Empire Ponderosa Ventless Gas Log Set

by Empire

Item # M35100014

3.909 out of 5 Customer Rating (33) Reviews FAQs
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Empire Ponderosa Ventless Gas Log Set

by Empire

Item # M35100014

3.909 out of 5 Customer Rating (33) Reviews FAQs

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Product Details

The Empire Ponderosa Ventless Gas Log Set will transform the look of your vent free fireplace. This refractory log set will glow marvelously in your fireplace. Each log is hand painted to make is look and feel like it was brought in from outside. This complete log system can be installed into any vent-free firebox or masonry fireplace to help complete your home design.

The burner that is included with these logs raises the standard for dancing flames. This burner is designed with ceramic beads inside the burner that tumble the gas to create exceptionally realistic flame movement. This system can convert easily to a vented version by opening the flue damper in your fireplace.

With multiple sizes and control options to choose from you are sure to find the perfect set for your home!


  • Available in 18 inch, 24 inch, and 30 inch sets
  • Remote options available for millivolt systems
  • Constructed from ceramic fiber


  • Type: Gas Log Set
  • Log Set Width: 18" | 24" | 30"
  • Location: Indoor
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
  • Material: Refractory Ceramic
  • Style: Ponderosa Pine
  • Certification: UL Listed | ANSI Certified | cUL Listed
  • Venting Type: Ventless
  • Heat Output: 32,000 BTUs | 36,000 BTUs | 38,000 BTUs
  • Overall Width: 18" | 24" | 30"
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Free Ground Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS

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Q: Does the remote control the amount of flame? A: Yes, the variable flame remote will control the flame height.
Q: Can these be used in a zero-clearance fireplace? A: As long as your ZC fireplace is approved to have a vent free log set installed in it, this log set will work perfectly.
Q: How many logs does the 18" set have? A: The 18" log set includes 13 logs.
Q: Do the logs set on an iron grid? A: Yes, they sit on a grate.
Q: Are these available as a thermostatically-controlled log set/burner? A: Yes, they are available with that control option.
Q: Is the grate in front of the logs standard with the log set? A: The grate in the picture is include with this log set. There is a decorative cast iron grate that is available at an additional charge.
Q: If I choose the manual on/off for the gas firelogs then what method will be used to light the pilot. Will I need a lighter or will it have an electric push start similar to a gas grill? A: The manual on/off gas valve will have a push button igniter that will aid you in pilot ignition.
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Product Reviews

Ponderosa Fire Logs

The log set is incredible! Beautiful flames and tremendously heat efficient. Incredible hand-painted logs are gorgeous. I higly recommend this set!!!

fireplace insert ventless

This Ponderosa insert is disappointing in that there is not that much flame and the logs look precariously placed such that no one would build a fire that looks like that. However, I wanted a ventless system and the above is partly just an attribute of ventless systems. It does not replace a real fire by any stretch of the imagination BUT it is a great emotional and physical comfort on balance AND the company/reps treated me with real care and interest. Rating it for what it is, it's really very good.

Ponderosa Logsets

I scored a 5 assuning that 5 is best on the scale for the ponderosa logsets, I purchased 2 of these, a 30" and 24" set, complete with remote, I never worked with these before, installation was a breeze, and they look and perform beautifully. I have had lots of compliments on these, how realistic and the rolling flames are the best. I have 2 year old twins, who love to sit by the fire and the whole family is enjoying them. Would definitely recommend!

Awesome logs

These logs are amazing! They look so real! The fire looks like a wood fire on the grate with the embers glowing. They really throw the heat out into the room and warm up fast. My only regret is not being to give them more than five stars!

The Ponderosa Vent Free Gas Log was an expensive item but it looked from the pictures to be a quality item so likey worth the cost. We were disappointed when it arrived to find one of the ceramic logs cracked and the burner bent on the end so badly that my husband had to spend some time trying to bend it back in shape in order for it to work properly. Fortunately he was able to correct it as the item was too heavy to consider sending it back. It is a pretty log and looks nice in the fireplace but it was very poorly packaged and the resulting damage seemed inappropriate for anything this expensive. Greater care with quality control before an item is shipped and better packaging would seem to be in order.

problemlow flame

We have a low flame not real happy

problemlow flame

We have a low flame not real happy

Terrible Customer Service

The log set is great but customer service is awful. The log set came with one damaged (cracked) log and it came without the embers. I called right after delivery and requested the broken log be replaced and the embers actually sent. The customer service rep was kind and said she'd send them right out, but it has been over a month and I haven't received anything.

ponderosa vent free ceramic gas logs

one of the logs keeps falling off. It should/could have had some sort of pin in it to fit in the log beneath it. Other than this issue, we like it very much


Ponderosa Vent Free Gas Logs

First of all, our purchase arrived much sooner than expected. We had them professionally installed without any problems. We are absolutely amazed at the amount of heat produced using so little gas. Our house is 1400 sq. ft. and we have not had to use our furnace once this winter. The remote makes use easy from the couch! I would recommend this product to anybody who wants to stay warm and save a lot of money.

Gas Log Set

I love our purchase!!! It's easy to assemble, the appearance is beautiful and realistic, and it heats our large room easily. I would definitely recommend it!

Gas Insert

Love the looks and response from you.


Looks and works great. Highly recommend the thermostatic remote.

Gas Logs

This Empire Gas Log set is truly a great investment. The Thermostat Remote Control is in my opinion a must have feature. I was so happy with the quality of this Empire Product that I purchased an Empire Radiant Wall heater for another room. The customer service Rep at Woodland Direct was very knowledgeable and amazingly helpful. I ordered this on a Saturday and it delivered the next Wednesday. I would certainly use Woodland Direct again. It was a very good experience.

Very Happy With Everything.

Very Happy With Everything.


It's beautiful and works well.


I recieved my order in a timely manner however 4 of the logs were cracked upon arrival. I am waiting for replacements. Woodland Direct was very professional 4 logs have been placed on order. I have concern that more of the ceramic logs will have damage as well.


I orderd my logs and was disappointed when I realized that a couple of logs got damaged during shipment however Woodland Direct 's staff worked hard to get me the required parts. The staff was very courteous and helpful. The logs themselves are so realistic. I'm very happy with my decision.


This log set is exactly what I was looking for, works great.

Replacement for an original gas log set

The service was very fast. Ordered it and got it on the 2nd day after the order in Georgia. Everything was correct on the order. Installation was no problem and we let the logs burn off for about 2 hours as instructed but actually there was no new odor from the unit as I have seen with other units. Have been using now for several weeks with no issues and the thermostatic remote control works very well.

Fire Logs

It's a good looking log set. Nice flame and embers.

Unit is attractive but doesn't make enough visible flame.

Vent Free Gas Log Set

Two days after we got our vent free gas logs, we had an 10 inch snow storm that took out our power. We had only tried the fire place out once, so this was an experiment. We had no other heat source. We cooked outside under an umbrella on a gas grill burner in the snow for two days. However, we were warm and cozy in our 16 ft by 21 ft family room. We covered the french doorway leading into the foyer with a quilt. The fireplace heated this room giving us access to the kitchen and bathroom. We were comfortable with our books, battery powered music and sofas for sleeping. We highly recommend this product.


Beautiful product, just what we wanted! Priced a little out of our price range, but the included shipping swung the deal for us!

Looks Real!

The gas logs and flickering look great. I didn't really like the look of the lava rocks. The logs need to be labeled more clearly for assembly. Some of them were not labeled at all.

Broken Log

Log G was broken in transit. Disappointing but I'm sure it can be replaced

Ponderosa logset

Customer support (phone) is great.. and I would give that five stars... However the product itself was not the quality I would have expected. The first logset we received had several broken and cracked logs (missing chunks that were not in the box -- so I am left to conclude they were shipped that way). The burner also didn't work properly. The staff at Woodland was very responsive and shipped us out a new logset... This time the logs came in okay, but the burner was not boxed properly... the inserts in the box that protect the burner were laying at the bottom flat and were not used. The burner front bars were all bent up. We were able to properly bend them back, but considering the amount of money this cost -- I would have expected better care in packing. I think the burner is working (although not sure - it sounds like the stepper motor engages on this one, but the flames do not change intensity)... but we are tired of the hassle and won't call back in for another unit. Overall... people at Woodland direct seem great... the Empire product while it looks very nice -- I believe the quality is at best questionable. I had ordered two other logsets a few years ago and really thought the product was good... however this time I was not impressed with the quality at all...at least in care of getting it to the customer not damaged.

Ponderosa Ventless Logs

WOW! First off, thanks to Matt, who sent me in this direction. I wanted a lot of flame, real looking logs, and a remote to control it all. This is the one..my only problem is I want to take the fire poker and mess with it ha ha. I am very pleased with the look, and no more hauling in wood for me. Thanks again Matt, you're the Man!!!!!

Purchase of Ponderosa Log Set

I phoned the office after having some problems with other dealers in my area. Kevin Pottenger was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the products. I purchased the Ponderosa Log set which was delivered within a few days. Unfortunately one of the logs was cracked during delivery. Expecting a hassle I sent an email to Kevin explaining the situation but to my surprise he told me to take a picture of the log so they could identify which one it was and they would replace it. I would rate the experience 10 out 10 and will purchase from them again Bob L

Product & Service

With help from young lady at Woodland we made the absolutely best choice of logs size & accessories The service is the BEST we have ever received on line or phone!! Highly recommend We saved $100's over local purchase

Ponderosa log set

I didn’t expect to love it this much!!! It is so beautiful and realistic! I had a professional do the install and he really liked it too! Absolutely gorgeous!