HY-C Big Top Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap

by HY-C

Item # M15400017

4.586 out of 5 Customer Rating (99) Reviews FAQs
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HY-C Big Top Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap

by HY-C

Item # M15400017

4.586 out of 5 Customer Rating (99) Reviews FAQs

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Product Details

The HY-C Big Top Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap is the perfect chimney cap for chimneys that have multiple flues terminating in one place. The large design of this chimney ensures that you can fit this cap easily over multiple flues at once. Available in 8 inch, 10 inch, and 14 inch heights, this chimney cap has a versatile design that is unrivaled.

Constructed from 24 gauge galvanized steel and utilizing an 18 gauge galvanized steel screen, this chimney cap is made to stand out from the crowd.

Note: Chimney caps are required to have no larger than 5/8" mesh openings in the state of California. If not in California, the manufacturer may not allow you to purchase a chimney cap with less than a 3/4" mesh due to concerns about Condensation freezing over the openings in cold climates and affecting proper draft.


  • Galvanized steel construction
  • 3/4 inch or 5/8 inch mesh
  • 3 height options

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  • Type: Multi-Flue
  • Installation: Bolt On
  • Mounting Type: Top Mount
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Mesh Size: 3/4" | 5/8"
  • Height: 8" | 10" | 14"
  • Finish: Galvanized
  • Color: Black
  • Screen Height: 8" | 10" | 14"
  • Fits Flue Width/Diameter: 10" - 64"
  • Assembly Required: No

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NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Flat Rate Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS


Q: What is the dimension of the top? A: The dimension of the top of the cap will vary depending on the size of the cap selected. We have 14 sizes you are able to choose from.
Q: What are the inside dimensions of the chimney cap? A: This cap is available in 14 different sizes. If you look above the 'Add to Cart' button there is a drop down menu that will allow you to choose what size you need along with the mesh size that is desired.
Q: Is this cap okay to use if I am burning wood in a fireplace & and wood stove? A: Yes, this is an acceptable use of this chimney cap.
Q: How does this item mount, does it screw into into the chimney cap or attach to the chimney flue? A: This cap attaches to the top of the chimney using Tap-Con screws. The Tap-Con screws and drill bit are both included.
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Product Reviews

Great Chimney Cap

Great design... easily assembled and installed. Came with needed masonry drill bit, screws, and sealing cement.


have been very satisfied with the orders received this week. Thanks

Chimney Cap Install

I run a small Home Maintenance business and this product was very easy to put together and install on the chimney. All the materials were included in the kit including a tube of Lumber Lock adhesive and screws, which made the whole process quick and easy. I intend to order more products for my customers.

Chimney Cap Review

Ordering was easy, courteous, received and installed.Very pleased. Thank you!

Chimney Guard Review

The packaging was unique. More than sufficient parts:- bolts & nuts, anchoring bolts, etc, were supplied to ease assembly and mounting upon the chimney. It is a great product. You are to be commended.

Black Galvanized Chimney Cap

Received item in good condition and in a reasonable amount of time. Intallation intructions were clear and the included masonary drill was appreciated. It was necessary to enlarge the mounting holes to assist installation. I suggest including more screws rather than the adhesive which could damage the masonary chimney cap if removal of steel cap is necessary. The adhesive could also block necessary water drainage and shorten the life of the masonary cap.

Chimney Cap

Easy assembly and installation. Kit included masonary screws, masonry drill bit, and construction adhesive which was nice. Good product for the price. Light gauge sheet metal made the cap a little flimbsier than I would have preferred, but overall I was very satisfied.


I'm the estimator for a masonry repair company here in Kansas City. I recently found your website and purchased a chimney cap. I also referred you to customer who also purchased a chimney cap. Both transactions went well. Thank you!  I like that anyone can go to your site (without an account) and look at your products and prices, also the PayPal checkout is comforting.


Order delivered promptly and as described, attentive to customer via e-mails.

chimney cap

This is my 2nd review since I did receive the cap this afternoon. It looks good and is ready for the roof after a simple assembly.

chimney cap

nice looking product. easy to assemble. limited flexibility in how to mount it to chimney. should have this information on the website, as the base is not very flexible for mounting, and depending on the chimney wash, it may not work. product would be 5/5 if the mounting instructions were on the site or more flexible.

Woodland Chimney Cap

I was expecting a little heavier guage of metal; however it was rather easy to assemble and install.

black galvanized chimney cap

Looks good, have to wait & see how it holds up to New England weather. The tapcon screws are difficult driving them into the masonry so it's a good idea you add adhesive with the installation kit.

Chimney Cap

Product was shipped promply. All parts were accounted for. Excellent directions included..I would do business with then again and recommend this comany to others.


I'm not sure if a high score is good or bad - but it was great. Exactly what we needed and more than half what our local retailer wanted to charge us. The transaction was easy, installation was as well. Thank you!

Chimney Cover

The product was as described and easy to install. There was one slight problem, one of the spot welded cover Bolts broke it's spot weld. It easily fixs but a defect all the same

Chimney Cap

Overall good quality, well made, easy to follow instructions.

Great product, great delivery

Product arrived as promised. All tools/accessories were included, and dimensions were correct. The product is great.

Chimney Cap

The item did not come with all the necessary parts required for installation. I received extra masonry screws, but no locking nuts to hold the cap down. The directions for installing the cap were also incorrect. The directions indicated that four 5/16" nuts were required to secure the cap. However, the cap actually required 1/4" nuts to lock it down. Not having the parts needed to install the cap was frustrating enough. Having to make multiple trips to the hardware store due to incorrect instructions and product specification seemed like punishment.The chimney cap functions and looks great otherwise.

Black Galvinized Chimney cap

Product looks great and is working well on top of our outdoor fireplace. Unfortunately due to rain past month we have had limited use. Product was easy to install and appears to be very secure. Only issue we would note is that it showed some damage/chipped paint on all four corners from the delivery process.

Black-Painted Galvanized Steel 8" Mesh Height

Great product, great price.Quick shipping

Fireplace Chimney Cover

I purchased the chimney cover for my son and daughter in law. We installed it with no difficulty and expect it will perform as advertised. I only wish it was made out of a little heavier gauge metal.

very satisfied with product, and company. Order was shipped and received very quicklyu (3-4 days) in perfect condition. I will definately order other products from Woodland Direst. Thank You. I am unclear which is the highest/lowest score, I mean for the highest.

Chimney Cap

Just had the cap installed. The only negative is that more screws and clamps should have been provided to secure it to the chimney and the aid in the assembly. Other than that....perfect.

Product was easy to assemble and install

Chimney Cap

I am very satisfied with this product.. It works well, fits well.

chimney cap

no problem. thanks!

Chimney Cap

Been on the roof less than two months. Paint is peeling and is starting to rust in the corners. Not recommended!

Chimney Cap # 1540188

I'm very pleased with the Black Painted Galvanized Steel (17" x 53") Chimney Cap. The assemply and mounting was relatively easy! And it really looks great on my chimney! The only negative I have is with the bolts and nuts that attach the top to the side frame. The design is to be able to remove the top for cleaning your flue ... but when you loosen the nuts, which are on the top/outside, the bolts fall out. And to be able to keep the bolts in place, while attaching the top, I had to put duck tap on them.

Good value

This item it adequate to the task. General quality is good, instructions are clear and installation presented no challenges. The paint finish was a little disappointing; normal handling during install resulted in some flaking at the folded corners of the lid. Wonder how well it will stand up to the elements. Price was very competitive with local suppliers.

Chimney cap

Assembled easily. Respectable materials and craft. Good shipping. Good customer assistance. Thanks

Chimney Cap

Great customer service. I called several times and the sales person was very courteous and helpful. He was patient in describing what the products were and how they operated. He also explained mounting techniques that would be needed for my specific chimney dimensions. I purchased my chimney cap because I was treated like a respected customer. I highly recommend Woodland Direct to anyone needing their services or products.

Chimney Cap

We are pleased with the purchase of our Black-Painted Galvanized Steel 8" Mesh Height Chimney Cap from Woodland Direct. Prior to purchase, we reviewed our selection with Woodland Direct. Response to our concerns was quick and accurate. When the time came, installation went flawlessly, thanks to the hardware supplied and the well-written instructions. Thank you, Woodland Direct!.

Chimney Cap

Looks good. Real quality heavy duty steel. I would definitely recommend this company to a friend. Thanks


Great product went right on and was exact to specs. good job.

Black-Painted Galvanized Steel Chimney Cap

THE Chimmney cover was everthing as advertised.The shipping was right on time.Very satisfied with this product.

Chimeny cover

My husband installed this in just a short time. He says it was very easy.

Product/Service Review

Product is good and installation was easy. Ordering process was a breeze. Product did not ship on time, had to call Customer Service to see why. Customer Service had item resent in system.




Chimney cover arrived quickly, in good condition, quality was excellent and everything needed for installation was included. Very pleased!!



Chimney Cap

Sturdy and, easy to install. Received in a reasonable amount of time. Good product, just what I needed!

chimney cover

great product,delivered on time ad very happy with the company product

Good Chimney Cap

I ordered the 17"x29" chimney cap and am happy with my purchase. I wish there were more than just 4 screws to hold the lid on and the included nuts were just regular nuts and not lock nuts. I think I may replace those with lock nuts. As for the lid, with only 4 screws/nuts holding the lid down, I am concerned about strong winds trying to lift the lid off. The package included a free tube of polyurethane construction adhesive and a Vermont American (low end product) masonry drill bit. It also came with 4 Tapcon pan-head masonry screws. I can't understand why they were generous enough to include the drill bit and construction adhesive, but only gave 4 screws. Certainly 4 screws are NOT enough to properly secure this chimney cap to the chimney. I bought a 25-pack of Tapcon screws and used 5 screws on each of the 17" sides and 9 screws on each of the 29" sides. I also bought a Tapcon masonry drill bit to drill my pilot holes because it is a better bit for this use than the low-end masonry bit that was included. All in all, I am happy with this item.

Chimney Cap

Excellent product. I am glad I ordered it.

chimney cap

The 14" x 14" black chimney cap I purchased fit nicely on the chimney with handy removable top and plenty of extra holes to use if you want to make it more secure. Good quality for the price.

Chimney hood

Product was shipped on time. Product was made very well. Product fit as stated. Installing was easy. My company will purchase products again from this company. My customer was very happy with the product. Product is priced well.


Product and shipping was Great. Thank you

chimney cap

Product as advertised. Easily assembled and installed.

Galvanized chimney cap

Instructions were easy to follow, installation was a breeze. With stood very strong winds with no problem. Had several interested neighbors. Looks much better than three different sized caps on the same chimney.

Complete package

I appreciated the fact that the kit included construction adhesive and a masonry drill bit. Woodland had the best price on this item that I found, but I still thought it was a bit expensive for what you get. Easy to install and looks good.

galvanized chimney cap

Very pleased with purchase. Simple install, looks great! Product arrived a week earlier than expected. Can't ask for better service. Thanks

chimney cap review

very pleased with chimney cap. so far so good if this was facbbook....would hit the "like" button. service was helpful and very pleasant to deal with only surprise was there that; some assymbly required, but i understsnd why overall...excellent product and service. my chimney is now covered and smokin' properly....thanks

Did the trick

Easy install if you've used tapcons or concrete anchors in the past. Withstood Hurricane Sandy and its 70mph gusts. So far so good.

chiminny Cap

Fits great, looks good and I'm satified

Chimney Cap

I rate this service and product the highest possible.I got exactly what I asked for as described and within a descent time frame with no Hassles and for a fair price. Will surely buy from Woodland Direct again.

Chimney Cap

Am very pleased with the Chimney cap, looks great and was easy to install. Thanks

I was very satisified with the product. Time will tell if it withstands the weather.

Black-Painted Galvanized Steel 10" Mesh Height

Great buy. Kit came with all necessary parts, including masonary drill bit and industrial adhesive. Easy to assemble and installation. I only wish I had found Woodland Direct sooner. Thank you-

best mail order item i have ever ordered had everything in the kit that was needed and at a fair price something you dont find these days keep up the good work

chinmey cap

it was easy to figure out the right cap to order and there was no delay in the shipping. the cap fit just right. I will order from you again

Looks great!

This cap looks great on my outdoor fireplace. Easy to install and catches all the sparks. Kept rain out this last weekend so that is all good.

High Quality

The chimney cap is high quality, attractive, arrived quickly with all necessary parts and included instructions. Excellent.

Woodland Chimney Cap

Awesome kit, providing everything you need. Hardware and high temperature caulk! Higher than expected satisfaction! Recommended to all !

Product was completely satisfactory, and was delivered quickly and in excellent condition.

Great Chimmney topper

Fast shipping and went together as advertised, all parts are in the box including the drill bit. I had it assembled and installed on my customers chimmney in 30 minutes. Id buy another one when I need one.

Very Good Chimney cap

This is an excellent chimney cap and is pretty easy to install. The four sides with the mesh grill are well made. The cap is also well made and tapers in all four directions to allow for rainwater runoff. I also have the 17" x 29" version and am equally satisfied. When I purchased these chimney caps, I assumed that I was just getting the chimney cap (4 sides and the cap piece). However, they also included a few extras. 1) One tube of polyurethane construction adhesive for bonding the bottom of each side piece to your chimney (also use plenty of screws). This saves a few dollars on a tube at the hardware store. 2) They included some Tapcon masonry screws. These are a good brand and work well. But, they only included four of them. I would recommend 20 to 24 screws for this size. 3) They also included a masonry drill bit for making the pilot holes. However, it was a budget bit (Vermont American) and doesn't last more than a few pilot holes in brick. You'll want to get a Tapcon masonry drill bit for your pilot holes. They are excellent and one bit will drill all you pilot holes and still be good for your next project. All in all, I'm very happy with the chimney cap.

Chimney Cap

Great item, so easy to install...........great quality for the money!!

Chimney Cdp

Easy installation and solved my leak issue The flue on the vented side of my chimney installed improperly where it would catch rain and filter it in to the face of my fireplace. After installing the cap we havnt had any water inside.. Exactly what we hoped for

chimney cap

cap looks good, size was perfect, look much better than those small caps on most chimneys. took too long to get notified that it was on back order, otherwise happy.

chimney top

Excellent product. All parts and equipment needed to install are in the package.

Chimney Cap

I installed the cap and it looks great.

Chimney Top Purchase

Chimney top fit great, shipping was fast, received it before anticipated.

Thank you, I was very satisfied.


My service was very good.

Chimney cap

I had a damaged cap that was missing parts sent to me but after a phone call, an email, and a follow up phone call I was sent a new one. Overall I was happy with the product and would order again if needed. The price seemed a little inflated compared to the caps you can buy off the shelf. Overall I was satisfied and so was the customer we installed it for.

chimney cap

This cap was reasonably priced; and shipped and received on time. It was easy to assemble and to install with the included adhesive and masonry screws. A good product and a good, simple transaction. Recommended.

Amazing Fireplace Cap

I don't know what was better; The Customer Service Agent's help, The simplicity of the web-site, with its multiple choices, or the product itself. Hell, everything about this purchase was perfect. I only wish I had another fireplace to cap, but my brother does and you should be hearing from him soon.

Great Cap

I really liked everything about this cap, from the service to delivery and quality.

Chimney cap

Delivery was prompt, the, product was as advertised, and the quality was excellent.

chimney cap

Quality good, looks great, just what I wanted. The only thing I changed was to put stainless steel wing nuts on the cap for easier removal for cleaning.

Chimney cap

Very pleased with chimney cap and price Thank you

Chimney cap

Very pleased with chimney cap and price Thank you


Great product. Great Vendor.



Chimney cap

Thought the cap was made really cheap didn't have hinges had flimsy metal tabs that you fold over instead of hinges although it did come with glue And a few screws I also found the galvanized and other caps to be more expensive than other sites delivery was prompt

Great Product

Easy install, I love how they included a drill bit with the product. I will recommend this product to an average dyi type of person.


Fast delivery and easy to install.

chimney cap

Works good. Came package good. Came in about a week once ordered.

Chimeny Cap and Screen

As described. Arrived when promised. Fair price.

Pros & Cons

Pros The product is made well and comes with everything to install it. Cons The base falls apart from the mesh easily. Its advisable to screw the corners together with sheet metal screws before installing on the chimney.

Great Service

I recently bought the chimney cap. The experience was great. The order was process quickly the item arrived promptly. It was well packaged, included everything I needed to complete the job and the quality looked very good. I would recommend Woodland Direct to anyone.

Hy-C black 10" chimney cap

After measuring and then researching the need cap for my chimney. I located on Woodland Direct, purchased and have since assembled and installed it. It came with everything needed and was an easy install. I would recommend this to any handyman.


Great company very helpful and great time delivery. Great price and excellent service. Will use again and again.

Chimney Cover

I am very happy with this product. It arrived quickly, was fairly priced, it assembled easily, provided the coverage I needed, and it looks very nice.


Have to say they look great on the chimney. Very pleased definitely recommend this product.

Chimney cap

After careful measuring, this cap fit nicely. Installed easily. And looks great. And the wife is happy with the look.

Chad S. | Boise, ID
Submitted: 09/09/2021

Lighter material than expected

I finished the assembly. Pretty simple. It was made of much lighter material than I had wanted. The black finish appears very durable so it should last! It is not installed yet, but seems like that it will work as expected.

Jim H. | Walla Walla, WA
Submitted: 10/07/2021