WeatherShield Solid Pack Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

Item # M11600005

4.5 out of 5 Customer Rating (42) Reviews FAQs
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WeatherShield Solid Pack Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

Item # M11600005

4.5 out of 5 Customer Rating (42) Reviews FAQs

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Ships Within 7 to 10 Business Days
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The WeatherShield Solid Pack Stainless Steel Chimney Cap helps maintain a chimney's optimum performance by keeping out rain, snow, leaves, debris, squirrels, birds and other animals. An added feature is the removable mesh screen that provides a measure of safety by helping to contain sparks. It also has a 100% stainless steel construction that assures a long life and a rust-free performance. This model is designed for round chimneys and has a 1 inch x 1 inch stainless steel screen mesh. This cap is designed to work with any single wall, masonry, solid pack insulated, class-A, or B vent chimney pipe.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Innovative design
  • Powder coat options vailable

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  • Type: Single Flue | Metal Pipe
  • Installation: Slip On
  • Mesh Size: 1" | 1/2"
  • Mounting Type: Inside
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color Family: Silver
  • Color: Silver
  • Fits Flue Width/Diameter: 3" | 4" | 5" | 6" | 7" | 8" | 10" | 11" | 11 1/2" | 12" | 13" | 14" | 15" | 16" | 17" | 18"
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Flat Rate Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS


Q: Does this cap fit over the chimney or does it slip into the chimney pipe? A: All of our chimney caps for metal chimneys slide inside of the pipe.
Q: I have a 7" diameter pipe. What size cap should I order? A: If you have a 7" diameter solid pack pipe the 7" chimney cap will work for you.
Q: What does weathershield size mean? A: The diameter of the weathershield chimney caps refers to the inside diameter of your chimney pipe.
Q: What is the outside diameter for the 8" size? A: The outside diameter of the 8" size is 13".
Q: How is the chimney cap secured to the pipe? A: This friction fits in the pipe. High temp silicone is also recommended. You would put that around the pipes collar and then put the cap in the pipe.
Q: "What is the outside diameter for the 6\" size?" A: The 6" WeatherShield has an outside lid diameter of 13".
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Product Reviews


replacement chimney cap

very well constructed , the cap fits with a friction fit and should be easy to remove for cleaning . Great product for the price.

chimney cap

Very pleased. Easy, simple installation. Keep in mind "very sharp edges on unit so wear gloves. Seems to be of good quality. Great, quick shipping.

Flue Cap

Easy install, all stainless construction, very satisfied, and made in the USA, I like that !!!


does your chimneys come witha base flashing kit? or do u have to purchase it seperatly? the cap i bought i was unhappy with, it leaked rain through the screw on the top of it. made my customer unhappy and costed me a return trip to a completed job

Product rating

The product does not look as clean as it looks on the web. There were some rusts on the product.

Imperfect chimney caps

I have previously written to you. I received a peplacemnet for my original order (received 11/20/09) on 11/27/09. The second one was in better shape but was slightly dented, scratched and apparently exposed to smoke (as was the 1st one)Aren't htese items supposed to be brand new?I won't return the second one because it is still functional. I think I should receive some compensation.

very helpful consultants on sizing and what I needed.Saved more than60% of what local chimney sweep stored offered.

Chimney Cap

Fine product; fast delivery; easy to install. Customer Service excellent in aswering questions prior to puchase. Thank you for an easy and efficient transaction.

Chimney Cap

Website is easy to navigate. Ordering process and follow-up were excellent. Product arrived quickly and as advertised. Installation instructions were complete and easy to follow. Product quality excellent.

Chimney Cap

I was having a new roof put on my house and the chimney cap was not in good enough shape to put back and we looked every where and could not find one anywhere. A friend of the man doing the roof work told me about woodlanddirect so I got on line and ordered one. It went right on no problem and it look's a lot better then the one that was there. I would tell anyone give these people a try you won't be sorry.

Chimney cap

Woodland direct is by far a great company to to fill every need of your heating and chimney requirements. I would recommend them highly, service is the very best and friendly people.


Easy to install and looks great.

Weather Cap

Woodland Direct was a pleasure to work with, and helped me pick the correct part that was installed shortly after it's timely delivery. It is getting tested right now with these early October rains, and doing it's job well..Good product, delivery, easy installation.


Installation was fast and easy, worked perfect for my new chimney set up for my garage.

Chimney Caps for Metal Chimneys

works well main concern was high winds, the Cap stayed in place.....

Chimney Cap

Dealing with Woodland Direct was simple and easy everything that was in the information was true and the product was shipped perfectly well packaged. Very happy with the total experience. Joe


this chimney cap keeps bird out and lets the furnace breath

chimney cap

It fit nice and tight and it will keep the water out.

chimney cap

Cap arrived on the day it was promised. Wife opened the box and gave it to one of the men installing new shingles on my roof. He snapped it into the chimney pipe and we were good to go. Thanks for the great service.

Chimney Cap

Very knowledgable phone sales support. Item was received exactly as described, easy to install, and it is a well made quality product.

Chimney Cap

Delivered in a timely fashion, well built and installed easliy.

8" chimney cap

My 8" chimney cap appears to be an excellent quality unit. The spring feature to hold the unit in place is interesting and seems to do the job well. However, I had a fair amount of difficulty getting the spring compressed to fit inside the existing flue pipe. The old chimney cap had been destroyed when a windstorm blew a large maple tree onto the house and the flue pipe was also bent somewhat out of shape. This likely made the installation job more difficult. I don't believe that I will pull the unit off to clean the flue as I don't want to go through the process of compressing the spring and getting it back into the flue pipe. I will take off the top and rotate the arch that holds the top up and put the cleaning brush in as I did with the previous unit.

Chimney cap

I won't be able to try out the cap till this winter. By April I'll have a good idea of how it will perform. However looking at it it looks like it's made out of quality materials, my last cap disintegrated over one season. Also looks well designed. Should provide good draft while keeping out rain and critters.

Review for a Chimney Cap

I received the cap as expected, it fit my chimney as expected, and in my world, all that is GOOD news.. Thanks!!

Metal chimney cap

Nice product. Easy to place. Will have to see how it holds up.

Chimney Chase and Cap

Beautiful products fit like a glove - permanently attractive and durable - they ae the right products to finish our cabana chimney. Very reliable service too.


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Ordered the cap online- fit perfect on my 8" flue pipe.


Went from 6 birds to 0. No rain in chimney. Works well.

Excellent experience

Woodland Direct is an outstanding company to work with.


I was hoping the rain cap was a lot bigger in diameter.

Chimney cap

Really impressed with the quick delivery haven't had it long enough to test it out plenty of time for that feels and looks solid

Weathshield Chimney Cap

Terrific service...the cap was shipped and received within three days...easy to install.

Chimney Cap

Delivery was on time, No problems fitting to chimney, however I would recommend a clamp for outside diameter fitting.

thank you

I used 3 caps on ceramic flues. Installation went as every review I saw described. easy instal and a great and secure fit! I was so happy. The Woodland suggestion to also use the silicone adhesive - Brilliant. Good to go. Your biggest worry with this well build stainless item is climbing the ladder.

Chimney Cap

Well built and a great buy


Nice product..shipped to my house in a day. Installed In a minute or two and looks great. What else could you ask for......

Chimney Caps

Found Woodland Direct on line......great website. Ordered 7 of the caps... Great price and quick free shipping...... Thanks Woodland !!!!!!!! RB


Excellent product and outstanding customer service! Explained all details when called with questions. Prompt delivery. Easy installation. Instructions incuded other models. Not a big deal but I would have preferred having instructions just for the model I ordered. I would certainly order their other products for my future needs.

Chimney Cap

Excellent Product, Happy costumers

Bird proof vent cover

We received this product quickly and was soo easy to put on.We have our fingers crossed that we will not have to take any more nests out of the vent pipe.

Brenda M. | Shinglehouse, PA
Submitted: 10/30/2021