappointed with the quality of the chimney cap. I think the fit and finish could have been better. The chimney caps have been installed, but have not used them yet.

Vacuum stack


Best Cap to have~!

After going thru several other types of chimney caps we finally found one that actually stays on in 85 mph winds! The caps actually makes a difference with it's design as well... we don't have wind rushing down the chimney forcing the fire box to act like a forge either. Money well spent for a cap that not only looks better than anything else it actually works as designed! Thanks!


Since it was installed I tried to start 3 fires and was successful 2 times. the second time the house filled with smoke again. I will be trying again soon and hope that the second time was a fluke.

Works great so far

We have had on for a week and so far it is working great. I am happy that my contractor knew enough to alter my other chimney cap and put this into it as I was supposed to get one for a double wall. This site does not explain that very well. Not all of us know what we are looking at :-) The product works great so no complaints.

Vacu stack purchase

I'm loving it. My gravity fed pellet stove was very inefficient most days and sometimes would blow back so bad it would force air up the tube feeding pellets and the fire and smkoe would follow the are causing it to burn in the tube and almost into the hopper full pf pellets, rather than the burn box. That is quite dangerous and very frustrating. I contacted the co-owner of the company that made the stove and he recommended vacu stack as the best way to sole the problem if I'd already made sure to have the proper length of stovepipe. Vacu stack solved the problem. Now I can let it burn through the night to keep us warmer. I can go feed my ducks, chickens, and rabbits or rake fallen leaves and not have to worry so much about my house burning down. No more smoke or flames in my face if I check on the fire.

Vacu stack chimney cap

Did NOT work for our problem.


It fit on easily and stopped downdraft, it works well it’s also well made. The delivery was timely and correct. I’m very happy with this product and company 😀

On the plus side, the item arrived very quickly. However packaging was poor and box was inadequate for shipping item. As a result of either the packaging or mispacking, the extension bar was missing from the adaptor. As i was pushed for time I had to improvise as you cannot purchase this item off the shelf. In fairness to Woodland Direct i did not complain to them as i was pushed for time and needed to install the cap quickly, so i cannot comment on what their reaction would have been. The cap was easy to install but as yet is untested. We shall see!

Chimney cap

This cap is juat totally awesome i live on hill an it gets very windy an we been having backdraft issues couple years tryn different things an this is awesome windy today an gusting to 30-35 mph started first fire an no smoking an backdrafting sucks smoke out very pleased an happy thank you very much

Wind cap

Why didn't I get this sooner. It's perfect no smoke in the house.

VacuStack Chimney Cap

Well made product with high quality materials. I highly recommend this product if you need help with down drafts. Fit perfectly and it helped. Fast shipping.

Chimney Cap

Excellent Product, Happy costumers

Chimney cap

Excellent Product, Happy Costumers


Excellent Cap, easy to install and very functional. Haven't had high winds yet, so interested to be sure it handles the high winds

Richard H. | Centerville, MA
Submitted: 07/29/2021