Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

Item # M56600001

4.347 out of 5 Customer Rating (95) Reviews FAQs
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Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

Item # M56600001

4.347 out of 5 Customer Rating (95) Reviews FAQs

Designed for masonry fireplaces, the Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater is the perfect companion for most fireplace glass doors. It reduces your heating costs by distributing more heat throughout the room. Whether you have a fireplace door or not, this unit...

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Product Details

Designed for masonry fireplaces, the Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater is the perfect companion for most fireplace glass doors. It reduces your heating costs by distributing more heat throughout the room. Whether you have a fireplace door or not, this unit can be installed and will allow you to get the full benefits from your fireplace.


  • 40,000 BTUs/hour
  • Included variable speed blower
  • Thermostatic control

Specifically designed for placement inside your fireplace, the Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater generates 40,000 BTUs of heat per hour while hidden neatly behind your fireplace doors. The variable speed blower (100 CFM) is equipped with a thermostat control that turns on automatically at 110F and off at 90F. The eight foot electrical chord for the motor comes out the front of the unit and is protected by a heat shield. Motors on the left hand side of grate are available to accomodate your electrical outlet location.

Please Note: If attempting to use the Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater with a gas starter pipe, please call our technical sales staff for instructions.


  • Type: Fireplace Heater
  • Material: Steel
  • Control Type: Rheostat | Thermostatic
  • Overall Width: 29 1/4" | 51 1/4"
  • Overall Depth: 17" | 20" | 22"
  • Overall Height: 11"
  • CFM: 100
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Color: Black
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
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Q: Where is the rheostat located and can it be replaced? A: The rheostat is located on the vent bar close to the motor box. The part can be replaced.
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Product Reviews

Highly recommended.

Absolutely amazing -- turns a fireplace into a useful heating appliance. Installation does require cutting some metal trim fittings but nothing complicated. Hopefully it will last a long time -- I am told that they do.

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

We are happy with the Cozy Grate heater and would recommend to others. Easy to install. However, we feel the log guard should already come as a part of the Cozy Grate.

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater - 22" Left Motor

Received product in timeframe indicated and in good condition. Installation instructions could be a bit more descriptive and installation required some light metal cutting of the trim. All and all the product appears to be working as designed. We will see how it works through the winter season.

Really Great Heater

This is an excellent addition to any fireplace.

Cozy Grate

Customer service was great in helping us purchase two Cozy Grates for a large "see through" stone firelplace. These blower systems when combined with glass doors have turned our large inefficient fireplace into a true heating source. It has contributed to substantially cutting our heating costs.

fireplace heater

i knew someone who had a fireplace heater before i bought this one and i'm so glad i purchased this one.i cut down on the amount of wood i'm burning in my fireplace and the other night it was 28 degrees outside and i had to open my door to cool my house down

Great heater!

I have used heat exchangers in the past.......and had been looking for one for a couple of years when I found your site. It offered me everything I needed from specs to a video showing how easy it would be to use this product. It was delivered in a couple of days just as promised.....and we put it in and used it that very night. The heat that it gives back to our living room is fantastic and I am anxious to see how much it helps our heating bill for the winter. I love my fireplace and the ambiance of it....and didnt want to lose the effect. The blower allows me to have it of a fire and the heat given back to me for practical use! Thank you.

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

This is our second unit, the first lasted 20 years of trouble free service. The new unit is also doing well. This product does everthing you claim and does it well. Thank you for manufacturing a quality product with great service.

Cozy Grate

Very prompt delievery and product operates at or beyond advertised performance. Easy installation with good directions.

Grate Fireplace Heater

A perfect product for my wood fireplace. Local Canadian wood fireplace dealers didn't even know of this product existence since they promote expensive inserts at many times the price. International shipping incurred some provincial taxes and duty upon arrival but went without a hitch. When I installed the product it worked as advertised. I'm very happy. Internet is great.

cozy grate fireplace heater

While temp outside was 0-6 degrees for 2 days, the inside of most of my 700sq ft home was heated only by the fireplace keeping it at a steady 62. Cozy grate definitely makes the most out of a fireplace!

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

Installation was easy and it performs just as I had expected. Arrived at my house 4 days after placing my order. Looking forward to reduced heating bills. I would recommend this unit to anybody that wants to get the most out of their fireplace.

cozy grate

We were very pleased with the rapid delivery 2 1/2 days ordered Wednesday night, installed Saturday mid-day. The set up was simple. We had some concerns about fitting the system in with the fireplace doord that we has recently purchased. Customer service was very helpful. It looks beautiful. We are now utilizing our fireplace, enjoying the beauty without sacrificing efficiency. We used to burn aprox 10 logs an hour to ensure adequate heat output to the room. We now average less than 2 logs per hour on these 5-10 degree days.


Your product was better than expected and the delivery speed was super fast.Thanks again for the insert, I am letting all my friends and family know about your online store and this great fireplace unit.J. Richardson


I would like to first point out the great customer service. Very nice. The unit itself works as advertised. The motor can get noisy the higher you turn it up, but it is something minor that can be ignored. The installation only took a few minutes and it works great.

Cozy Grate

I received my grate heater and was able to install it easily. The hot air it sends out into the room is truly amazing. I burned a small fire for only about three hours and it worked great. The room with the fireplace was very cozy and quite hot (temp unknown). I turned the furnance heating system to fan only, it cooled the main room down, and kept the rest of house (two storeis 1900 sq ft) to approximately 68 degrees (which was the temp in the house prior to the fire). The out door temp was only about 40 degrees, but I was impressed. I am looking forward to how it performs during the colder months. My main goal is to be able to use the fire place with out losing more heat out the chimney than the rest of the house receives. With the test conducted thus far I expect this product to be successful in allowing us to enjoy our fire place without adding cost to our heating bills and or maybe even reduce them.

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

This product works great! Easy install (you do have to cut the metal extenders to match your glass doors......that was unexpected, but simple enough). I have been running it for a week without a problem. Pumps out heat and makes the fire more fun. I would recommend this product if you want to heat one room, or to add heat to the overall house system. It is not large enought to heat 1000's or sq ft. If you have an occasional fire this will make it more enjoyable. Woodland Direct prices were 40% lower then the local stores. Great job Woodland!




Works well. Heats up the room nicely. Blower is not silent, but you can dial it down to a slower speed for a little less noise. Without blower, the fireplace is counter-productive for heating a room. Recommend adding glass doors too which can be shut for lessening the heat loss after fire has burned down.

Cozy grate

our cozygrate arrived within 2 days;we were very please and excited to install it,EASY job! But it did not work after we pluged it into the receptcle. We waited and waited to hear the fan cut on, after that we had no choice but to wait for the next evening. Afer the fire had gone out, and cooled. We then began to check it further(my husband is a jack of numerous trades).We found that the wires inside the box were swithed around. Once that was corrected and re-installed to fireplace, we started a fire. About 12 min.later the blower started, and is working fine. Great source of heat for your average size room!Not sure if I had it to do over that I would have purchased this one though

Cozy Grate

The cozy grate work very well. Fairly easy to install, need to be aware that there may be some metal cutting for fit but otherwise it was a breeze.Adds alot of heat to the room.

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

Good news and bad news. The shipping was incredibly fast from order to door. The manufacturing quality of the product is excellent, though a bit pricey, and once at operating temperature it expells an incredible amount of heat.The bad news is in its design. Had I known prior to ordering I would not have purchased this item. A basic, simple fireplace grate has a number of steel bars which hold the wood. Every one I have seen or owned is made with the bars running from front to rear and the wood is placed onto the grate from left to right, perpendicular to the support bars. Unfortunately, your fireplace heater was designed and built with the tubes running left to right also, parallel with the supply of firewood. A steel mesh is attached under the tubes to keep small pieces from falling through.The absolute flaw in this design is that the burning logs eventually become smaller in diameter and drop between the parallel tubes and are kept in place by the mesh. This creates a blockage for the free passage of air from underneath the grate to feed or fuel the fire. To have a good sustainable fire oxygen is not an option. It's mandatory.My wife hates the new grate. She wants me to remove it, throw it into the river and put the old grate back. At least the old grate could be filled with logs and left alone for an hour of so. The Cozy Grate needs attention at least every 20 - 30 minutes to reorganize the burning wood so it doesn't die down, start smoldering and fill our home with smoke.

Cozy grate

This is my second unit. The first unit was damaged to to a hot coal hitting the wires, burning out the rheostat and thermostat. After replacing both parts it did not work. This unit came with minor damage. It does not sit flush with the floor, but a small amount of insulation fixed this. Fully protect your components with insulation and the sheet metal. The unit is very heavy duty and works like a champ. Just remind your friends never to unplug the unit. It turns itself on and off.

Good - does what it says on the tin

I bought this product with the hope to at least heat one floor with a lot of wood I split from some trees we needed to take care of. My property is three floors and around 3500 sq ft, it's open plan and has an almost Z shaped floor plan. I bought with the hope it'd heat a whole floor - say 1200 ft ish.This heats the fire place room very well which is 14x12. It would keep it consistently above the thermostat but would require a LOT logs to do so (against the instructions)One negative which is worth noting if you don't have doors on your fireplace - once, when watching the fire crackle and bang an ember shot forward and got stuck in my guard. The air blower proceeded to blow against the guard throwing sparks into my room - big safety hint to be aware of. Luckily I was close and was able to put it out.In summary - i'd say if you want to make use of a fireplace in one room this is fine but don't expect a whole floor. I'm annoyed I bought this over a wood stove (as I have space/plumbing in my basement) and for half the price of one - in retrospect I would have done. The noise is fine for me if carefully balanced.. even at it's highest setting for me.

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

I would highly recommend this heater. Installation was very easy. And the construction is of a quality I thought was a lost art. Very well done. The thermostatic controlled heater made the operation comfortable due to not blowing cold air and the temperature controlled shut down made sure I did not have to babysit the heater. Great Product!!

worked great but I can't use it in my fireplace and I could not return it so I am not real happy right now.

great product, more efficent than open fireplace, we are using less wood and staying waemer. easy install works best if logs are 6" or less in dia.

Cozy Grate Heater

I found my experience in purchasing this product to be very enjoyable. I do not recall the name of the fellow who took my order, but he was very friendly, helpful, and professional. It was my distinct pleasure to do business with your company, and I will not hesitate to consider future business with you. The heater seems to be working wonderfully, and I am getting much enjoyment from it. Thank you for your service and courtesy.

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

Being a 'freeze baby' who lives in the snowbelt in Ohio, this is a wonderful item. It is a little loud and my husband needs to take the cover off and see what is rattling (and tighten it :-} ). He thinks for the size of the intake, the blower opening should be larger. But all in all, I love this item and think it was worth every penny.

fireplace blower review

Had to recently replace the blower insert in our fireplace that we purchased 23 years ago. Purchased a new unit from Woodland and it was shipped to use in just a couple of days. After installing it and putting the glass doors back on, we built a fire and to our dismay, it did not work. After making sure it was plugged in, the outlet was working, etc., we called customer service. I would like to say that talking to the representative in customer service was a pleasant experience. After going over the normal trouble shooting procedures to no avail, they sent us a shipping receipt. From the time we shipped it until the time we got it back was only five days. As it turned out, the problem was a wire in the motor that was not connected. The unit works fine now and completly heats up our family room. I would recommend one of these units and the company to anyone interested.

Overall satisfied, fast delivery, quality product, heavy duty. Puts out alot of heat, in a small home or single room it would probably take the place of a furnace, but couldn't even tell a difference in warmth in my big old house here with 10 ft ceilings. variable speed fan and auto on/off works good. A little more noisy than I expected but I got used to it. Assembly was a little more of a pain than I expected, Adjustable slide out sides would have made it painless. Required tin snips to trim adjustable sides to correct width. I had shopped around for literally years for this type of product and am convinced this is the best you're gonna do, short of fabricating one of your own.

Grate Fireplace Heater

The best purchase that I have ever made via the internet. The Cozy Gate Fireplace Heater keeps our home warm.

Cozy Grate Heater

Love it...use it every night. Produces a LOT of hot air! Creates nice warm zone in a cold room with high vaulted ceilings. Fan is a bit noisy at higher speed but can be run at lower speed. Install was easy but not trivial...had to cut sheet metal bezel in front to fit (why not sliding pieces???) and then mount end caps. A little tough to do cleanly with hand tools. Had to cut to fit & bend small sheet metal heat shield for cord...pretty easy. Any common set of doors will fit very nicely on top of the bezel... that part of the install IS trivial. Nice feature that at night, I can close my fireplace doors and the grate heater shuts itself off when the fire dies out, but in the meantime it keeps blowing heat.

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

This Item Works as described,But blower fan can be noisy at higher speeds.

Grate Heater

We use our fireplace almost daily which is in a room with a cathedral ceiling. The grate heater helps produce enough heat for us to keep the thermostat down. We have had to get new ones as the tubes burn through due to frequent use. We have been in our house 20 yrs. and this is our fourth one. We love this heater and were thrilled the cost remained the same as in previous purchases.

cozy grate

Great product puts out a lot of heat with out loosing the charm of your fire place. It great price and looks good too. I recommend this the Cozy Grate..

Cozy Grater Fireplace Heater

Shipped promply , easy installation, It has lived up to the advertising. keeps our family room warm and toasty.

Crazy Grate Fireplace Heater

Too expensive for the slim benefit. Needs stronger fan. Did not put out enough heat. Themostat control did not function properly.

Fireplace Blower

Product performing well. Was easy to assemble. Due to our fireplace construction, we had to modify the fireplace substantially to get it to work. Fireplace's fault, not blowers! Heats a 25' by 38' room with cathedral ceilings quite nicely. Love the built in thermostat control.

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

The product fit the fireplace perfectly. Easy to install. Fan is noisier than expected. Otherwise, is great.

Cozy Grate

Very good product. Easy to install and throws a lot of heat from our wood fireplace. We really like it. I would have rated it a 5, but the fan noise is somewhat objectionable. also the end caps didn't seem to fit right. If they can fix these, a definite 5. A combination cozy grate with a gas log heater would be a great product. Gas inserts were close to $5000 with installation in our location. Any possibility of this being introduced.

Great servie

fast, efficent/ will not hesitate to shop here again thank you woodland direct!

cozy grate

Purchased the product with ease and delivery was fast. Installation was harder but mainly due to the fireplace cover I had was larger with less clearance than the 1 3/8 inch required. Managed to hammer it into place. Have been using the heater with no issues. The output is quite hot. It has warmed up the area (10 by 20) nicely and helps maintain the temp in the house minimizing the use of the furnace. But it hasn't been very cold yet in Michigan so not sure how it will perform when it is zero below but im confident it will still help warm up the area. I am personally happy with the unit especially at a price of $450. The blower however is loud but I just turned up the volume on the tv and has not been an issue.

Cozy Grate

I installed the Cozy Grate, It was easy to install, took less than an hour. It definately works!. Now when I have a fire in the fireplace the room actually gets warmer, much more enjoyable now. The Cozy Grate integrated easily into the fireplace and is unnoticeable from the outside. I am quite satisfied with the unit.

Cozy Grate Heater

Good heater. Replaces heat loss up chimny from open fireplace when burning a fireplace fire.

Cozy heater

This heater is a very nice unit. First with the fan inside the fire box there is nothing outside the glass. It is very solid...I hope it will last a long time but time will tell. The unit really does a nice job throwing the heat from the fire. It warms my whole house..of course over time. The room the fireplace is in gets very warm so I have set up fans to move the heat to other areas. It is easy to install and I believe it is a good value for the money. Only drawback is the fan is a bit loud when on high setting...and what is the point setting it lower? Didn't take long to get used to it though.

Grate Heater

positive experience with woodlanddirect start to finish heater installs easily cranks out alot of heat I would highly recommend this product and vender

Well built and works great

I had old GlassFyre doors and the bottom panel held on by 2 screws was almost exactly the same height as the front vents of the device so it rested on the cozy grate perfectly. Have to get used to the fact that the most efficient fire is one that directs all the embers downward. Not as much flame but a very controlled burn.


I love this unit. It saved me a lot of money from having to put in a gas unit, and I get to use wood, which is what was intended in my house. The only thing I would have liked was an off switch I could use instead of unplugging it after every use. I plugged it into a strip cord which I could just turn on and off to save me from moving the couch every operation. I would Highly recommend this unit.

Fireplace blower

Great and fast service, packaged well and fit perfect.

Cozy Grate review

Dear Woodland Direct Review Team, The WD sales person, Jeremy, has been very helpful and responsive. Overall, I've been impressed with WD's customer service. When I recieved the first Cozy Grate unit, the blower unit was malfunctioning -- made a whining noise and was very noisy -- and Jeremy contacted the manuafacturer on my behalf to discribe the problem. I was very pleased to learn that the manufacturer was sending me an entirely new unit and would pay for the shipping to return the one with the defective blower. What I discovered when I fired up the second unit is that the the Cozy Grate blower is normally very noisy. And although the Cozy Grate does, indeed, deliver heat normally all lost up the flu back into the living space, the noise the blower makes is so distracting, I really have no desire to use it. Not only is the blower noisy, to make matters worse, the variable speed control adjusts on its own, so even if you set the blower on very low, it picks up speed all on its own.) I've even tried to convince myself that I'd get used to the noise, but I havne't; using the Cozy Grate just irritates me. I'm not an engineer, but it seems to me that the fact the blower unit is welded to the frame of the cozy grate heating unit, the vibration of the blower vibrates the entire unit which is sitting in a concrete hearth with nothin to absorb any of the sound. At this point I'm trying to decide whether to invest in glass doors in hopes that the doors will help muffle the blower noise, or just return the unit to the Woodland Direct warehouse. I understand that now that I've used the unit there's no chance for refund, but if I can't use it, i'd just as soon not having it collecting dust in my attic or garage. I thought I had done my research when I decided on the Cozy Grate heater, but obviously the one question I failed to ask was about how quiet the blower was. W.D> should provide some hint of this issue in the sales literature. SIncerely, Marc F

Cozy Grate heater

Overall this is a decent product. I installed it in combination with new glass doors. My masonry firebox is still very inefficent, however, the grate heater does return enough heat to make a noticable difference. My medium sized living room still will not get hot like I hoped it would, but at least the temperature does not drop drastically like it did before the grate heater. 2 main drawback with this product are (1) it is very loud with the fan on high, as a result I have to operate on a lower setting, which unfortunately returns less heat, and (2) it is very hard to clean the ash out of the firebox with this unit installed in combination with doors. Since the doors rest in the grate heater, you cannot move the grate heater once installed. It is very difficult to get a broom and shovel in and around this unit.

Better quality inspections

I have installed and getting a lot of use out of the Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater. It provides a lot of heat to our livingroom. There were a few problems that I had initially. The front vent was dented on the right hand side (exhaust). I did find a hole in the box that lined up with the dent. Since I was able to get it reasonably back in placed, and the side channels covered it, The rest of the installation went fine. The second problem was the amount of fumes from the fireplace once the fan started. I traced this to the joint where the front vent (input side) is joined to the fan housing. There was a gap that was inside the fireplace door. I covered it with aluminum tape (from auto work). This works, but I would think you may need a little better QA before the units are sent out.

Burnt Wood Smell

The grate works fine, however, I have a really bad burnt wood smell in the house. The smell starts once the blower turns on. I suspect a leak in the steel tube. It does put out some serious heat once the fire gets going.

Redesign the Grate

I as an engineer think the grate should include tubes above the fire as well as below as I see a lot of heat going directily up the chimney and heating the outside instead of my home. I had a five tube above and below insert prior to purchasing this one and the reason I traded was it didn't have glass doors so I had to wait until the fire died so I could close the damper before going to bed.

Grate heater

Easy to install and really cuts down on the amount of wood you need to burn to achieve a warm temperature in the room.

Stove Insert

We are so pleased with this insert; it replaced the one we had for 14 years. The amount of heat it generates is amazing. We would recommend this stove insert very highly.

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

I purchased the mid-sized unit with optional rear log guard. I already had a glass door fireplace screen; I just loosened and readjusted its brackets to secure it atop the Cozy Grate riser bar. This product installed easily in a few hours. I just set the main piece in, slid the extender bars in place, marked then cut them to size with a hacksaw, and it was done. My Cozy Grate has been operational for 2 months, and I'm very pleased with it. The blower is quieter than expected, and it heats up our lower level large family room quickly. Even after the fire burns out, just the embers keep the heat coming for another hour. I'm definitely saving on my heating bill. Thank you.

Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater

Very satisfied with heater!


This works! Your home will be warmer.

Cozy Grate Heater

Great product; I have a 3 seasons room made of all glass and it is impossible to heat. With the Cozy Grate heater I can get the room nice and warm to watch football or a movie.

Grate Heater

The Grate heater I purchase is awesome... very efficient and has a great style. The installation was very easy, I would buy aniother one if I had a second fireplace. GREAT PRODUCT


This product cost a lot of money and doesn't perform to expectations. The design is terrible. I invested in the blower and doors, but the blower forces me to put the wood close to the front of the fire place - meaning that with the doors open, it smokes horribly. In addition, the air blowing out -even with a roaring fire- is at best, luke warm. I would not recommend this product to anyone unless you feel good about paying too much for a 60 degree living room!

cozy grate

Arrived in excellent condition. Just the right size for our fireplace, very happy with it

Grate Heater

Wow. What a difference. This system was shipped quickly and packaged very nicely. Easy to install. Once the blower kicks in, the heat that comes out is awesome. This really makes a difference in being able to heat up a room rather than having all the heat go up the chimney. Very happy with this purchase so far. Wished I had gotten this sooner. I forgot who I spoke to over the phone but he was very helpful in making sure I got the right size for my fireplace.

Cozy grate

This is my second unit. The first finally rusted out after a couple of decades. Only complaint I have is a lack of emphasis in the installation instructions, about positioning the unit when a door has to be installed on top of the Cozy Grate. Probably my fault for not realizing that the Cozy Grate has to extend forward and the door rests on top, before I cut the grate. I love the grate. When operating, the unit warms a large living/dining area.

fireplace heater

This is my third unit over a 20 year period and my only criticism is the access to the heater motor. My previous 2 units would have lasted if the motor was in a housing that allowed maintnence access. The welded and riveted motor enclosure should open easier to allow oiling and cleaning of the fan motor .


This product is AWESOME, I was not sure at first when we were ordering this product if it would be worth the money. Rest assured it is! It increases the efficiency of a fire place alone 100 fold. You do not need a rip roaring fire to have considerable heat blown into the living space. Once the internal thermostat reaches 110 deg the blower automatically kicks on. Once fire drops below the blower automatically goes out. THIS IS A GREAT DEVICE. We ordered on line with a rep, he was awesome on the phone, I would buy again in a heart beat. YOU WILL NOT GO WRONG!!!!!

Cozy Grate

This product is AWESOME!!! It throws great heat, and keeps my first floor at 68-70 degrees without having to pile on the wood. It is very efficient. Installation was a snap, and customer service was fantastic. After mistakenly ordering the wrong size grate heater, I called Woodland and they shipped a new one out without charging a return shipping or restocking fee. My only suggestion for this product would be to design/sell it with the rear bar attached instead of having to buy it separately. The rear bar is a must-have item, and should come welded on the grate instead of using the clips.

Adjusting the flow of heat

I am not sure I getting the maximum benefits this Grate Heater provides. On the front of the product is an adjustable vent which should be up or down for maximum heat? Turn Nob in front, should it be turned all the way on or left alone?

Grate Heater

This was exactly what we needed to help heat our 100 year old farm house.

My heat pump went out so my wife and I decided to put in a grate heater so we could make it until warmer weather before we put in the new heat pump and it saved us.

Cozy Heater Grate

This is the first time I got to use the heater grate. And it really works fantastic. Woodland makes the best stuff. You should see the dogs fight over the vent when they hear the fan come on. Thank you so much for a great product

Grate heater

I had a Grate Heater in my previous home and loved it. I ordered one for my current home. The unit arrived damaged. It appeared not to have been properly secured in the box. Rivets were missing. The piece that sits under the fireplace door was not attached and bent. And the motor housing was lose. On a positive note, Woodland Direct did an excellent job standing behind the product. I emailed pictures of the damaged unit and they immediately contacted the manufacturer and had a replacement unit shipped to me.


Heater cover vibrates,and makes noise . Puts out good heat.


Easy to install ! Keeps my 2000 square foot home toasty warm when operating. Love it, cant say a bad thing about it.


I did receive the Cozy Grate Fireplace Heater that I ordered. Ryan was very helpful in the process. I have installed it and it is working well. The cutting to size is a challenge and I decided not to cut it to avoid problems. I looked how the previous person cut it which was more than but the length as they notched it around the brick. Maybe providing a few extra cut pieces would be helpful in case the cutting doesn't go well as you have one shot at it. The video you post on YouTube talk about sending a video with the product but there wasn't one. Maybe just posting that on your site would be helpful. Overall it looks good and works well. Thank you!

Fireplace Blower and Fans

Doesn't blow as much heat as I had expected.

5+ years old

I bought the cozy grate over 5 years ago and we have loved it. I have burned over 10 cords of wood, and this blower still works and looks like new. It is quiet and keeps much on the heat from just going up the chimney. I honestly can't imagine having another fireplace without one. Worth every penny.

Harnessing the heat

This grate is fantastic. Installation wasn't too difficult. Adding 35,000 btu to help the house furnace has cut down on utility costs. I would buy this again and recommend to others for a fireplace with glass doors.

Cozy Grate

First one lasted 13 years until weld seams finally gave way. Loved the model so bought it again. Worth the price.

Noisy and low volume of air flow

I purchased this fireplace heater with hopes it would do a significant job at increasing the heat output. It does work but the air volume is so low it does not justify the cost of the unit. Also the fan is very noisy and takes away from the atmosphere of the wood burning fireplace. I have to turn it off it i want to sit and enjoy the fire.


I had one of these when I bought my house 20 years ago. It lasted for 15 years and finally rusted out and the blower motor died. Found this on your website and it works great. Makes a huge difference warming the house! Thanks!

Purchase of cozy grate heater

Prompt delivery good product decent price very happy


We bought one of these about 30 years ago. It was for our open fireplace. We then got 2 air tight glass doors. Since then the heat has been fantastic! Up until now that is. A squirrel climbed down our chimney and chewed up the wiring. It was time to get a new one anyway...some cracking developed in the old unit. The new one fits perfectly and the heat is hotter than ever. This unit is heating an area of about 6000 cubic feet, cathedral ceiling living room, balconies, up stairs halls and some bed rooms. The old one did it for all those years and this one is doing the same. As a side note, we ordered the wrong size-too big-and returned it unused for the 20" deep one. But here's the good part: The customer service is the best I've ever seen. Shelby handled everything and quickly responded to all our emails. We wish we had people like her working in our company! Well, that's about it. Again, both the heater and the company rate an A+ and couldn't get any better than they are.

Grate Heater

We absolutely love our new grate heater. The one we replaced had been in the fireplace when we purchased the house 15 years ago. It still worked but we wanted to upgrade for energy efficiency. So happy to find the same item at a great price through woodland direct.

Cozy Grate

I am very happy with the amount of heat that this kicks out, it warms up the living room and the heat spreads into the kitchen and down the hallway in our ranch style home.

Fireplace Insert

Awesome wonder how I ever did without!!!!!!

Heat Blower

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Paul Vultaggio was extremely helpful in our getting the correct model and size of fireplace blower

Cozy grate is awesome!

Easy to install! Works as advertised and will spoil you with the automated on and off abilities when warm enough and too cold. Very heavy duty with quality USA craftsmanship! I can’t think of any improvement to be made. And the price is right at woodlanddirect in which they will take care of all my future fireplace needs!

Great Heater

First off let me say I called these people a number of times before I purchased the cozy grate heater. Every time I called I got good accurate answers to my questions and decided to buy it. I entered the order online on a thurs and received it the following Monday and I couldn't believe it came that fast. It was very easy to assembly and I am amazed at the amount of heat it puts out in the room. I measured the temp and its shooting out at 200 degrees. I have no doubt its producing the 40,000 btu like it said it would do. The only thing I had trouble with on the entire installation was fitting the cord protector to the unit. I have burned about 12 fires in it so far and noise is not a bad issue. It does make some noise but then again there is a 100 cfm fan blowing too. The unit is not noisy at all as far as vibration goes and the fan noise I can put up with to get the heat out of it that we do. I would suggest this unit to anyone that has a masonry fire place that wants to recoup some of the lost heat going up the chimney.

Cozy Grate

Maybe some more info on what forced air output each unit would have ,,,works great just if I knew the output it has I would have found something different....

Cozy Grate Heater

I absolutely love this thing! I keep my thermostat set at 68 and my house is a nice cozy 74. Saving on my heat bill. I can keep the doors closed or open. When they're open more heat and if it gets too warm I close the doors. Great product.

Cozy grate

My cozy grate came with the rheostat broken off ,it wasn't even in the packaging, I searched everywhere for the broken part and never found it. Customer service was helpful and part arrived quickly. The cord guard that fits on the extender bracket was not painted black ,so I had to buy some high temp paint and spray that part ,otherwise it would show bright silver on a black bracket. The extension brackets were poorly painted as well ,so I painted them also. product works great ,but workmanship and quality control needs improvement.