A.W. Perkins Professional Series Round Poly Chimney Brush

Item # M26400045

4.433 out of 5 Customer Rating (30) Reviews
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A.W. Perkins Professional Series Round Poly Chimney Brush

Item # M26400045

4.433 out of 5 Customer Rating (30) Reviews

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Product Details

The A.W. Perkins Professional Series Round Poly Chimney Brush is an affordably priced chimney brush that are still durable enough to withstand the rigors of the everyday use of most chimney sweeps. Available in a range of diameters from 5 inch to 14 inch, a single spiral 0.177 dia. spindle with a plated 3/8 inch thread double swaged fitting means that this brush can take a beating.

Poly Brushes are generally used for removing soot from fossil fuels in coal, oil or gas flues where the acids may deteriorate steel bristles.

  • Durable polypropylene and wire bristles
  • Easily keep your chimney clean and safe
  • Available in many sizes

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  • Type: Chimney Brush
  • Grade: Professional
  • Material: Wire | Polypropylene
  • Color Family: Black
  • Width/Diameter: 5" | 6" | 7" | 8" | 9" | 10" | 11" | 12" | 14"
  • Thread Size: 0.375"
  • Color: Black
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
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Product Reviews

Great quality

Could not ask for a better product. I used it and it's strong and durable. After a very rigorous cleaning, the brush looked like it did when I took it out of the box. Very happy. I can see this brush will last a lifetime. Well worth it.

chimney brush

I bought the round poly chimney brush along with 48" fiberglass rods to clean my woodburning Jotul fireplace insert flue. Everything worked well, and I had an immediate payback.


The brush is great. Fantastic construction. Not a piece of garbage from overseas. Salesman tip that I attach a rope to the ring end prevented me from getting it stuck.Many thanks.

poly chimney brush

very good quality

3/4 chim brush

Great service. Order was filled promptly. Would buy from Woodlanddirect again..

It does the job

I was skeptical of a poly brush but I have a 5 1/2" thin wall stainless flue liner. I couldn't find a 5.5" steel bristled brush that I liked so I tried this one. It does the job just fine. I've only cleaned my chimney a couple of times but the bristles do not seem to wear excessively or warp.

Chimney Brush

Used on my stainless flue, worked great.


more than I expected for the price

chimmney brushes and extentions

Hi Thank you for the oportunity to say how great you, your service and your products are. My order was a Christmas gift for our son-in-law. He was estatic, and you it at 6:00am Christmas morning, called us and said it was the best cleaner tool he has had in years. Thanks for making us hero's. Mrs. Vincent Liotta

Good product, good price, and quick shipping.


Received product promptly. Made cleaning my own chimney a breeze. I would order again from WoodlandDirect without hesitation.

chimney brush

great product worked well

Great brush

I like the brush a lot. I originally ordered a 7" brush for a 6" flue based on the recommendation of the sales guy but had to return it because it was too big. The return was handled flawlessly and they even paid return shipping because they said the had advised me incorrectly. Nice. Pros: Sturdy, well built. Cons: None

Chimney Brush

The brush is great. It's tough yet because it's plastic, won't rust. I originally bought one size too big but was able to return it without a hassle and get the next size smaller. I've only used it once but it cleaned my 6" flue nicely and quickly. I was a bit surprised at how hard it was to move the brush up and down but that's not a fault of the brush. Homeowners can use this brush to save on the annual chimney sweep costs.


the brush cleaned our wood burning stove, but got stuck at the bottom of the pipe and we had de-assemble part of the stove and cut the brush out, so we wasted the entire purchase.

8" Round Chimmey Brush

I used this chimney brush the other evening to clean out my flue, and it worked well. It didn't seem to scratch the pipe, and that was what I was after.

quality brush

The chimney brush I ordered works great. Great quality and delivered on time. No issues with the product or service.


The product is what I spectated

Good Brush

This brush cleans very well. I use it in my metal flue pipe once a month.

Poly Chimney Brush

Product looks to be well designed (HD) for its use. More of information need for buyers than anything else, even though certain liners require certain brush material to be used in cleaning. What warrants the need to use a wire brush, when in past,a poly brush was used.

Our Purchase

I had purchased approx 60 feet of stainless steel chimney liner and the caps and Tees to hook in to the wood burning systems.I ordered and service was very good.I had spoken to Nick and he assured me that everything was in order and it was.I most certainly will do business with this company again.Thank you for doing a very good job.

brush & rods

We wish to inform you of the great person you have in customer service by the name of Tiffany. we called to informed that we received our brush, and rods. They came in (2) shipments. Brush came, but the rod order came in the form of a damaged box, and no rods. I called your customer service and spoke to TIFFANY. she informed us she would find out what happened, and did. on Friday the 6th of November the rods arrived. Now, we want to thank your company for Tiffany. Your company will be revered to any that needs chimney products. Thank You again for caring enough to have such EXCELLEN customer service.. Robert & Patricia Perry

Chimney Brush pro

This brush along with the 48" fiberglass poles is a true pro set up. I used a neighbors cheap plastic pole and brush last year and what a difference. The pro set up has a very well made brush that looks indestructible. The connecting joints have well machined threads and are attached firmly. The fiberglass poles are strong and not flimsy. All connecting joints are the same. My pipe is a straight shot so I cannot attest to how well the poles will flex in a curved set up. The only issue was the poles arrived 4 days after the brush. I was told I would have them on a certain date but the poles held up the job.

I bought the poly Brush hoping it would be able to make the bend In a 45 degree elbow I have in mind chimney. It started in the bend then got hung up as far as cleaning the chimney it work great but did not do what I needed

Have not used it yet, but looks much better made than any I have used in the past.

Stiff Brush

The 5 1/2" brush fit too tight in my 5 1/2" flue. The bristles are very stiff. I trimmed all the bristles to enable the brush to be used. I expected the bristles to be more flexible.

Worked Great

Received my poly brush and put it to use right away. Worked great as expected.


This brush is well made, sturdy, and cleans the flue with one pass. I expect this to be the last brush I will ever need.

Good Service

I struggled with obtaining the correct brush size at the local hardware store for my wood stove chimney. Customer service was great when I called. My order arrived quickly and is exactly what I needed. Better quality than what I originally tried to purchase from the local hardware store.

Chimney Brush

Great product. Firm bristles and strong connections. Well pleased. Prompt delivery.