Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 5'

Item # M10400009

4.939 out of 5 Customer Rating (115) Reviews FAQs
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Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 5'

Item # M10400009

4.939 out of 5 Customer Rating (115) Reviews FAQs

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Product Details

The Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 5' is made in the USA from durable 16 gauge steel. Unlike the majority of other firewood racks, the Woodhaven is built to provide a lifetime of service. From the precision drilled holes that ensure structural integrity to the stainless steel nuts and bolts, the Woodhaven is the last firewood rack you will ever need to buy!

Because the Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 5' is designed with a welded frame, this rack will not jostle back and forth as a typical bolted frame might. Additionally, its constructed from 16 gauge steel for added longevity.

The Woodhaven Black Firewood Rack - 5' comes with a uniquely designed canvas cover to keep the top row of wood completely dry and ready to burn. This accessory also allows for air to flow through the firewood, reducing mold and mildew and promoting curing!


  • Sturdy welded frame
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Log capacity: 1/4 cord
  • 60 inch W x 48 inch H x 14 inch D
  • Comes with included cover

Eligible for a Product Warranty
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  • Type: Outdoor Wood Racks
  • Log Capacity: 1/4 Cord Plus
  • Clearance from Floor: 3"
  • Material: Steel | 16-Gauge Steel
  • Color Family: Black
  • Overall Width: 60"
  • Overall Depth: 14"
  • Finish: Powder Coat
  • Color: Black
  • Maximum Log Length: 24"
  • Cover: Air Flow Cover
  • Assembly Required: Required
  • Item Weight: 37 lbs.
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
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Q: "My firewood is cut to a 12” length. How will that fit on your woodhaven fire racks?" A: The rack itself is 14 inches deep. Your logs may be a bit too short to fit on the rack.
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Product Reviews

Firewood Rack

I love this rack! It is stronger than all of the other racks I found in stores and on the internet. The cover is a really nice addition, too! The rack holds over 250 pieces of firewood. It is a bit more expensive than some of the other brands, but I would strongly recommend spending the extra few dollars for a product that will both perform and last.

Delivery and product review

Items arrived in timely manner, assembly was easy and finish items performs as described. Well pleased with it.


The woodrack was a Christmas gift for our son-in-law and he likes it very much!! We are pleased with the product and with your service.

Fire Rack

Cover is the best design. What would be nice would be some type of intermediate bar for pieces that are not long enough to span. It is workable, but that would be a nice touch.

fire wood rack

product shipped and arrived before expected. Easy to assemble and looks great in back of car port. Holds a lot of wood and cover makes it look very neat and tidy. Everything I expected it to be. Please don't E mail me with alot of advertisement or products to sell Thanks J Campbell


Have owned two of these for several years, and they get heavy use. Still look great, the covers have not bleached out or worn under southern sun and heat, and it has remained as tightly put together as the day I assembled it. Highly recommend this product.

Firewood rack

Assembled easily, well made, and works impeccably. I have two and the covers are very sturdy.


This elegent in its simplisty wood holder had helped me to hold my head up in my neighborhood. My messy woodpile is now handsomely contained by this simple but strong product. The cover is not too much, it's just right to provide some protection but not interfer with air circulation. And, it just plain ole looks good.

5ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack

Very study metal and love that the cover will protect the top would and will descend as the wood is used to protect future levels. It also is the perfect size for the space we had for it and it holds a lot.


We are very pleased with the 5ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack that we purchased. The quality is as described and the assembly was painless.

5' Woodhaven Rack, Black

This was a great purchase! I ordered it online Monday morning, it arrived Wednesday morning and by noon my son had it assembled and stacked with wood! Such a great improvement over just having a stack of wood with a tarp over it. We had company this weekend and everybody loved the wood rack! We decided to spend a bit more over the rack from the standard big-box retailer so we could get the exact size we wanted and hopefully better quality, and so far, very pleased.

5 ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack

Very happy with this item. It's solid and easy to assemble (but I haven't any firewood yet, so take that with a grain of salt). Delivery was prompt.

Wood Rack outdoor

Sturdy and well constructed. Easy to put together. Nice vented top cover to protect wood. However the top cover is slightly large and sagging so it holds rain water.

WE are very pleased with the quality of the cover that we bought from you.

Very satisfied. So many covers are made of inferior materials that cause the cover to fail. The Woodland Log Rack cover is constructed of substantial materials that I anticiapte will stand up for years. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

wood rack

Thanks for you prompt service and for your quality product. It is perfect for my needs.

Great Product!

I ordered the 5 ft wood haven and am very impressed with the quality. The steel is solid, there's no give at the corners and the cover is of excellent quality and design. Fast delivery and great value for an American made product. What more could you ask.


Hello. When I researched for a firewood rack, the product you provide appeared to be the best quality available. I'm real happy with my firewood rack. It works well and looks good too. The web site is fine and the service is good also. Woodland Direct will be my first choice when purchasing products for my fireplace.


Very sturdy very happy with the 5 foot model, thinking on purchasing a larger size for barn!!

Great Buy

Package arrived promptly. My 4 year old son and I put this together. It does a great job of seasoning the wood. While the top cover keeps the wood dry. I am very pleased with the purchase.

Firewood Rack

Wonderful product. Easy to assemble. Arrived in excellent condition. Very pleased.

Nice Rack!

Was looking for a wood rack bigger than 4' but smaller than 8'. This one is perfect at 5' and holds a nice amount of wood. The rack is well designed and easy to assemble. I've actually had compliments on it.


It was exactly what we wanted.

Log Rack

You make excellent top quality products. That is why we own four of your Woodhaven log racks. The quality of the materials, prompt service, and fair pricing keep us recommending your products. Thank you

5 ft rack

The rack arrived very quickly and was easily assembled. It is very sturdily constructed. I was delayed in putting the rack together, and have not yet filled the rack with firewood, so I do not have experience yet with the rack being loaded, but it seems like it will be very satisfactory. One small disappointment was that I could not download the video that was emailed to me with more information about the rack. It was in a format that my computer did not accept. I was able to assemble the rack without the video, but the sample part of the video looked very informative and I was disappointed I couldn't see the whole thing. Score is 5 for very pleased with the rack.


I now have two of your fine racks . It's great to see quality products, good materials and well constructed .You should like to know that the man who delivered 24" oak to me yesterday said "we always like to see these racks, they are the best and the only ones we feel good about holding our heavy loads". We are comfortably loaded a foot above the top. Thanks for a fine product. PM

Wood Rack

The log holder is very well made and easy to put together. The website describes it just as it is. What you see is what you get.

Review Wood Rack

Excellent product. Easy to assemble. Amazingly made in USA.

Great Wood Rack

We were and are really happy with this rack. Easy to put together, fast delivery and an amazing well built product. This would be a great gift for anyone that has a fireplace.


This is a very sturdy product compared to other racks i've purchased elsewhere. The only thing i wish would be different is that the upright supports were able to be taller then 4 feet. I burn a lot of wood and my split pile is very far from the house and if was taller i could stack more wood when i bring it up to the house. Over all great product.

Log rack

5 ft. rack

It's a great looking rack. I like it's sturdiness and the way the cover attaches to the rack with the elastic loops. I've already had some high winds and have not lost the cover. Is it worth $150? I don't know. When I priced racks that were of lesser quality their prices seemed high too. At least this seems like one I will be happy with for years to come. I would buy it again and I would recommend this to anyone.

5ft. Woodhaven Rack

What a GREAT product!! I have never given a review but thought this product and company deserved one...Fit and finish is awesome and the cover doesn't even blow off in the highest winds...I look forward to making future purchases from Woodland Direct...Thanks!!

Wood Rack Rating

Great product! Love this rack. It fits perfectly under our steps that are outside our back door. It's just the right size, holds plenty of wood and the cover works great! Worth the price, highly recommend. Great size choices for this rack.

5' Wood Rack

Some type of bottom support would be helpful for shorter pieces of split wood. Other than that, very satisfied.

Sturdy functional and looks good

The wood rack was easy to assemble and quite sturdy. My wife and I originally were looking for a cover that covered all the logs. We were surprised to learn that was not the best way to store wood. So glad to be educated in this by Woodland.

Wood Rack

This was the sturdiest rack I could find on the internet and I am completely pleased. In fact I will be buying another for our new house to be constructed soon.

The Woodhaven 5ft. firewood rack

The firewood rack looks and feels very sturdy and well made. Very simple straight forward assembly. They even e-mailed me an instruction video which is nice. I really like the cover that comes with it, though you need to make sure that your firewoods width does not exceed that of the cover or else the cover will not fit over the firewood properly! It looks nice and neat when all loaded up with firewood. Over all I give it an excellent rating!

5 ft. Firewood Rack

The cover makes this great. Wood can go from the rack to the firepit with no worries about whether it's dry or not.

Wood Rack

This product is well made: It's sturdy, very functional with a well thought out design and it's attractive. I am assuming it will last me a long time: I bought mine this summer in preparation for the cold winter months so it's untested. The wood rack was easy to put together. I used my ratchet set and an adjustable wrench for the nuts and screws. It took about 10 minutes to put the wood rack together (and 30 to find my ratchet set.)

Love it. My second purchase

I liked the first one I bought and have now purchased a second. I think Woodland Direct products are very well made and the wood rack is no exception. I had no problem putting either woodstand together: You will need a socket wrench or an adjustable wrench and a second wrench....and you should read the instructions about not screwing the nuts in too tight. My two stands have not been through a winter yet, let alone 10 or so but my guess is, based on other products I've purchased from Woodland Direct, that they will still be sturdy woodstands after a decade of use.

Wood storage rack

Very satisfied. Much better quality that the ones at the local stores. It makes storing firewood much easier, cleaner and simply looks better. Only negative was, it was on back order when I purchased it and it took several weeks before it was shipped.


Excellent product, but didn't need the cover. Seems a waste & should be able to buy the same size wood rack without it for less.

5ft Woodland log rack

I have had this rack for approximately two months and am extremely pleased by the quality of this American made product. The cover fits snug and does not blow off thanks to the cover loops at all four corners. It fits perfectly at the end of my driveway and is attractive to look at. I can foresee this rack lasting for many years. Thank you for constructing and marketing such a good quality product.

Wood Rack

This is the second wood rack that I purchased from you. It was delivered on time and in tact! It does a great job and is easy to put together. Overall a great experience!! Thanks


I am so happy with our 5 foot wood pile. It has such high quality and workmanship and looks great in our yard.

5 ft. Woodhaven Firewood Rack

This is a well designed rack that uses quality parts and construction from the 16 gauge steel to the stainless steel hardware. The assembly was done quickly and easily...all bolt holes lined up perfectly and the finished rack was solid and sturdy. The cover is of a durable design and serves its intended purpose of keeping the wood dry without having to deal with weighing down a tarp like before. Even though the pre-Woodhaven stack of firewood was nice and stacked, my wife and I agree that this is a huge upgrade in function and appearance.

5' Woodhaven Firewood Rack

This is my 7th Wood haven Firewood Rack. They are simply the best on the market. I am an avid wood burner my whole life and I speak with years of trying others.

5ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack - Black

Just what I needed for my campsite to keep the wood pile in order and dry. And it looks good too.

A Fabulous Product!

So glad I found you guys. It is obvious you care about quality and service.

Woodhaven Firewood Rack

This is actually my second firewood rack. I have been so pleased with the first one, I ordered another for a new outdoor fireplace. This rack is heavy duty, stands up to weather, and is easy to assemble! The cover is a bonus too and it fits perfectly.

Wood Rack

Anyone buying a wood rack over the internet has no idea what that rack quality is until they receive it. Your product is exactly what you say it is. I would go one step further- I've owned other racks purchased from big box stores, similar to other units on the net and yours is far and away of much higher quality! A quick example: other racks have curved ends where they meet the vertical sides. This provides little support from the lateral pressure applied from logs as the pile goes up. This in tern causes the wood rack to shift and the connections to work loose. Your rack doesn't have this problem!

Woodhaven Rack

Woodland Direct and my Woodhaven rack are as solid as the wood it holds. The cover looks great and fits perfectly snug. It was shipped and arrived as promised, easy to assemble and best of all..... MADE IN THE USA with American Pride!!!!!! Big box store racks can't compare. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality rack.

5' Woodhaven Firewood Rack

Everything as advertised and more. The delivery came very quickly. It was easy to put together. It is nicely designed, extremely sturdy and even attractive. The cover is rugged and is a handsome finish when the rack is fully loaded. Heartily recommend. Feel like this product will serve us well for many, many years to come.

Log rack

A good, sturdy rack. It appears well made, and is the perfect size for our needs. Someone more competent with a ratchet set would likely put it together very quickly. I, on the other hand, struggled a bit with the bolts...

Very pleased with my purchase. A quality product and excellent customer service.

5 ft wood rack

Easy to assemble and perfect size for our deck. Cover fits well also. Very happy with this product so far.

Woodhaven Wood Rack

We love our wood rack! It is not only heavy duty and sturdy enough to house our wood it also looks nice on our deck. We love it! And it came in a timely fashion...I think it arrived within three days. It was also extremely easy to put together. The directions were perfect. I would recommend it to others. Thanks so much!

Solid and Quality Finish

This rack is built from solid steel. It has a nice pebble grain black coating on it thats not slick and has some texture to keep the wood from sliding. I bought the 5 foot rack for outside and loved it so much I bought the 3 foot rack to replace to broken hoop in my garage. This is a one time purchase, you will never need to replace it. I am thinking of buying another one to put in another spot in my yard for extra storage. The woodhaven racks are the best you can buy, period. There is nothing comparable unless you spend 3 times the price and have a steel shop custom build one for you.

Well Constructed

Rack is heavy duty. Assembly was straightforward. Like the cover: very heavy material and adjusts to cover the top no matter how much wood is in the rack.

5ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack

Love the stability of this firewood rack. Most others weren't as solid as this one and this was well worth the extra money.

Outdoor Log Holder

Excellent product and service.


great product well made very fast and honest shipping , I do wish the inside liner of this were a bit more durable to avoid cut`s from sharp object`s even when being very careful , otherwise very well made

Firewood Rack

Firewood rack was a Christmas gift for my husband. Very pleased. Delivery was prompt as promised. Heavy item came in a very sturdy box. Simple to put together. Strong construction. Especially like that we could purchase the exact size we wanted. Woodland Direct good work.


I only have one word for this product....GREAT! Really really great.

Great So Far

Simple, solid construction. I got the 5ft version and it holds more wood than I thought. Time will tell how the finish holds up but I am happy so far!


Outstanding quality and simple assembly.

Great firewood rack

This rack is very sturdy and easy to assemble. The cover is great. It looks even nicer than I expected it to.


This is my 2nd rack I purchased. I have no complaints and highly recommend.


Very happy with the log rack! It was easy to assemble.

5' Woodhaven Firewood Rack

Well packaged. Precision holes for easy assembly. Two accompanying tools for assembly much appreciated along with instructions. Very solid dependable product. My contact, Josh Leake, was very helpful answering my questions prior to purchase.

5' Woodhaven Full Cover

Item appears fine although I have yet to fully unpack it.


Very good product- sturdy and easy to assemble. I recommend this product and would buy it again.

Durable. As described

Love it

Easy to assemble and well built. Worth the money.


A very well designed and very stable product. The fact that it is powder coated is a plus.

Absolutely great product

I have ordered this rack in the past. We moved and unfortunately left our old one behind. Absolutely great product. Lasted for years with no problems, so I had to have another one! The cover that comes with the rack is fantastic!. It looks great and covers the wood while allowing it to season. And a replacement cover is available after the hot Texas sun takes it's toll. These racks are the best! They look fantastic (I am VERY picky) and the quality is the best! Thank you for making such a great product.

The rack went together fairly easily. It is nice and simple. I am waiting to oder logs cause I am in New York and as we get closer to summer perhaps I will get a break on prices for split logs. So I will wait a month or two. I am looking forward to loading up the rack and trying the short top. Check back next fall when I am ready to go. Jon~_/)

Jon T. | Huntington,, NY
Submitted: 04/07/2020


This was the second firewood rack that I purchased from Woodland. I gave one to a friend as a gift, bought a second one for myself. Outstanding quality, easy to assemble. Product is built to last. Shipping was quick and customer service was outstanding!!

Ronald L. | Tupelo, MS
Submitted: 04/08/2020

Very sturdy. Easy assembly!

Robert M. | Dripping Springs, TX
Submitted: 04/18/2020


Great looking, well built, and very nice design. Glad this is the one I bought.

Nick K. | Sherman Oaks, CA
Submitted: 04/29/2020

5’ wood storage rack

This is an excellent product. It is very sturdy, well made and easy to assemble. I really like the heavy duty cover that slides down as the wood stack is depleted. I highly recommend this product for wood storage.

Robert T. | San Diego, CA
Submitted: 04/30/2020

Good product!

This firewood stand is perfect. It holds a good amount of wood and it’s sturdy.

Tom P. | Geneva, IL
Submitted: 05/23/2020

So easy! No brained!!

Great product, easy to assemble. This well made product is a very nice functional and handsome addition to our outdoor space. The cover is nice and it’s form and fit is excellent.

Jon W. | Newnan, GA
Submitted: 05/27/2020

Very pleased

Simple to assemble and was exactly what I expected and needed. The 5 foot holds 1/2 face cord perfectly. I like the cover that came with it as well. Happy customer here.

Jeff T. | Franklin, MI
Submitted: 06/03/2020

Love it!

This arrived last week and we absolutely love it. It was pretty easy to assemble and it is very sturdy. It looks great!

Melanie M. | NORFOLK, MA
Submitted: 06/03/2020

Wood rack

Very easily constructed and feels sturdy enough to hold the weight. I am very pleased with the final product and would recommend this to anyone interested in stacking a supply of wood.

Andrew P. | San Antonio, TX
Submitted: 06/10/2020

Excellent Quality Plus Great Value

This rack is high quality throughout. All steel construction with black powder coating. Assembly instructions are complete and clear. The cover is really outstanding. Each of the 4 holes that go over the posts has an elastic band that holds the cover up for you as you take wood . . . brilliant. Love that its made in the USA !!!

Thomas M. | Port Washington, WI
Submitted: 06/14/2020

Firewood Rack

The overall purchasing process was simple and very efficient. Product arrived within a few days and was easy to assemble.

Aaron S. | New Albany, OH
Submitted: 06/17/2020

Looks great and very sturdy

Like the fact that the firewood rack was built in the USA! Easy to assemble, very solid, appreciate the coating to avoid rust.

Dave G. | Grand Blanc, MI
Submitted: 06/18/2020

Excellent service..rack is sturdy looks very nice...very satisfied..

deborah b. | Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Submitted: 06/19/2020

Wood rack

Excellent quality! Easy to assemble! Arrived as indicated in the confirmation. Good value fir the money paid.

MarieLise M. | Saginaw, TX
Submitted: 06/20/2020

High quality product made in the U.S.A.

Andrew S. | Short Hills, NJ
Submitted: 06/25/2020

Great quality

Woodhaven firewood rack is sturdy and was easy to assemble. The cover is heavy duty. Highly recommend.

Diane H. | martinsburg, WV
Submitted: 07/01/2020

Firewood Rack

The wood rack I purchased from Woodhaven direct was of great quality that I know will last and look good for years to come.the cover was a great that came with rack was excellent quality and such a great add on that keeps the top portion always dry and ready for a fire.

. | Liverpool, NY
Submitted: 07/01/2020

Great product

Good solid frame. Easy to assemble. The cover is a great idea. Quick delivery. Really great product at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend.

Darla R. | Eagan, MN
Submitted: 07/03/2020

Sturdy wood rack

Rack looks great, easy to assemble and very sturdy for heady logs.

Rebecca F. | Chestertown, MD
Submitted: 09/05/2020

Easy to assemble

I am really glad I went with the Woodland firewood rack. It is much sturdier than others I looked at and fits in my garage perfectly. I was also very happy about how easy it was to assemble. I am not handy with a wrench and was able to assemble it in minutes. Great stuff.

troy l. | Dartmouth, MA
Submitted: 10/03/2020

Once again, great product

I purchased another WoodlandDirect firewood rack for a second home. Very sturdy, heavy duty product. My first rack several years ago didn’t come with the cover. The new cover is perfect!

StevenLee J. | Hendersonville, NC
Submitted: 10/10/2020

Excellent product!

We shopped for a product that was high quality and durable. We are very happy with this product and the service we received from Woodland Direct.

Jo M. | Coeur d'Alene, ID
Submitted: 06/28/2021

great wood storage

We bought the 5 foot storage rack. It is solid, well built and the perfect size for our deck. I love that it came with a cover. Highly recommend the product . Website is easy to navigate. Ordering was simple and shipping was quick! thank you!

Amy H. | Nashua, NH
Submitted: 07/14/2021


Best log rack ever. Second purchase of this product. Strong and great covers to keep wood dry

Michael D. | Medfield, MA
Submitted: 07/15/2021

Solid rack and easy to assemble.

Solid rack and the cover tops it off so it look nice and keeps the wood dry. Very pleased.

sam l. | Westchester, IL
Submitted: 08/11/2021

Sturdy Rack

This rack is nice and sturdy. We were able to put it together in no time. It looks great and holding the wood with no problem. Thank you. Would definitely recommend it.

Darrie S. | Mercersburg, PA
Submitted: 08/11/2021

Well made firewood rack

Was easy to put together, is well made, and seems to be a quality rack! Loved how the top weather protector fits on.

Elizabeth B. | South Jordan, UT
Submitted: 08/19/2021

Solid log rack

The rack went together quite nicely and we are happy with it. It has the stability in it that you don't get from cheaper models.

Marjorie B. | Henrico, VA
Submitted: 09/23/2021

Worry-free online ordering

Ordering online, sight unseen, can cause angst. No worries here. A fabulous product, just as advertised. High quality, durable, strong supports. Easy to assemble. Fantastic cover that slides up and down the supports to adjust as the wood gets used up. Clever. I loved it so much, I bought another one for my kids.

David C. | Bountiful, UT
Submitted: 11/04/2021

Just the right size

Keep this on deck outside back door. It will hold about a weeks firewood for me. Large capacity, but easy to access on cold mornings. Sturdy construction with tight tolerances. Fairly light weight for what it does. Glad I chose this one. Just right for my situation.

Richard B. | Danville, IL
Submitted: 11/23/2021

Solid construction, looks sharp

It was slightly harder to put together than I expected - maybe I was trying to do it the hard way? I don't know. bolts were a little hard to thread, BUT, once we figured it out everything came together really nicely. Seems extremely solid and also looks very clean and sharp, fits in with the landscaped look of our yard.

Robyn H. | Sandwich, NH
Submitted: 11/28/2021

Woodhaven black firewood rack 5'

We are very happy with the purchase. The rack was easy to put together and is very solid. The cover works well too.

Linda S. | Pottstown, PA
Submitted: 12/05/2021

Great rack

Love the rack!! It works well in our space and is easy to stack wood. The cover fits well with a little extra space to fit logs that may be a little larger in the top of the rack. My only change would be to order a larger rack to hold 1/2 cord.

Julia P. | Washington, DC
Submitted: 01/21/2022

Woodhaven Firewood Rack = Excellent

The Woodhaven firewood rack 5ft. was installed at my cabin and took a poor looking pile of random wood and makes it attractive. The quality of this made in America rack is outstanding. Was delivered in a very short period which is important in this time of supply chain disruptions. The baked on paint system looks like it will last for years and the fit up is snug and has zero wiggle.

Richard S. | Porter, TX
Submitted: 01/23/2022

Good quality

Nicely made. Easy to assemble. Very good quality product.

Leroy P. | Hodges, SC
Submitted: 02/24/2022

Made in America Quality

Fit together very well. Cover is very good quality. Would buy again!

Jason B. | Wesley Chapel, FL
Submitted: 02/28/2022

Very Pleased

This rack has met all my expectations. It arrived on time in sturdy packaging. There were no scratches or dents on the metal rails. Assembly was easy even doing it by myself. I really appreciate the variety of sizes that are offered, a 4 foot rack would be too small and a 6 foot too large. It looks great and keeps wood off the ground and dry.

John D. | Ballwin, MO
Submitted: 04/20/2022