Lock-Top Chimney Cap Damper

Item # M56200145

4.603 out of 5 Customer Rating (73) Reviews FAQs
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Lock-Top Chimney Cap Damper

Item # M56200145

4.603 out of 5 Customer Rating (73) Reviews FAQs

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Product Details

All fireplace dampers leak energy - even new ones. So if you have a chimney, you need a Lock-Top top sealing damper! The Lock-Top Chimney Damper is like a storm door for your chimney - locking the unconditioned air outside, and keeping the expensive, conditioned air inside. You will be saving energy dollars year-round!

Constructed from a stainless steel lid and an aluminum frame, this door uses an array of stainless steel springs to pop open each time you use it. A 30’ cable drops down the chimney, allowing you to open and tightly close the damper whenever you wish. A Chimney fire safety device locks the damper open in case of a chimney fire.


  • Stainless steel lid and cast aluminum
  • All Hardware Included
  • Chimney fire safety device locks the damper open in case of a chimney fire.

Please Note: Snow and ice can keep the Lock-Top Damper closed in the winter time. If you experience snow and ice during the winter season, consider the Lock Top II Chimney Damper


Please Note: We do not recommend using top-sealing dampers with gas fireplaces.

Eligible for a Product Warranty
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  • Type: Single Flue | Damper
  • Installation: Bolt On
  • Mounting Type: Outside
  • Material: Aluminum | Stainless Steel
  • Color Family: Silver
  • Color: Silver
  • Fits Flue Width/Diameter: 6" - 9 1/2" | 6" - 9" | 9" - 12" | 14" - 17 1/2"
  • Fits Flue Depth: 6" - 9" | 9" - 12 1/2" | 14" - 17 1/2"
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Free Ground Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS


Q: I have a 1960's home I would like to install a lock top damper. Do I remove the original inside the house metal manual damper? Also, is there an easy way do to it? A: Once you install the Lock-Top you’ll have no need for the original throat damper. The frame of the throat damper is permanently fixed in place and is tied into the masonry construction of your fireplace. Don’t bother trying to remove the damper frame. You should; however, remove the damper door. It’s typically held in place with a removable pin or bolt.
Q: Will this or any of your dampers work with gas logs? A: No, top sealing dampers are not recommended for use with gas logs.
Q: Can the damper be painted black either on just the sides or all over? A: Yes, you can paint this damper black.
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Product Reviews


This product works great. I will buy from this company again!

chimney damper

This product works well and is easy to install.

Product Review

Directions were clear. Making installation quick and easy.

Lock Top

Great product will buy more in the future.

Great Service!

We can't say enough about how quickly we got our order! We were already behind schedule on a job and then found out we didn't have the right size dampers to finish it up. Woodland direct got the right units to us within 3 days of ordering! Thanks!

Top Damper

Smart looking and very easy to install A+.

Chimney Damper

This item was extremely easy to install. The quality is great. I have no regrets and would recommend this product to anyone needing to keep their heat or air from going up the chimney.

Lock Top Damper system

Worth every penny. Easy to install , took about an hour after i gathered the needed tools.

lock-top dampers

Our customers have been pleased with the products and your shipping record is remarkable: fast service and free shipping.

Easy to install/good seal

The 1st one I ordered came incomplete with frieght damage, but a quick call to WoodlandDirect and they sent me another one with NO hassel. This was easy to install and seals tight. I would recomend.

Lock Top Damper

Great unit, relatively easy to install, caution: don't over tighten the DOME NUT, like I did, it will strip, putting a "damper" on the installation.

Lock-Top Chimney Cap Damper

So many times I wonder about the quality of products when ordering online. This product is well made with stainless steel, works well, and is easy to install. I should have used this product first, rather than getting one from our neighbor, which was too small and left the house smelling like smoke. I Highly recommend this fireplace option.

Chimney Cap

Nice design. However, there were no instructions referring to shortening the cable so I have wound it around the original blower system and held the cap closed with a tarp strap. I will need to figure out how shorten the cable and re-attach the handle pretty soon due to the fact we are at the time of year when we have very cool nights and semi warm days. Any suggestions?

Chimney cap/ damper

Product arrived promptly and works well.

lock top chimney cap damper

The damper is installed and is working fine!! The damper was very sturdy and it makes a tight close. I will be monitoring my winter heating bills to see if there is a cost savings. So far, very satisified with the product.....

Lock- Top Chimney Cap Damper

Ordering was a breeze - we ordered two and they arrived within the week. The "caps" work great. We couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again for such great service.

lock-top damper review

I can't say enough of the csr I dealt with...knew his product and didn't try to oversell me. The dampers were easy to install and what a difference in the stability of the air in the house They should pay for themselves in a few years

Lock-top chimney cap damper

Worked as advertised. But I have a small installation problem because the chimney is not directly above fireplace. I need a guide pulley or low-friction pipe to guide the pull wire around a slight bend. I'm working on it. Still, because of the installation and high cost of replacing my rusted out original damper, this thing is a bargain solution. I'd like to suggest a mod to this unit. How about putting a wire mesh that would slide down the flue pipe when the unit was pulled shut. It would keep out the small critters when the unit was open.. All and all, I pretty happy with it.

Nice but PRICEY

A great item.... Works well. Made of high quality materials.... But quite expensive for what you get...

Review of Chimney Cap

We're very much enjoying our tightly sealed chimney cap. It took all of 30 minutes to mount on the chimney, and only a few more minutes to fine-tune the cable length inside the house.

Great Product

The product was great and the order processing was very fast. Item was almost $100 less than a local store was selling.

Chimney Cap

This is well worth the money and they ship fast. There products are the high standard that you want!


Great cap easy to install in less than half hour

locktop chimney cap damper

As a energy saver to anyone's home, this item is a must. I have two on my home that I purchased from Woodland a couple years ago and 1 on a rental property that I recently purchased in order to save the renter heating costs. Once installed, operation is easy when one needs to burn the fireplace, just pull the chain in fireplace to release top off the flue liner and the top opens auto. To close damper top, pull down and lock cap in place. Nothing ever been so easy. this item will pay for itself quickly.

Works perfect shipping was fast


I live in a 2,600 square foot Ranch style home, that always seemed drafty, with one room in the farthest part of the house getting very cold on some mornings. Small wonder when there's always been this foot square hole in our roof. Now, after 35 years, that's over with.

Lock top chimney damper

Once measured, and ordered, very simple to install. Fit perfectly and installed in less than 30 minutes. Wish I had done this years ago! Keeps the house warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

lock top dampers

Your product solved our downdraft problem of two adjacent flue pipes. We have tried many solutions,some very expensive. Your damper worked!Thanks

Lock top Damper

My husband started this project without knowing a lot about what needed to be done to make a very old fireplace work properly. After checking around locally he started online to find the tools he needed. He found you and we are completely satisfied with your product, your website, the ease of use of the site, your payment security and the job the damper did. We've used our 83 year old fireplace four times now and love it. Thanks for being there for us.

Lock Top Chimney Damper

It is installed and we feel it is a very economical solution to what could have been a very costly situation. It was easy to install and it is effective in keeping out the cold air when there is no fire in the grate. We feel that the draft is much improved over our old damper system which rusted out after over 40 years of use. We would highly recommend this product.

product review

product was received in a timely manner. Directions were easy to follow.

Damper Review

I use these dampers all the time. We love them. They are a great option for my customers that have a old rusty damper that is drafty in the winter. They are built well and affordable.

Great Product.

This is perfect for an older home, like mine, with warped damper plates in the masonry chimney. I'm very impressed with the quality of construction and integrity of the seal material.

Lock Top Chimney Damper

Seals the chimney at the top as advertised. Fairly easy to install but like anything, a little improvisation was required. Received it within a couple of days after ordering. Overall, a good experience.

Chimney Lock Cap

The Chimney lock cap was easy to install and works great. I have noticed two things since it has been installed. 1 my hydro bill has been reduced and 2 the fire burns great and there is no smoke coming back into the house leaving a smokey smell. I would and have recommended this product to friends.

Lock Top Cap

Great Item, easy to install. I had a broken damper door, the lock top was the answer, Thanks

I have installed and use the product and so far I'm very pleased. I want to see how it makes out thru our severe winters in Maine. I will be extremely pleased if it works well after winter.

Lock Top Chimney Cap

This is a must for anyone that has a fireplace. This was the easiest to install and has increased the warmth in the house by three degrees. No more air going up the chimney with this installed. Staff were great honest about what I needed. Cannot say enough why did I wait so long. Shipped in two days and I live in Canada. Thank you this is a must buy.

Chimney top damper

This is a great addition to my fireplace. It seals so much better than the original. Now I don't hear the wind pulling the heat out of my house like I used to. I highly recommend this product. It's easy to install, and the best part is, it works. Thanks for an affordable and quality unit.

Installed Easily

The shipment arrived promptly. The instructions were clear and the damper installed readily. The draft is stopped!

SS fireplace top

Unit is excellent - easy to install and works great (so far - have only had in service for 3 months) - the other one that I had finally wore our (different design) after 12 years -will update in 5 years and see if it still works

Chimney Top

Luv it! Excellent product to keep out the cold. Works great. Glad we have it. Thanks!

Works Great

This is a fantastic alternative to expensive repairs and other dampers. The installation was pretty easy and it works great.

Lock top chimeny cover

Your product works excellent and is what I've always been searching for. What sold me on purchasing from Woodland Direct is the ease of purchasing cross border and everything was taken care of up front with no surprises. Very excellent Tom

Lock top Damper

The damper works great. The mounting pins and bracket for the fireplace hook are awful. I have repaired them four times since November. Stop sending cheap parts to mount in a fireplace that will only fall apart under use.

Top damper

Love it, easy to install. Seals better than any that I have had. Can partially close before going to bed as to not suck all the heat from the house.

Flu topper

great, easy install. I actually hired a chimney service to install it. They charged me $100. But if you're adapt to getting on a roof it will be very easy make sure you have two people

Flu topper

great, easy install. I actually hired a chimney service to install it. They charged me $100. But if you're adapt to getting on a roof it will be very easy make sure you have two people


all appears to be in good order, timely delivery


Best time ever for first time shopper.

Why Did I Wait So Long?

My house was built in the '50's and every summer for years I put up with an ashey smell when the AC would pull warm air down the chimney through the drafty iron throat flu. This spring it seemed worse than usual so I did a quick web search. Six days later my 13y/o and myself had finished installing this cap damper in under 3 hours and I couldn't be happier with both the product and the service. Thank you.


Great product very happy it definitely stopped the draft. Also very quick shipping.

I have not installed the damper yet. I am in the process of removing the old damper. The damper looks fine but I don't see how the fusible link would help with a chimney fire. To have a chimney fire the damper would already be open and the link would only prevent the damper from closing. If there is a fire, nobody is going to close the damper. The installation instructions are not very good. Fortunately there are a lot of good instructions on utube.

Great service!

good option

I'm glad that somebody makes these things and this is a good product. The instructions could be a littler more detailed. There was an extra nut where cable attaches to the damper that wasn't identified in instructions and was not clear if it needed to be removed. I had to tighten it to be able to attach to the damper but now there is not much give in the spring in the black handle thing which means less slack to work with when closing it


Very happy doing business with Woodland direct . problem with the first damper that was sent to me. People at Woodland direct correct the problem right away for me .

Very nice top mount damper. Just installed because of warm weather.

Lock Top Damper

The Lock Top is a excellent product. Easy installation and does exactly what it is suppose to, stop energy loss. Delivery was prompt and correct the first time

Chimney Cap Damper

installation was easy and fast, looks good.


Best thing I ever bought.


Great product, works well. I have 2 installed.

Pop-up Damper

I have tried to find a damper for my 80+-year old chimney and have not been able to find anything that would fit the odd size and structure. However, the Woodland Direct damper fit right on and was easy to install. It fits tight, keeping out animals and preventing drafts. I am very satisfied with the product and the service I received. I highly recommend this company and their products.

The item arrived quickly and it was easy to order. I just need the time to install it. I had one in the past and was satisfied.


Easy to install. Working just Great


The free shipping with great. Did not take long to install however the only negative I have were the instructions could have been a little more detail but all in all I am very satisfied

Great service and quick delivery


Will keep ordering


Easy to install and the staff was very helpful when I was buying this product . The reason I gave it 4 stars is that the instructions could be a little more detailed.




My order was filled correctly and promply! Very satisfied

broken cable

I’m a little upset that I followed the directions completely only to discover 3 days after installation the cable snapped and i can’t close the damper. Had i not ordered the sweeps ring i’d be furious. Think i’m more annoyed that I have to climb back on my chimney. take off the damper to reconnect the cable (hopefully)

Chimney cap

I purchased the 13x13 lock top. So far seems like a great product! I do think it would be better if it had a spring on the closing cable since it is a little difficult to latch the cable on the bracket. Overall great product! Very happy!

Just plain excellent

Justin S. | Miami, FL
Submitted: 06/10/2020