Bird Guard for Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap

Item # M11600016

4.536 out of 5 Customer Rating (28) Reviews FAQs
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Bird Guard for Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap

Item # M11600016

4.536 out of 5 Customer Rating (28) Reviews FAQs

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Product Details

Stainless Steel Bird Guards are mesh screens that are available for all VacuStack sizes to limit intrusion of animals, leaves and debris into chimneys. These screens or birdguards, function as limited spark arresters and are required in some states for that purpose. Please Note: The Bird Guard for the 8" Vacu-Stack also fits the 8"x12" oval Vacu-Stack.


  • Type: Accessory
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Flat Rate Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS


Q: "How do I measure my stack so order the right components?" A: You will want the inside diameter of the pipe. You will also want to check if the pipe is air cooled (2 or more concentric metal pipes) or has insulation around it
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Product Reviews

Review of product

Really easy to install bird gurard. Should do the job to keep all the little critters out!!!

Easy to install

The bird guard works well and was easy to install.

Vacu-Stack 8" model

Product quality is great, installed very easily with no tools required. Easy to clean out chimney pipe, just lift out Vacu-Stack. No more lost screws or dropped tools, 35 feet up in the air. Product shipping was super fast just 4 days from Michigan to California, price was the best on the internet.



Bird screen for chimney cap

Instructions for mounting the screens absolutely wrong. The stainless steel strips had to be disconnected completely from the screens and respaced to make it possible for the screens to be pull ed in and to fold back the strips to lock them in place.

Past 2 years had trouble with bird nests in old chimney cap, hope this cures the problem. I now have a much beter draft, with no back pufs on my wood stove. Thanks Al

Feed Back

Was very pleased with. Installed in minutes and was very impressed with the designed. Would buy from again.

Vacu-Stack review

The Vacu-stack and Wind resistant cap for Air insulated chimneys is a very good investment. We live in an area that sees 70+ mph wind and the standard chimney cap was prone to drown drafts causing the house to fill with smoke and set off the smoke alarms. With the Vacu-stack even on days without wind (few and far between) the smoke never enters the house. It seems that the air insulated chimney is not the best answer, but that is another topic all together. Vacu-Stack very good product would purchase again.

Bird Guard

Haven't had any bird move into fireplace yet...

bird guard for VacuuStack chimney top

Good instructions for installation. Took less than 20 minutes to install on main vacustack

Bird Guard

Got the .5 in mesh so it would also act as a spark arrester. Installs easily enough, fits tight, definitly will keep crittors out and sparks in. Does tend to gum up with soot and creosote so watch for buildup.

Great product

This was a great product well built, looks good and easy to install. The adapter did not fit properly but we made it work. I did put a couple self drilling stainless screws into it to make sure it stays in place as I am not confident that silicone alone will hold it in place for a long time alone.

Vacustack chimney cap

Unbelievable ! Works just like it claims to work ! No more downdraft problems !


This guard works well but it is cheaply made for the price tag. It would be a much better value if they installed it into the cap before shipping it out.

Chimney Cover with Bird Screening

This is working great for us. Since I put it on the stack pipe we have not had any birds. It came right on time, and I would highly recommend this product.

Chimney Cap

We have had birds down the chimney for the past 2 years. This screen was just the thing we needed. Easy to install and keep those little critters at bay. Great product.

Vacu-Stack cap

WE installed this on chimney it works excellent would buy it again in a heart beat

Installing Bird Guard on Vaccu Stack

These guards are almost impossible to install. When you pay this much for a Chimney cap I would think they could install the guards!

Chimney Cap

Not a good year to test this cap in Southern California, above average temps and lack of storms, so far so good but no real test yet

Bird Guard

Easy to install, looks like it will do a great job of keeping the birds from building nests in the cap next spring. I really want to comment about the cap itself. We got it in 3 days and installed the next day. The next 10 days had weather conditions that would have made the stove backdraft. It did NOT backdraft! We were able to keep the stove running the whole time. An unexpected benefit of the cap is a more consistent draw, meaning we're not constantly tending the stove's draft. We're able to keep the house at a constant temperature and the wood is lasting longer.

Bird Guard

No complaints...good material.


Easy to install and looks like it will definitely do what its designed for.

1" screens should work good. Fit good. My only concern is underneath on the top of the insulated part of the flu where the 3 tab spacers are on the bottom of the Vacu-Stack. I might have to fit some screen up to the bottom and slot for the tabs. I don't know if the small bird would try to nest on that ledge or not.


Easy to install, will see this summer if they keep out birds.

review of vacu-stack

The 1/2" wire mesh supplied and installed by me does not look sufficiently secured. We have winds sometimes over 100 MPH and I am looking for some stainless steel wire to attach it more securely. The local lumberyard does not have any.

Bird Guard for Vacu-Stack

We have had birds fluttering in our woodstove during the summer, a bird guard with the right size mesh and with the proper fit can eliminate the problem for the birds and for us. Thank you for offering this option.


Easy to apply and stabalize in position I live in an area with a large bird problem this looks better than the wire box I built over my last vent cap

wind cap

Good service. Works perfect.