Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 12'

Item # M10400014

4.702 out of 5 Customer Rating (47) Reviews

Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 12'

Item # M10400014

4.702 out of 5 Customer Rating (47) Reviews

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Ships Within 2 to 3 Business Days | Free Ground Shipping!
Made in USA
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Product Details

The Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 12' is made in the USA from durable 16 gauge steel. Unlike the majority of other firewood racks, the Woodhaven is built to provide a lifetime of service. From the precision drilled holes that ensure structural integrity to the stainless steel nuts and bolts, the Woodhaven is the last firewood rack you will ever need to buy!

Because the Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 12' is designed with a welded frame, this rack will not jostle back and forth as a typical bolted frame might. Additionally, its constructed from 16 gauge steel for added longevity.

The Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 12' comes with a uniquely designed canvas cover to keep the top row of wood completely dry and ready to burn. This accessory also allows for air to flow through the firewood, reducing mold and mildew and promoting curing!


  • Sturdy welded frame
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Log capacity: 3/4 cord
  • 144 inch W x 48 inch H x 14 inch D
  • Comes with included cover

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  • Type: Outdoor Wood Racks
  • Log Capacity: 3/4 Cord
  • Material: 16-Gauge Steel | Steel
  • Color Family: Black
  • Overall Width: 144"
  • Overall Depth: 14"
  • Finish: Powder Coat
  • Color: Black
  • Maximum Log Length: 24"
  • Cover: Air Flow Cover
  • Clearance from Floor: 3"
  • Assembly Required: Required
  • Item Weight: 68 lbs.
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
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Product Reviews

Great Product

Exactly as advertised. Excellent service. Thanks

Best wood rack period

Simplicity Strength Practicality Elegance.

12ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack - Black

I purchased a woodburning stove 2 years ago and require extra storage for the season's firewood. Many extra's I did not account for when purchasing a woodburning stove and a story for that purchase. Now to the Woodhaven woodrack from Woodland Direct. I have been a customer of this company for a while. As a novice I purchaced the 4 foot Woodhaven woodrack years ago (over 5). The cover and the rack are still in great shape. No rusting and the cover has never faded. Still tough as nails, even the mice can't damage this cover for there nesting. (Or they just chose not to). Being happy with my 4 foot Woodhaven rack, I purchased a 16 footer last year. Same great quality. Takes about a half hour to an hour to put it together. Sturdy and cover quality the same as the 4 footer. This year I wanted to keep more firewood on my patio. Due to the dimensions of my patio I decided to go with the 12 foot Woodhaven wood rack since it fit nicely at the end of my patio. Same quality as the others I have purchased. These woodracks will probably outlast me and my woodburner, the BEST on the market. I have had others, the mice like their covers and the quality just isn't the same. As for Woodland Direct I have never had any problems. Delivery is prompt and product is high quality. When I look for my fi(more...)

Log Rack

I don't know why I waited so long to get one of these. It looks great and provides storage above the ground so critters cannot lodge and nest. Of course, I have to see over time how the finish wears, but at this price, I could buy another one in ten years if it rusts too badly. Happy with my purchase; easy assembly and attractive storage.

Love It

My Woodland wood rack is well made from the best material, It is sturdy and easy to put together. The best wood rack I have ever had. Thank you.


Nice product should last a long time. This is the third rack I have bought


Rack arrived within a few days of order. I was told by the person I purchased firewood from that it was the best & would last a life time.


Rack arrived within a few days of order. I was told by the person I purchased firewood from that it was the best & would last a life time.

12 foot wood rack

Super easy to assemble. Tough and durable. Looks beautiful when loaded with freshly split wood. Waterproof cover is a great addition. Not only is it totally waterproof but gives the rack a finished look. Would definitely recomend.

Exactly what i wanted and your technical service, because i was unable to find the instructions, was outstanding.

Wood Rack

Exceptional racks and covers, smaller one on the deck and large one in the tree line.

Comment on Wood Rack

Your rack was exactly what I wanted: sturdy, low-lying (i.e. perfect length), and it came with a cover that fits easily over the wood on the rack. Well done!

Fire wood holder

Thank you for all your help, I would recomend , That to all of my friends & family


Excellent wood rack

Thank you once again for providing an excellent product. This rack is premium quality and exceeded my expectations. I purchased a wood rack from another source and was very disappointed, I should have known better, every item I have purchased from WOODLANDDIRECT has been excellent.

Wood Rack 12 foot

Excellent Quality....Sturdy....quick to assemble....tarp cover is great, but does blow up with high winds and must re-adjust from time to time.

12ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack - Black

Received item faster than quoted. Item was packed perfectly. Instructions were very clear and assembly was easy (assembled in driveway on flat, level surface and moved to final location). 12 ft. rack held oak wood with ease. Extremely satisfied with this item and would highly recommend!

Well-constructed and easily assembled. Expect it to last for years.

Firewood Rack

Great product, easy to install, and built strong.

Firewood Rack

The firewood rack was very easy to put together. I am very happy with the quality and looks.

Log Rack

I'm very happy with this purchase. This rack replaced a lesser rack that had collapsed. The delivery was faster than I had expected. The rack went together without a hitch. I loaded it up and it stands strong. The quality of the product was everything that the website promised.

Rack Review

The rack is located on our north deck which is the front entrance to our home...we have had several comments how neat and tidy our wood pile looks on the rack and under the fitted tarp...the rack is located along the wall of the house and next to the door of the exterior wood shoot...the half door attaches to our wood box next to the fireplace...thanks Woodland!

Great Wood Rack

I have now purchased two of these racks and they are made well and easy to assemble.

Wood Storage Rack

I want to say that this wood storage rack exceeded my needs. It is a well built product and more than meets my needs for my wood storage, and the cover the way it is made makes it so easy to remove the wood, that my 90 year old mother has no problem removing the wood and still keeping the wood covered. Thanks so much for a well built product made in the United States.

Solid product

Arrived in only a few days, easy to assemble, sturdy, cover fits perfect and is snug with tie downs. Only suggestion would be to have a model which will be placed on earth not a patio etc. I purchased three pieces of 6x6 pressure treated wood at Home Depot to increase space off ground. Works fine but longer legs would be a good option.

Wood Rack

Well built and easy to assemble. This is probably the best wood rack I have seen in many years of purchasing wood racks. The cover is also a nice touch and keeps the firewood dry.

12' Fire Wood Storage

Well built, sturdy, expect it to last for years

12 ft Woodhaven Rack

Set mine up Sept 19 2015 and filled it. I like it. I am going to buy a second one today. Hope it lasts many years. Last winter with 5 feet of snow it was very difficult to get to the wood. With my new rack I can get the wood closer to the house and now I can snow-blow it out if needed.

Fire Rack

Love it!! Buying another right now..

12ft Firewood Rack

I also have the 4ft Rack. They both totally beat my expectations!! The tightness of all connections made this rack very sturdy that makes me believe it will last for years. The tarp that fits over the bars has heavy duty bands that come through the holes that when pulled over bar it keeps the tarp above your wood pile so your not fighting the tarp as well as the wood. Nice touch!!

Firewood rack

Highly recommend. This is our second firewood rack purchase from Woodland direct. They are professional and order is received quickly. The rack is well made, sturdy and easy to put together.

Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack--12'

This product exceeds my expectations. It is a high quality steel and easy to assemble. My neighbors love it because it makes my woodpile look SO NEAT. I am getting another one in a week or two. AND...the sales staff is very helpful!!!

High quality

Great firewood rack. Easy to assemble and looks great.

Wood Rack

Bought the 16’ & 12’ wood rack. Easy assembly and very tough product. I expect these racks to last a very long time. Just be sure to level the product before filling it. Keep stress off joints and it will serve you well. Happy with decision to buy from Woodland.

Great rack

Super-solid construction and easy to assemble. Always nice to find a manufacturer that takes pride in its product and delivers on its promise.

Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack 12'

I have 2 of these racks. They are very sturdy and easy to assemble. I look forward to using them for many years to come.

12 foot woodrack

Just as advertised. Couldn't be happier. Strong and secure.

Great product

A great well made product.

Best firewood rack

Best firewood rack out there - expensive, but you definitely get a great product for the money and it's made in the US - highly recommend to anyone - I already have 4 of them

Wood holder

It does it's job...Although the cover is a bit cumbersome. If the wood is not 100% leveled and stacked perfectly (wood delivered) the cover is kind of tricky. Other than that, the construction is fairly sturdy and handles a cord easily. I look forward to ordering more items from Woodland.


Seems fine

12 Foot Metal Firewood Rack

I order the 12 Foot, then had to order a second one, to accommodate all the wood from trimming my two trees. There is no way, this 12 Foot rack will hold a ¾ Cord, even if all the wood pieces are the same length and diameter. With the dimensions of 14" X 4' X 12' you get a total capacity of 56 cubic feet. A cord is 128 cubic feet. So this rack doesn't even hold a half cord of wood. This metal rack is very sturdy, easy to assemble, and should last a long time. The instructions are not clear about whether the "feet" should be angled in or out, but Common Sense says to angle them out, to give the rack more sturdiness, once it is loaded with heavy firewood. My two racks, have already endure one Spring – Summer rains, with no rust. Although I did have to put brick stepping stones underneath the 4 end legs, and 4 middle legs, so the rack would not sink into the ground, after it rain. Just make sure the ground is level or the rack will tilt over. The canvas top is also heavy duty, although it would not fit, since many of my firewood pieces are over 18 inches long. This rack is only 42 inches high, not counting feet, so if you pile wood higher than the 42 inches (3.5 foot), the canvas top is unable to connect to the metal rack. Hopefully once I am able to burn off the (more...)

12 foot woodhaven woodrack

Pretty easy to assemble and seems quite solid. Put 3/4 of a cord on a it with no problem. Love the cover that moves down as you use wood which works great until you get 3 feet of snow on the ground like we did this winter. Would recommend to others.

placement issues for firewood rack

I purchased the 12 foot rack. I have it set up but I don't have my wood stacked on it yet. At this point, it appears to be sturdy and strong. I may change my opinion once i am using it. The reason I am reviewing this prematurely is to let everyone know that this must be placed on a solid, even, surface such as heavy stone pavers or a concrete patio. I had intended to put it on the side of my garage which is all dirt and did not know it can not be placed on a dirt surface until after it was delivered.

recently assembled, wood stacked fine, will have better idea of how well it works in the spring. as mentioned above, fine so far. not sure if 1 or 5 is hiighest rating, so giving a rating in the middle

wood rack uneven

Bought the woodrack and assembled. There isn't much room to go wrong with assembly. The legs came out uneven, one side is at least 1 inch off the ground making the rack a bit unsteady. I emailed customer service and was told to loosen the bolts (which I did) and that didn't make any difference. For such an expensive wood rack, its very very disappointing.

wood rack

The service was outstanding and the deliver was quick, Have not put it together yet due to the hurricane that just hit but will do it this weekend.