Woodhaven Brown Firewood Rack - 8'

Item # M10400011

4.862 out of 5 Customer Rating (58) Reviews FAQs
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Woodhaven Brown Firewood Rack - 8'

Item # M10400011

4.862 out of 5 Customer Rating (58) Reviews FAQs

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Product Details

The Woodhaven Brown Firewood Rack - 8' is made in the USA from durable 16 gauge steel. Unlike the majority of other firewood racks, the Woodhaven is built to provide a lifetime of service. From the precision drilled holes that ensure structural integrity to the stainless steel nuts and bolts, the Woodhaven is the last firewood rack you will ever need to buy!

Because the Woodhaven Brown Firewood Rack - 8' is designed with a welded frame, this rack will not jostle back and forth as a typical bolted frame might. Additionally, its constructed from 16 gauge steel for added longevity.

The Woodhaven Brown Firewood Rack - 8' comes with a uniquely designed canvas cover to keep the top row of wood completely dry and ready to burn. This accessory also allows for air to flow through the firewood, reducing mold and mildew and promoting curing!


  • Sturdy welded frame
  • Brown powder coat finish
  • Log capacity: 1/2 cord
  • 96 inch W x 48 inch H x 14 inch D
  • Comes with included cover

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  • Type: Outdoor Wood Racks
  • Log Capacity: 1/2 Cord
  • Material: Steel | 16-Gauge Steel
  • Color Family: Brown
  • Overall Width: 96"
  • Overall Depth: 14"
  • Finish: Powder Coat
  • Color: Brown
  • Maximum Log Length: 24"
  • Cover: Air Flow Cover
  • Clearance from Floor: 3"
  • Assembly Required: Required
  • Item Weight: 46 lbs.
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
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Q: Your specifications do not include height. How tall is it? A: This Woodhaven Firewood Rack is 47 3/4" tall.
Q: What is the minimum length wood the rack will handle without falling through the bottom? A: The minimum length the wood would need to be is at least 13". Typically, firewood is cut to 16".
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Product Reviews

Good Product

I have only good things to say about this product. It is sturdily built. It holds my 1/2 cord of wood with room to spare. The cover that is used is durable in construction but the sides can be blown up and over (at times) with high winds. I would recommend this product highly to anyone who is looking for a firewood storage rack.

Product Review

Great product. Sturdy and looks nice too.

Wood rack

Nicely made. Easy to assemble. Cover works great.

Firewood rack

This rack neatly stores wood off the ground and with a buffer area away from the house. It assembled with simple instructions and even provided a few extra nuts for when I commonly loose one one in the grass. I can tell by the weigt of the rack that is is heavier construction than my previous rack that gave away under stress.

Nice Product

Rack was easy and fast to assemble with good directions. A lot heavier metal than what I expected. Should last a very long time.

8 Foot Woodhaven Firewood Rack

Very nice product, solid, easy to put together, keeps a nice 1/2 face cord dry and together. Planning to buy another.

Excellent Quality

Rack came as ordered promptly ... excellent quality, should last for years. In fact, bought a matching 3 footer for my deck to transfer firewood to closer to the door. Highly recommend and is made in the USA which is why I first selected them!

wood rack

Love it!! Didn't really hold as much as you say but perhaps it's the fact that not all the pieces are regularly shaped? And the top blows off, needs to be held down by 2 pieces of wood but it made my life so much easier to store the wood in these racks than creating the usual woodpile stack. My husband says I'm a genius for buying them.I'm going to buy another one before winter ends. Any chance of a sale???

Very happy with it.


Love it Love it !!!

Log Rack

Very pleased with it - steady and looks nice on the property.



8ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack

A bit pricey but a very quality rack and the cover is great too.

8 ft Firewood Rack

Really nice to receive a product made in the USA and be totally satisfied. Keep up the good work!

8' Woodhaven Firewood Rack in Brown

We Highly recommend these racks. We just purchased (2) 8' Brown racks in 2012 for our cottage in northern MI after having used a 5' Black one at our home in Southeast MI for over 15 years (which has been outside year round without any problems). We knew these would be great for up north. Love the brown color which has a slight speckle finish and blends into the woodsy landscape of northern MI very nicely. They are Very Sturdy, easy to put together for DYI's and hold up for many years unlike others we have tried previously. We expect these new ones to hold up as long as our original one. The (included) top covers, in black color, also stand up to many years of outdoor use and look nice as well. But we would have preferred these new covers to have matched the brown finish of the racks. If needed, we will purchase more of these racks in the future when we move up north permanently to our cottage. They will service our heating needs using a soapstone woodstove very nicely. Well worth every penny.

wood rack

this is the best woodrack I've seen and purchased. Would recommend this item and site to other folks

Simple setup

This is my second Woodhaven rack. I also have a 1/2+. I like the addition of the brown color. Both racks have been great. The only thing that bugs me is that Woodhaven won't sell a replacement standard cover for the 1/2+ (yes, I called to find out). Seriously?!?! Yes they are durable, but they can't last forever. Mine received a couple of rips during Hurricane Sandy when an oak limb fell nearby.

Rugged and attractive way to store firewood

A robust rack made with quality and precision. Easy assembly, Nice finish. The brown version really looks smart and blends with the house better than black would. The cover is heavy duty and fits nicely. I think time will show this rack is a better value than the cheaper and less rugged competion. Quick shipping too.

Terrific item!

We are extremely pleased with our wood rack. It looks beautiful, was easy to put together, and holds a lot of weight! Great job woodland direct!

wood rack

The wood rack arrived quickly and is well made and easy to assemble. I would recommend this product and company.



Bullet proof and good looking too!

Very professionally and quality constructed. Easy to assemble and looks great, especially with the included cover. Nice unit!

Firewood stacker

I bought this product for my husband for his birthday. It is being used for stacking wood but in a very visible section of our cabin so I wanted to purchase something very sturdy with a nice look. We spend more for your product than some of the other items on the market but are very pleased. Most times in life you get what you pay for. :)

Great product overall. Relatively easy to assemble, even for a woman with limited tools. Once assembled, it is sturdy, the cover keeps the wood fairly dry even in the wet, snowy winter we have had so far. I have only had it for a couple of months now. If it withstands the test of time by next winter, I am definitely getting a second one.

Wood Storage

I LOVE it! Easy to assemble and looks GREAT! Gets best score I can give!

Very satisfied

The rack is sturdy and attractive. The cover works as described, keeping snow and rain from seeping into the woodpile. All parts appear well-made and rugged. I hope to use this rack for many winters to come.

Firewood holder

Seems to hold a half cord of wood without having any unsteady problems.

Wood Rack Review

I am very satisfied with the wood rack.


Great Rack

I bought this rack in brown with a cover. It looks really good and is very substantial. All the neighbors are jealous.


Great product.

8' firewood rack

Sturdy, great product, trying to find email you sent with discount/promo if buy another..

Firewood Rack Review

A good example of getting what you paid for. There are numerous, less expensive racks to choose from, but nothing comes close to the quality of this product. Very good materials and craftmanship makes this a very sturdy and nice looking firewood rack. Could not be more pleased with this product or with the courteous, professional staff that I dealt with. Nice to see such a quality product still make here in the U.S.A.

Great Rack

This is a wonderful rack that not only looks great, but is sturdy and very well crafted. The brown blends in very nicely with our brick house.

8ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack - Brown

It is very nice looking and sturdy.


I'm pleased with the firewood rack I purchased. It is sturdy and secure and fits in quite neatly in a city residential setting.


The wood rack is great. I bought the 8' model and had it assembled in less than 15 minutes. Structurally, it is very sturdy and well made. My opinion is it will last a lifetime. Although this is my first Woodland product, it is third wood rack I have bought in my life. The other 2 failed with repeated use and weather. Although a very minor issue, the cover should fit slightly longer on the logs when the rack is full. It has blown off twice in 7 weeks


Great racks. Very high quality and easy to assemble. The last rack you will ever need.


The product quality was outstanding very easy to put together...... my only recommendation it would be nice if the bottom on the racks were adjustable for uneven floors.....

8ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack

Easy to assemble! Nice and sturdy. Filled my need for wood storage nicely.

Best Wood Rack Ever!

This Wood Rack is the best I have ever owned. Looks great, built tough, love the cover. Speedy delivery. Great folks!


Solid, good looking, easy to assemble.

best racks

I bought 16ft, 8ft, 5ft and the 4ft 90Deg return add on LOVE them all. The span from tube to tube on the bottom of the rack is only around 12" so which is perfect for all lengths of wood. No more looking for the long pieces to use as a base layer across the bottom rack to prevent falling through. They though of everything, yet kept t simple. I've had many racks that "Claim" they are strong, then threw them all out the next year. I burn all winter long and store a lot of wood. saw these and knew they were strong. They arrived and confirmed that they are. I work in a machine shop and know good strong gage tubing. this is strong. These racks don't bend or open outward from being overloaded. The round pole styles do that, these don't. The rectangular geometry of the poles is much stronger than any round style tubing.. I loaded (2) full 16 ft racks to the max plus the 4 ft return extension. works great! I'm replacing everything I own with these racks.

Excellent Firewood Rack

Easy to order from website Rack arrived when promised Easy to assemble Excellent condition and appearance Excellent value and works well!

Missing cover

Built it today, disappointing that the cover was not in the box due to a back order issue. Hope it will be shipped to me soon.

The unit seems to be well constructed though it was a bit lighter duty than I had envisioned. I think it will handle the wood just fine. It did arrive a day later than they estimated and it came without the canvas cover as they were out of stock. They expected to have it to us in early December. Two weeks later we saw the same unit in a woodstove store for $20 cheaper. (with a cover) Anyway I think it will suit our needs quite well.

Brown 8ft Wood Rack

Great product, very solid and sturdy! Easy to assemble. Shipping was very prompt and efficient. I ordered another one!

Robert S. | Lebanon, TN
Submitted: 05/26/2020

exceeded my expectation

very easy quick assembly, already loaded up, a very attractive addition to our log home.

Rusty O. | Maggie Valley, NC
Submitted: 06/02/2020

Outstanding quality

This rack is the best on the market. I’ve owned one for almost a year and just purchased my second 8’ rack. They are solid and look great against my fence. I also own the 2ft rack that I keep by the fire pit. Shipping was quick and assembly was easy. I couldn’t be happier with the racks and highly recommend them. Just buy it. You won’t regret it.

David G. | Brookhaven, GA
Submitted: 06/10/2020

New wood rack

I have been very impressed by the quality of construction, the fit and finish. It was very easy to put together and the brown color it not very noticeable in my back yard. I have yet to load a half cord of wood to see how sturdy it is and will need some time to see how it weathers. Check back with me, but so far very happy with my purchase.

James C. | Charlotte, NC
Submitted: 06/12/2020

8’ wood rack

This is a very durable, well built firewood rack that is very easy to put together. Well worth the money.

Harold J. | Nicholasville, KY
Submitted: 06/16/2020

High quality 8' Firewood Rack

The Firewood rack was exactly what I ordered. It also was easy to assemble, with clear directions and excellent packaging.

Robert M. | Columbiana, OH
Submitted: 07/01/2020

Solid, Rugged, American Made

Love my outdoor firewood rack! The rep at Woodland Direct was courteous and informative and the order arrived very quickly. The rack is extremely well made. Thank you!

Terry M. | Cincinnati, OH
Submitted: 07/03/2020

Woodhaven Brown Firewood Rack - 8'

Easy to assemble. Sturdy. Good looking. Holds more wood than I thought.

Corwin T. | Charlotte, NC
Submitted: 09/30/2021

Woodhaven Racks

Received the first and quickly ordered a second. Well built, well designed, very sturdy. Made in the USA. Well done!

Peter M. | Reading, PA
Submitted: 10/06/2021

Solid Firewood Rack

My husband and I assembled this 8' firewood rack in a little over an hour (we are not that quick with DIY projects). We did use our own ratchet to make it easier even though they provided two small wrenches. All the predrilled holes lined up with each piece and they supplied us with extra bolts and washers. Now we just have to get the 1/2 cord of wood delivered to find out the rack's durability which looks very sturdy.

Margaret F. | Laytonsville, MD
Submitted: 10/20/2021

High quality

Pricier thanks most similar racks, but worth it. Solid construction, quality durable paint attractive appearance. Would buy again.

Richard L. | W Springfield, VA
Submitted: 04/28/2022

Brown Firewood Rack - 8 FT

The firewood rack was well-packaged and received within 3-days after placing the order. It took no more than 20 - 30 minutes to fully assembly and set in-place in my yard (it helps if you own a ratchet / wrench set). Nothing about the firewood rack feels loose, wobbly, or cheap. I've only filled it up halfway, and I have received a ton of compliments from neighbors and friends on how it looks. I would highly recommending purchasing this if you need a sturdy rack to hold firewood.

Will C. | Chattanooga, TN
Submitted: 05/01/2022