Forgecraft Arched Contemporary Fireplace Glass Door
Item#: 2240011

These doors are exclusive to and cannot be found anywhere else! They are fully customizable to match your taste.!

If your decorating taste leans more toward minimalist art, this Contemporary design may be a perfect choice for you. It has very simple lines, yet is eye-pleasing with its beautiful arched door. Comes in sizes up to 33" H to 50" W.

These doors are made in the USA by metal workers with decades of experience and continue to be the most beautiful and recognized quality enclosures. The steel frames use 1/4" thick steel for strength and a lifetime of reliable operation. They are produced in a factory that is environmentally "green" from the natural lighting to the natural ventilation and fans instead of air conditioning. The processes utilize low waste systems and low VOC finishes.

These doors are:

  • Individually hand-built
  • Customizable to your taste
  • Fast and Easy to install
  • Available for new construction or existing fireplaces
  • Please call 1-800-919-1904 and speak with one of our specialists who can answer all your ordering questions.


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