HY-C Black Firewood Rack

by HY-C

Item # 1541076

4.762 out of 5 Customer Rating (63) Reviews
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HY-C Black Firewood Rack

by HY-C

Item # 1541076

4.762 out of 5 Customer Rating (63) Reviews

The HY-C Black Firewood Rack is not only practical, but also extremely affordable! This wood rack will allow you to not only clean up the eye-sore in your backyard, but it will help your fires start easier and burn cleaner! The 45 inch rack will do t...

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Product Details

The HY-C Black Firewood Rack is not only practical, but also extremely affordable! This wood rack will allow you to not only clean up the eye-sore in your backyard, but it will help your fires start easier and burn cleaner! The 45 inch rack will do this by elevating the wood off the ground and allowing fresh air to properly dry out the wet, damp firewood. A perfect length for most any homeowner looking to enjoy the occasional fire, this firewood rack boasts a sleek, black finish that allows you to stack your firewood in most any location about the yard.If you're looking to hold firewood in areas that are often effected by snow and rain, considering adding on the full cover to give added shelter and protection.

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  • Type: Outdoor Wood Racks
  • Log Capacity: 1/5 Cord
  • Material: 18-Gauge Steel | Steel
  • Color Family: Black
  • Overall Width: 45"
  • Overall Height: 45"
  • Overall Depth: 13"
  • Finish: Powder Coat
  • Color: Black
  • Log Length: 24"
  • Assembly Required: Required
  • Item Weight: 18 lbs.
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Product Reviews

Log Rack

Easy to put together... now my wood pile is attractive. Quick shipping!

Log Rack

The item arrived at our house within 5 days of purchase. We are very satisfied with your service.

Product Review

The 4ft Black Log Rack is good. However, assembly was quite difficult because three of the screw holes had not been punched through completely. My husband managed to open two of them, but the third was impossible to open. More careful inspection would eliminate this problem.

log rack

simple,easy to assemble, holds quite a lot of wood efficierntly, & is well built. shipped quickly. made a plywood roof for it with pipe clamps & scrap wood!

Great value

The same log rack sells for twice as much in some stores. I would not have purchased it if I didn't see it here. thanks, shipped on time, 5 minutes to put together. The cover is great but should be a little less expensive, I think.

firewood rack

This is an excellent sturdy firewood rack and fits my patio without taking the entire patio . I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good quality firewood rack .

Product Review

Fast delivery. Easy to assemble. Great product.


The product was shipped timely and assembly took only a few minutes. The price is fair and it appears sturdy enough to last for awhile.

metal wood rack

Met all expectations. Went together super easy and came just in time for the wood that I ordered. Thank you so much!

log rack

Bought 3-black log racks which I used inside to stack wood was easy to assemble and light weight but strong enought to whole wood! Good buy and reasonable price.

Indoor log rack

Easy to install. Sturdy enough. Delivery arrived quicker than estimated arrival.

4 foot Log Rack

Great product. Much sturdier than the ones I looked at at Lowes or Home Depot and I could afford the cover for the rack. Why get something that gets the firewood off the ground but then it gets wet if it rains? Holds a small amount of wood which is good for us – about ¼ of a cord of wood.

Firewood Rack

Nice product!!!! Fast shipping!!!! Thanks

Great Log Rack!

The product came quickly and my husband was so excited! He put it together right away and filled it with all the wood we had sitting on our back porch. We are super satisfied customers!!

Firewood Log Rack & seller.

The firewood log rack I purchased from Woodland Direct is exactly what I needed. The seller responded quickly to my emails and waisted no time to ship it. It arrived in good order. I would not hesitate to purchase another product from this store.

Outside rack...inside

We bougt this rack to sit in a corrner of our rustic living room. We burn a lot of wood and this rack allows us to bring in several days worth to dry out properly. It is working great for us.

Log Rack

Easy to assemble and does just what I bought it for!


The right size I needed for a good price.

Very Happy

The only thing that would make it easier to assemble would be if it came pre-assembled.

4ft Black Log Rack

The product came much more quickly than expected and in excellent order.  The log rack was exactly what we wanted and was heavy enough construction to bear the weight of the wood we wanted to use.  The cover was excellent--very heavy and with a Velcro closing to keep the wood dry.


it arrived earlier than expected. All the parts were shipped. However, one of the legs did not have bolt holes. Rather than go to the time and expense of returning it I just secured it with several zip ties.

4ft Firewood Rack

This rack was shipped very quickly and was very easy to assemble (5 minutes max. and I'm no handy-man). I picked up a quarter cord of firewood and it all fit (stacked a little higher than the side rails, but no danger) The sturdy rack easily held the weight of the firewood. I am very pleased with my purchase and would certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to store a quarter cord of wood or less. Thanks Woodland!

Black Metal Log Rack

This is lovely, straightforward wood log rack, simple in design, easy to assemble, and pleasing to the eye. Strong, too!

Seems to be a good product. I do have a suggestion. It seems a bit fragile. Allowing about 2" more between the bolts would stiffen the unit.


I am very pleased with your service and the product as well.

4 ft. log rack

Went together well and was just the size we needed. It appears to be sturdy enough to withstand snow totals that we can have, but I will have tio see how secure it is after the first winter.

Firewood Rack

I found the cover to be a little too narrow to fit over odd shaped pieces of wood but if they are uniform the cover is more than adaquate. I like the construction and assembly. Very easy and sturdy. More than adaquate to handle the amount of wood it is built for. It isn't winter yet but I'm sure I will be able to get to the wood with little or no difficulty. Good product.

Keeps wood neat and dry

Very well made. Keeps wood off the ground, so helps drying. Since wood is now neatly stacked, it would be easy to cover with a tarp.

4 foot wood rack

We are very happy with our wood rack. It is sturdy and looks sooo much better that the ugly tarp we used before. Delivery was as promised, and it was simple to put together. We would definitely shop Woodland Direct again.

Excellent products.

Firewood rack

Product was exactly as promised and arrived within 48 hours of purchase. I'm very pleased.

Firewood holder

Got package in plenty of time - only issue wasw picture was on outside of box and it was a christmas present for my husband. I got to it before he got home, but I had to wrap it immediately so he couldn't see what it was. Other than that, everything was great. Thank you.

Firerack made easy

very easy to put together and assemble. Looking forward to getting years of use out of this.


I am very pleased with the woodrack and in the very timely manner in which it was delivered.I would do business with you again and refer you to othersThank you very much.

4ft Firewood Rack

Accurate, prompt, vendor proccessing and intact delivery. All components in box and a snap to assemble. Accurately quoted and true dimensions. Important to me as space that assembled rack was to be set in had no room for dimension errors.

4 Ft. Black Firewood Rack

The product is exactly as advertized and is very sturdy. I have a woodstove I use as supplemental heat. I wanted to be able to bring in and store large quantities of wood at a time, so I saw this rack and decided to use it indoors. It looks nice enough that I am able to do this. The seller shipped quickly and I am very happy with the purchase.

Fire Wood Rack

The company is quick to ship and the product is as advertised. Too soon to tell how well the rack will hold up but so far its holding its own loaded down with 3' pieces of oak.

4' firewood rack

We should have purchased a bigger one! This rack is very sturdy and our logs are quite big so it holds up well to the load. It makes for a neat package on our lower deck. We got the cover too as it is only partially sheltered. Arrived promptly and we are very happy with our purchase.

Firewood Holder

Product received in timely manner, easy to assemble and holds a fairly large amount of wood

lumber rack

Purchased the 1/2 cord for lumber. So far really liking it. Is solid and was easy to put together.

Black Firewood Rack

This is a great product and it arrived lightening fast. It was easy to assemble and is exactly as descibed. Love it.

Black Firewood Rack

We split a cord of wood with our neighbor so searched for a sturdy rack and something stylish for the porch of our new house. We are so glad we found the Woodland Direct website which was thorough and easy to choose their product. The rack arrived prompty and was easy to put together. We didn't quite calculate the size of a cord of wood, though, and got a size too small to accommodate all the wood. Oh well! We'll just use up the excess wood first!

black firewood rack

Product is perfect for my needs; easy to assemble and shipping was very quick

outdoor firewood rack

fast shipping, easy to assemble, reasonable pricing

very happy

Yes, I'm an employee of Woodland, but this time I got to be the customer!!! I had a pile of wood in my back yard and it needed a home. This rack worked perfect. It helped me turn an unsightly pile of wood into a...um...a...um...sightly pile of wood....um...ok..it looks way better. Woohoo.

wood rack

Good workmanship and easy to use. Thanks would recommend it.

Cast Iron Wood Rack

The rack is great, perfect fit for my needs and the price was very good.

Wood Rack and Cover

This item is exactly as advertised. Easy to put together, holds a substancial amount of wood, the cover fits nice and is easy to remove wood with the front velcro openings. Love it.

Black Firewood Rack

This rack is the perfect size for an apartment. It is a bit small compared to the pile of wood we needed at our house for heating, but it is perfect for the apartment. It securely holds around a quarter load of wood and keeps it neatly up off the ground, which prevents it from freezing. The material is strong and thick and sturdy. It is very easy to assemble (much easier than hauling wood) and sets up nicely. It is actually an attractive item which was unexpected.

purchas of rack and covers

I bought a 4 ft. firewood rack and two covers. The area I had the wood stored was right out of a slider door and looked a mess. The rack was very easy to put together. I have another rack that is not the quality and look of the one I purchased from your facility. The cover on the old rack was in shreds. Now the area looks very clean and neat and the wood is protected from the elements. I first looked online and was able to see pictures and a description and then I called to speak to a person who was very helpful and placed my order. I would recommend Woodland Direct for outdoor purchases.

Black Firewood Rack

Item was exactly as represented and exactly what I wanted. Could not be happier. Scored a "5" assuming that "1" was lowest and "5" was highest. Nothing identified what the scores represented.

Useful and beautiful

Fast shipping, reasonable price, and made in the USA? I'm in. This firewood rack was easy to assemble and I'm glad I purchased it to store and help season my firewood.

Great product

This is exactly as represented and arrived quickly. The hardware was missing from the box and Woodland shipped that promptly. Great service!

Great stand, easy to install and very sturdy. Very happy with my purchase.

HY-C Firewood Rack

Looks great. Assembled in just minutes. Well worth the money and made in the U.S.A.! I would highly recommend this wood rack!

Perfect Choice!

The product is exactly as advertised! Perfect choice and well built!

Solid Rack

Solid rack. Easy to put together.

Quality Item

Great quality. Heavy duty wood rack. Delivery was exceptionally fast!

4 ' & 12' Firewood Rack

I received both of the above and was very happy with them. They are easy to put together and are solid to hold the wood. thank you for your products.