Lyemance Square Energy Saving Damper

Item # M56300147

4.597 out of 5 Customer Rating (196) Reviews FAQs

Lyemance Square Energy Saving Damper

Item # M56300147

4.597 out of 5 Customer Rating (196) Reviews FAQs

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Product Details

The Lyemance Energy Saving Damper is proven to reduce air loss through the chimney by as much as 90%. Traditional chimney dampers are known to be inefficient and are costing you hundreds of dollars every year. The Lyemance Damper mounts easily atop a flue tile with silicone cement which is included. A 32' stainless steel cable, handle and bracket, which are also included, drop down the flue. The bracket is mounted to the inside of the firebox and the handle is locked into place when the damper is to be closed.

The Lyemance damper is designed with a Power Lever which causes a paddle to swing up and lock in place. This unique design gives the unit a "low profile" and allows the damper to be easily closed. This energy saving product comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The silicon rubber seals ensure your conditioned air won't escape and that the outside air will stay outside. It won't take long for the Lyemance Energy-Saving Damper to pay for itself.

Now open your damper with even more ease. The EZ Open Damper Handle mounts to the wall of the firebox. A lightweight extension slips over the handle, and the opens the damper with minimal effort.

Please Note: Top Sealing Dampers are not recommended to be used with gas fireplaces. Snow and Ice may keep the Lyemance Damper from working properly in the winter time.


  • Single flue chimney cap
  • Outside mount
  • Multiple sizes available

Eligible for a Product Warranty
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  • Type: Single Flue | Damper
  • Installation: Bolt On
  • Mounting Type: Outside
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Width: 12" | 13" | 9" | 17" | 8"
  • Depth: 13" | 17" | 18" | 8" | 16"
  • Color Family: Black
  • Color: Black
  • Fits Flue Width/Diameter: 6 1/4" - 8 1/2" | 9 1/4" - 12" | 10 5/8" - 11 3/8" | 10" - 12 1/2" | 15" - 17 1/2" | 5 3/4" - 8 1/4" | 6 1/2" - 8 1/2"
  • Fits Flue Depth: 12 3/4" - 15" | 14 1/2" - 16 1/2" | 15 1/2" - 17 1/2" | 6 1/2" - 8 1/2" | 10 5/8" - 11 3/8" | 10" - 12 1/2" | 8 1/8" - 12 1/8"
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Free Ground Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS


Q: What size damper and cap is required for an inside measurement of 10" x 12" tile flue? A: The 13" x 13" size will work for those flue tile dimensions.
Q: Does the outer edges of the 13 x 13 damper extend out (beyond) the outer edges of the tile that measures 13' x 13 1/2? A: The outer edge of the damper is base is the 13" x 13" dimension given so it will not overlap a 13" x 13.5" flue.
Q: When the damper flap is open all the way, as illustrated, how high does the flap stick up? A: The damper flap will only stick up 4".
Q: Can you close it just part way? A: This damper will only fully open or fully close. There isn't a middle setting.
Q: How do you run a chimney brush down to clean out the creosote? A: You can remove the plate and force the brush through the opening. You can not use a sweeps ring for this unit.
Q: Can this be installed in winter or does the silicone require warmer temperatures during installation in order to seal and hold well? A: Silicon requires temperatures of 40 and above to properly cure.
Q: I saw that this unit is not recommended for a gas fireplace. I have a conventional masonry fireplace box that uses gas logs. Will this damper work with the gas logs? A: No, it should not be used with any gas burning appliance.
Q: Can this damper be used with gas fired wood igniter? A: Yes, it could be used with a log lighter.
Q: How is this unit at keeping rain out? A: This unit is very successful at keeping rain out of the chimney because of it's built in gasket.
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Product Reviews

Great product!

This is a good, effective damper.

Great product. Solid quality construction. Easy to install. Finally have a damper on my fireplace! Should have bought one years ago.

Shipped quickly, easy to install and works great.

Lyemance Chimney Damper

An excellent unit. Easy to install. Reasonable instructions. Every home should have one instead of that old style drafty damper. My only negative comments are that the silicone sealant was dried out in the tube and the control cable that fits inside the firebox took longer to unravel from the loop (while up on my roof) than it did to install the entire unit. The cable should be shipped so that is can be easily unwrapped. Otherwise, this is a seeminly well made, highly funtional unit. I've only had it installed for about a week now but it's working fine so far.

Great Product

These dampeners are just the bomb.. work perfect and very easy to install.

Lyemance Damper Review

Quick Shipment.  Great price and support

Lymance Chimney Damper

I am very happy with the Lymance Chimney Damper. It was very easy to install and works great. It solved the problem of the worn damper in the chimney at a very reasonable replacement price.

Lyemance Damper Review

WoodlandDirect shipped the dampers fast and in a well packed carton. The dampers are well made, the 'special sauce' is the silicone seal. When the dampers are closed, there is a real seal. The installation is a straight-forward process. Clean the flue top, drop the wire, put a bead of provided silicone cement around the perimeter of the damper, press and allow to seat overnight. Attach damper lock inside firebox, adjust lock collar and you're done.  Great product.

Lyemance Damper Review

Excellent product.. The entire process was very easy. When I ordered it the information on the website was complete and accurate. I did not even know a product like this existed until an hour before I ordered it. The video on the website was informative and helped me to better understand the product and make my decision. It arrived as advertised, The package was complete, Very easy to install, and worked exactly as advertised, first time. No adjustments needed.

Chimney Damper

I bought a Lymance chimney damper and was very pleased with the quality of the product and the ease of installation. It only took 1 hour to install including the installation of the cable guide inside the fireplace. Having a hammer drill is a plus.

Lyemance Damper

Damper is made from all quality materials including cast aluminum body and stainless steel cable. Installation is very simple and straight forward - I installed it in about 20 minutes. The hardest part is mounting the handle bracket inside the fireplace, but the pound in rivets are easy to use and hold securely. You may need to buy a 1/4" masonry drill bit if you do not have one.

Energy Saving Damper

Prompt delivery, easy installation. Product comes as advertised. No surprises.

Very pleaced with the ease of selection and purchase process on line.Product was shipped and recieved within a very short time frame.This is my second purchase from Woodland and I'm very satisfied!Charlie B.


Very fast every thing as stated. every thing is AA+

Chimney top damper review.

I purchased a Lyemance Energy-Saving Chimney Top Damper Item ID 12113. All the parts were there. The instructions were clear. Everything fit and I had it installed in less than 45 minutes. It works fine.In the Installation Instructions it should include under "tools needed" cable cutters. I installed this for a friend and had read the instructions, and knew I needed cable cutters, so I had everything I needed before I left my house.

Lyemance Damper

Extremely easy to install. Would have been a 15 minute job if the ss cable didn't get tangled when opening the package. All very high quality material. The flue on the chimney is offset but the stainless steel cable threaded its way through the offset easily. If you don't have a damper on your chimney this is an easy solution.


Workd great and actually was amazingly easy to install, I have a 40 year old house and the original flue was destroyed, this was a perfect replacement

Chimney Damper

Very happy with the product. Easy to install and it works perfectly. I even poured a glass of water on damper to prove to my wife it seals tight. My old rain cap even fit right over the top!!! Delivered in two days, great product and I will tell everyone i know with fireplaces. Thanks!

Lymance damper purchase

Very satisfied with the time frame and ease of delivery

Chimney Top Damper

Received it the next day, wow! Product is heavy and appears well made. I like the simple design and installation. A good product.

Chimney damper

The chimney top damper,I purchased is a great product.Installation was easy,no special tools required.Only about a half hour to install.Hardest part was dragging out the ladder.


Excellent product. Very satisfied.

chimney damper

Product is exactlly what i thought it would be. easy to install and seems to work as efficiently as advertised. would recommend to anyone who is in need of a top chimney damper.


I ordered several products from your company, all of which where delivered in perfect condition. Your staff was very knoledgeable and helpful when making the purchase. The problem arose after the initial purchase was made, the amount of time it took to finally gey my delivery was unacceptable to anyones standards. Being in business I understand certain products are subcontracted but this is something that should be told to your clients when a purchase is being made especially when a premium is being charged for an expadited delivery. The product I bought I was hoping to use for Thanksgiving and was not able to use for Christmas. Kind Regards, Robert Amo

lyemance damper

Super fast shipping, great product. Damper installed easilly, very happy


after many unavoidable delays we finally got it installed. directions were simple and clear. i'm looking to a nice cosy fire in the fireplace on the first cool day this fall or perhaps sooner if the fog rolls in thick and cold before then. to me this is what makes a house a home. thanks. kate

Lyemance Damper

High quality construction. Easy to follow installation instructions. Airtight seal of the fireplace flue. I would highly recommend this product. I have no negatives for this product.

Lyemance damper

easy to order. product received with bad cable, phone support sent a replacement cable immediately. Damper installed easily and works fine.

lyemance damper

well constructed low profile perfect fit next to vent damper on chimney.easy install with all that's necessary to do the job right.


Damper is great, easy to install, works real nice. I bought the rain cap from Menards for $20 and wired it on. You might want to offer a cheaper solution as $80 seemed too high.


Easy to install, took about 1 hour. Works great.

lymance damper

great product. true to specs. only problem is that my old hearth damper gets in the way of the lymance chain opener/ closer. i need to figure out some open ring system to make the new cable move flawlessly within the flue close to the old damper. great product. i would recommend it to anyone. even encourage anyone. gordon

lymance damper

great product. true to specs. only problem is that my old hearth damper gets in the way of the lymance chain opener/ closer. i need to figure out some open ring system to make the new cable move flawlessly within the flue close to the old damper. great product. i would recommend it to anyone. even encourage anyone. gordon

Lymance Damper

The Lymance Damper was as easy to install as the instructions indicated. I wan on and off the roof in less than an hour. I have already recommended this product to others.


This flue-mount damper is the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread. Works fabulously, keeps even the slightest wisp of breeze from blowing down chimney, and heat no longer billows up the flue when no fire is laid. That being said, even the slightest amount of snow or freezing rain WILL lock the damper into a closed it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to install a chimney cover....I fabricated my own for a 62x32 multi-flue chimney (those things are EXPENSIVE !)

Lymance Damper

Well designed and manufactured, the damper installed perfectly and works well. A very good solution for our situation.


It shipped fine and was an easy company to work with and the product was easy install

sorry for delay; my son, from elsewhere, installed. He is very pleased with your service and has no complaints. spoke with him t his morning.


We built our house 10 years ago, and I hate to think of the money that went up our chimney until I put the lymance damper on this year. It has made a huge difference to how warm the house feels, and was easy to install, and is easy to use. I wish I had known about it 10 years ago.

Perfect solution

My house was built in the 1930s and did not have a fireplace damper. I decided I'd try to bolt in a conventions damper and found the Lyemence damper while searching on the internet. I installed it in minutes and it provides a better seal than any other option. It saved me a lot of time, money and headache.

I installed this product in a house that I was remodeling . It is a quality product and easy to install.I'm not sure how it will work when it get's covered with snow and ice , but it sure seals the chimney nicely.


This is easy to install and a great protect. Highly recommend

Chimney damper

This is the second Chimney damper from Woodland I have installed on our house. When we moved to another older home with a masonry chimney the fireplace drafted down the chimney giving our family room a smoky smell. After the install the family was more comfortable and the odor went away. Would recommend on every masonry chimney.

Very Impressed

love the product easy to install .was done in less then 10 min was harder to get the ladder then to install the product highly recommend this product to anyone especiaaly those who are not handy . lol

Product quality and ease of installation

Effective product and easy to install.

Lyemance Damper

I bought 2, easy to install and quality is good. Saves energy and no more squirrels.

outside chimney damper

I recommend Woodland Direct. Easy to order and product was exactly as specified.

Lymance flue top damper

Great product. Seals out drafts when fireplace is not in use. I immediately noticed that our family room seemed less drafty after installation. Once I had my ladder in place the damper was easy to install. I recommend it highly for fuel cost savings.

Love this product

Love the Lyemance Damper - needed something to seal off chimney without having to replace the internal door due to someone removing it before us. This was quick and easy to install. A+

Leymance Damper

Good design - reasonablr tight seal Good packaging & delivery

lyemance dampers

These are by far the easiest and most reliable top sealing dampers I have ever installed . These are the only style of dampers that I recommend to my customers.

Chimney Dampner

Purchased the chimney dampener through Woodland last month. It came very quickly but was missing the special glue. Called and they expressed shipped the glue. Unit installed without any issues and is now working correctly. I would recommend Woodland Direct.


this product is very easy to install and works well


Works well. Easy to install.

great experience,wouldn't change a thing.

This products is very necessary for your fire place. it avoids odors from coming in and avoids heat(during winter) from going out and wasted. It helps to save energy. I love it

Chimney top damper

The chimney top damper is working very well. I would recomend it to any one.

Lyemance Damper

Got it ins Works great and really good service. installed with no problem. I do need a price for a spark arrestor that fits this, please!

Quality piece, good fit, working great. Worth the money


Good product. very easy to install

Rating overall

A excellent product very easy to install, well designed,corrosion resistant, seals well against snow and rain when closed, have 2 fireplaces both dampers work well. Saved over $750.00 to replace old rusted broken dampers. Highly recommend them.

Lyemance Damper

LOVE IT! It was very easy to install and provides excellent draft control.

Lyemance damper

Because I have an old chimney the flue opening was much larger than the largest available damper. I used two damper to cover the flue opening and it worked out well. I thought I might have to make a bracket to hold the two dampers but the two sizes fit well. With the dampers I no longer see snowflakes falling into the firebox on a snowy day. The fireplace/chimney is on a cabin so while not critical, it has improved heating and maintaining heat in the cabin when in use. Also the dampers on top of the chimney are not obvious when viewed from outside.

Lyemance Damper - Energy Saving

This is a high quality American-made product that will last decades and it's reassuring to know this kind of quality still exists!

Chimney damper

Insallation a snap. Works like acharm--- Thanks

Top Mount Damper

Very easy to install. Watch the video on Youtube. The only thing is make sure you have a good masonry bit to drill through the brick to place the pull down bracket on. This way you dont have to do it in the middle of the job. Otherwise it work well and the install is really easy.

Fireplace damper

Great product, easy install. Had it up in 15 minutes, would and have recommended product to others.

Damper & 30" x 3/4" grate

The Lyemance damper is a superb piece of fireplace/chimney equipment, solid, easy to install and comes with plenty of adhesive to get the job done right. The 30" steel grate has the strength to last decades of constant use. Pleasing to the eye and at a bargain price. THANK YOU.

Damper & 30" x 3/4" grate

the Lyemance damper is a superb fireplace/chimney fixture, easy to install, quality materials and at a bargain price. The 30" x 3/4 " steel grate is made to last decades of constant use, also very pleasing to the eye.

Damper for Fireplace

My installer took the measurements and the size was perfect. I had no problem installing it. It works great! I'm glad I found your website. I even received the damper in a timely manner.

Leymance Chimney Damper

Since I installed it this spring I haven't yet had a chance for a fire. However, it fits tightly and I'm sure it's stopped the air conditioning money from rushing out the chimney. I'm 71 years old, and had no trouble installing it myself. Great product. Thanks Woodland Direct.

Great Service, Excellent Products.

I recently purchased a Lyemance Top Sealing Chimney Damper and installed it myself. This is a very fine and well made product. It was very easy to install with instructions. The damper is very well made. I highly recommend this product. The people at Woodland Direct are very helpful and took extra time on the phone to make sure that I had the correct item to fit my Chimney. This is a great company to do business with. I rate this Lyemance Top mounted chimney Damper with the value of a 5.

Buying experience

Easy ordering, fast shipping in excellent packaging.

Lymance Damper

This is the second Lymance chimney top damper I have had. The first one was installed when we built the house and lasted almost 40 years through heavy use. The one I just bought is really an impressive piece of engineering and was very easy to install. Since I did this one myself I will keep the warranty information this time. That way I won't have to buy another one in 40 more years.

Lyemance Damper

Great product. Noticeable difference with the damper closed. Installation is straight forward, biggest obstacle is getting access (Home Depot manlift rental worked well). One thing to note, the size range shown for the dampers is pushing the lower limits of the opening size. I had to grind the clay pipe to get the damper to work (biggest problem was in the length dimension) and I was midway in the size range, it couldn't have physically fit and still operated if it was any smaller.

Lyemance Damper

I have 3 chimneys, 1 not in use. After installation of the Lyemance damper and closing off the other 2 openings we noticed the house was warmer and furnace ran less our 1st Electric bill after a full month was $100.00 less and dropped another $80.00 the following month. We have been on level billing for 10+ years with open chimneys so I'm comfortable saying the Damper is saving us %50 of our Electric bill. The damper paid for it's self in 2 months. Why didn't I do this sooner?? It was so easy to install I thought I must be doing it wrong LOL! Only tip on installation After 1st fire the cable shortened about 1-2 inches. Leave a little slack in cable. If you have an open chimney GET ONE TODAY

Good Product

I bought this to replace a damper on a rental property. It was so easy to install and works so well I am thinking about getting another for the house I'm living in and the damper is just find here. The guy that helped me install it also is going to get one. It seals shut tight and is heavy duty.


Great product, easy to install myself. Hundreds cheaper by buying here and installing yourself.

Product rate

Happy with the quality and prompt service, Just like going back in time. Thank you

Highly Recommend

The damper fit perfectly and was easy to install. I highly recommend this product.

External Damper

Installation was a snap. Spoke with company rep how was very helpful. Unit works very well to prevent wasted heat. Price wasn't too bad either. This was my first exposure to external dampers. It was replacing a very old unit made of aluminum that had melted. The new model is steel and very sturdy. I expect to get many years of service from this product.

top sealing damper

We are completely satisfied with the purchase experience. The item was received in a timely manner in good condition and it installed with no problems. Unfortunately for us, it did not solve our problem. Even though the closure plate was seated well, we have a major downdraft of air into our family room. Our next step is to call in a chimney expert.


Very installable for DIY.

Chimney Cap

Great product. Took ten minutes to install.

Lyemance Chimney Top Energy Saving Damper

My masonry chimney is almost 40 feet high and it has quite a draw. I installed this damper and it works perfectly. When not using my wood stove I no longer am losing heat (and AC come this summer) up the chimney. This appears to be a very quality piece of equipment and I expect it will last a very long time. Woodland Direct had the best price I could find. Shipping was very quick and if I remember correctly it was free too. I would highly recommend this damper to anyone concerned about saving energy (which equates to saving $$$). I really don't think it will take very long to realize a payback from using this damper. All said and done I AM A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

Chimney Damper

Total satisfaction with your service, product arrived as quoted and the price was right.

Product Review

This product was 100% as described and easy to install. Functionality is perfect and better than the original damper. I would recommend this product to anyone!


The chimney damper is great. Hopefully won't rust or be blown away in a hurricane. I decided to not use any clamp or screws but rely on the glue by itself because of the low profile.

Lyemance Damper

I rec'd the product and installed it myself. It went well and performs very well.

Chimney Top Damper

The installation was very straight forward. It appears to be a solid quality product. I am very pleased.


Just as described by salesperson. Works great.

Chimney Top Damper

Well constructed, great design, inconspicuous, easy installation and smooth to operate. Perfect for our 18th century chimney restoration project.

Damper Replacement

Old damper rusted and broke went online to research for a new one. Found Woodland web site ordered the components was shipped to me in two days. I would recommend Woodland they were very efficient in the ordering and handling.

Lyemance damper

Easy to install, stops the smell of a wet flue, helps flue to start drafting faster because flue is warmer to start with in cold weather.


I love the design of this damper, it doesn't have all of the springs you see on other designs, and it seems to have a good seal when closed. Easy install, and fast shipping.

Chimney Damper

I bought this because my original cast iron damper rotted out. It was very easy to install and they were very helpful on the phone to buy the right unit. Super fast shipping.

Top Sealing Dampers

I've used Lyemance brand before. Again I bought 2 of the 13x13 and installed them. Everything went as planned and there working fine.

Great Find!

When we pulled the old stove in our new house we learned that they cut the damper out when they originally installed it. Our goal was to have a fireplace until we decided on a new stove but were stuck without an option until I found this one after a quick search. So easy to install and works great. Our house is actually staying warmer than when the no functioning stove filled the fireplace. Can't wait for more cold nights to enjoy our fireplace.

DIY Energy-Saving Damper

Good quality. Easy install. Quick delivery. Packed with care. Not prepared for slight difficulty in dropping chain down to fireplace but suspect you couldn't cover every unique condition.


Can't say enough about the customer service at WoodlandDirect. They are the best! Product is as advertised and works great. Would highly recommend this to anyone. Thanks WoodlandDirect.


This item arrived in record time and is working perfectly to keep our chimney from leaking.

Lyemance Dampers

I'm a canadian costumer. Excellent service from woodland direct !!!! The damper is doing it's job: amazing product. I was a bit stressed by a little gap in the damper but the product is completely reliable, and worth every penny. The service from wood land is even more stellar. Only concern was the shipping fees, but guys we live in canada an nobody is a distributor, at leat they are well explaned before with no surprises as advertised. Great company, excellent product !!!!

Chimney Damper

Purchased your Lymanse damper and had it installed when my damper in my fireplace works like a charm, was easy to install and seems to keep out a lot more cold air than my previous damper..would recommend it to anyone looking to replace their old damper

Very cool

Very cool product. Way easier than replacing the broken internal damper that I had before. **IMPORTANT** cut the zip tie coiling the chain before you attach the metal piece to the damper. Otherwise you'll end up untangling a giant mess of chain on your roof...

Dapperly Damper

Were not all damper guru's so I appreciated the friendly and knowledgeable staff. I should have installed a proper damper years ago and not have wasted all that heat and AC up the chimney when it was not in use. Better late then never I guess.


Excellent service from your staff. They answered all my questions and more. The Lyemance Damper was very simple to install and works perfectly. Saved a great deal of money and time. I recommend this product for any chimney requiring a retrofit damper. Thanks Jim

Great Product

We just put this on our chimney on Saturday and can already tell the difference. There used to be a terrible draft and rain water coming down our chimney. Now it's dry and warm!

Works Great

Arrived in 3 days, works exactly as promised no more drafts.

Lyemance Energy Saving Damper

Husband and son installed in 15 mins. House is one level so chain was excessive but it was easy to adjust; very surprised at how easy it was to install.


Works great, looks good, EZ install.


I have always used Lyemance dampers and will continue to do so.

Simple & Efficient

Piece of cake to install!

Perfect fit

Very easy to install. Chimney pros charge $450 or more for this same product. Easily installed by anyone in less than 15 minutes.


This was a snap to install and it killed about 99% of the smoke smell that invades our living room during the Summer months. I am sure that once I clean the fireplace bricks, the smell will be 100% gone...


Great Product

I recently removed a wood stove and faced rebuilding my original damper that was cut out when the stove was installed. This would have been costly and difficult. The chimney top damper from Lyemance was a perfect solution. It was super easy to install, the measuring guide on the Woodland Direct website helped get the exact size I needed and I was finished in about 90 minutes. Be sure to heed the warning on the coiled cable when unwinding. They know what they are talking about!



Easy mounting on 13 x 13 opening. Solved my problem - I had a rusted out damper that bringing a draft into my living room. Sealed up now, awesome!


Fit right, works right, did everything it was supposed to do. Good quality, easy to follow instructions.

Great service

Sales people were super helpful and responsive. Damper easy to install and provides much more convenient way of opening and closing flue. No more wasted air conditioning and heating.

Lyemance Damper

This product is designed and built very well. It was also very easy to install. My downstairs fireplace had the old throat damper which was nothing more than a metal plate, after years of wood burning fires I am sure it warped and didn't seal very well. I would say with the new Lyemance Damper there is an at least a 15 deg. difference and I even got rid of the glass doors. Awesome product and well worth the money...will pay for itself in no time.


Easy to install

Product Review

Phone sales person excellent. Product quality excellent. Instructions excellent. Ease of installation excellent. Function excellent. Delivery excellent. Only thing missing was someone coming to do it for me.


My order was processed quickly and arrived quicker than expected. The Lyemance Damper installed quickly and operates as advertised. Would recommend the damper and Woodland Direct.

This is an excellent product that I suggest to all my customers. Can't beat the prices AND the great customer service at WOODLAND DIRECT. Fast shipping and excellent return help and fast refund. Keep up the great work and service.


Well made product and very easy install. Used in place of broken damper in built in heatilator. Immediately noticed zero draft after closing this new damper.

Top seal damper

Great product, quick service along with excellent customer service quick delivery. I am a repeat customer. This product stopped chimney odors from coming down chimney during high humidity days. This is a trust-worthy company to.

Lyemance Damper

I bought one to replace an identical one at the top of a very high chimney while it was being tuck pointed. Although it was about 18 years old, I was amazed to find what good shape the original damper was still in. This damper is a design marvel: simplistic and functional, it continues to function as expected.

Lyemance Damper

Installed the unit in less then 30 minutes with easy directions.


Prior to buying my house someone had removed the damper when they installed a fire place insert. I am selling the house 40 years later and the buyer did not want the insert and required that the damper be in working order. It was impossible to install an in chimney damper. I purchased the Lyemance Damper an I was thrilled with it. Easy to install and works great! I highly recommend it.


My damper is installed, very easy excellent quality works perfectly.

Lyemance Damper

I have built approx. 25 custom fireplaces. I find this product the most aesthetically pleasing, functional, and easy damper ever.


Fast shipping. Quality product. Easy installation. Works great.

Chimney damper

Product ordered and arrived in a very timely manner. It was well made and easy to install. Thank you.


Easy to install

Easy to install. Sealed off chimney, eliminating drafts and heat loss in the house. Easy to open when we want to have afire. Wish I had done this years ago!

Noticeable Difference

Recently had 8 inches of rain over a 24 hr period and noticed the chimney blocks were wet. Closer inspection revealed the need to replace the crown. As part of the chimney repair my wife and I opted to replace the worn out throat damper plate with a top damper. The Lyemance literally took me 20 minutes to install, and 10 minutes of that was simply deciding where to place the chain handle inside the firebox. Our house is relatively efficient, but we've noticed a HUGE difference between the fireplace doors closed with the worn out throat damper and the doors open with the Lyemance. The amount of heat conserved by the top damper is mind blowing. Anyone with basic DIY skills can install this and the cap in a matter of 30 minutes, less if you have a low-sloping roof. Highly recommend!


Just what expected. Very fast & courteous service.


Great product.

great service ,thanks for the fast return the product didn't have good detail specs.

Damper Replacement

Needed it fast and received the next day with air shipment. Installed in about 10 mins. Seems built well and VERY easy to install.

Damper Construction

I have not yet installed the Energy Saving damper but the construction appears solid and mechanics simple and functional.

Chimney to damper

Easy to install. Very pleased with product..

Top Sealing Damper

Easy peesey. Order came on time and my client was happy with the installation.


Fireplace accessories

Great products and service

Great value

Super easy to install. Great value. Purchased with cap as well. Total installation was under 30 minutes.

Damper & Cap

Ordered damper with the matching SS cap. Arrived quickly, packaged well. Both pieces quality manufactured. Extremely easy to install. Less than an hour start to finish.

chimney damper

well made product, very easy to install, seals the chimney very tight.

Customer service

I have placed a number of orders with Woodland direct over the years, I always received products timely, I called with questions about product on a couple occasions and always had a very helpful PERSON ...yes I said person.. give me the answers I needed. I will be a forever customer! Thanks woodland direct!!!


Cuts down on the draft. Love it.

Easy to install

This was so easy to install. The instructions are simple and the instalation is a breeze. I have reccomened this to others in my area.

Easy install

Everything you need is in the box except cable cutters! This was super easy to install. It took longer to climb up on the roof than to install it. Quality product!!!!

Great product

Easy to install works great.

Top lock damper

Great product to stop heat from going out of fireplace

The damper I needed

A very good product easy to install and works great !

Great product

As a chimney sweep and a Mason, I am always looking for a sturdy, dependable system. Having previously installed many a locktop dampers, this Lymance actually offers a product I'm not afraid to show my customers

Lyemance Damper

Installed two Lyemance Dampers with flues that are beside each other. They came fast and price was good. Installed both in less than an hour. Worked great and don't have the smelly downdrafts any more going into basement or family room when using either flues. Use to have issues where a cold chimney flue would draw smoke down into the unused room chimney flue. Love them.

Exactly What I Needed

I am rehabbing a 55 year old house with a masonry fireplace. The original damper was cast iron and was non-functional. After much research I decided on the Lyemance Damper. The masonry cap of the chimney had to be replaced and the damper was installed after the new masonry cap cured. It installed easily and works like a charm. My only caveat is that the instructions do not mention anything about attaching the cable guide. I did not have any problems figuring it out but someone else may. Next rewrite please consider adding it to the instructions.

Product Review

Item shipped and arrived promptly. Came with everything needed to install. I bought the cleaning ring and had to drill a couple of holes in the damper to mount with screws. Cleaning ring glues to chimney flue with included silicone sealant. Waited one day and screwed in damper and mounted closing cable in fireplace. I would say total time about 1 hour. Super easy to install. My roofline is a hip with a manageable pitch. You may need professional installation. Works perfectly!

Chimney damper

Great product.


The damper is well made, thick and strong with smooth operation to open and close. Extremely simple to install. I had total knee replacement 5 weeks now and completed the task with my wife grabbing the cable in the fireplace as I dropped it through the chimney and placed the damper onto the silicone glue provided. Very happy with the item. It should be there for many many years.

chimney top damper

Great customer service and fast delievery, not to mention very good pricing. thanks

Chimney Damper

Ordering was quick and easy. Product came as advertised and was easily installed. Cut down on the outside air workng its way into the house.


The flu got installed this past Saturday and has not been used but will be used next weekend if cool enough.

I love the product but I was disappointed with the fact there was not a chimney cap that fit the damper. I purchased the same thing 2 years before that was attached. I called the customer service hotline and they told me there was nothing they could do they just don't offer that type of product anymore. Otherwise the product would get a 5.

lyemance damper

when you coil the wire up for packaging, find a way to not twist it as you coil, because when you cut the wire ties, it springs back to its original shape and untwists itself, creating a tangled mess that takes a lot of time to untangle. And you do need tools on the roof. One to tighten the nut, and the other to cut the wire ties.

chimney top damper

We have a relatively large ranch with a chimney near the peak. The top of the chimney is probably around 15' above the ceiling of the first floor. I purchased the dampers for two 15" x 15" fireplace flues to prevent doves from getting stuck on top of the cast iron throat damper located just above the fireplace, and to keep precipitation out and do a better job of keeping the heat in when the fireplace is not in use. After I untangled the control cable, installation was very easy, but it does require access to the top of the chimney. The cables were just long enough to reach our fireplace in the basement. Our other fireplace is on the main floor in our livingroom. The damper works as advertised and will prevent birds and precipitation from entering, and I believe it does prevent heat loss better than the old throat damper. The downside is that due to the cable the throat damper must remain open at all times which exposes the entire length of chimney to the inside air. This leads to the chimney odor entering the livingroom somewhat. This occurs despite having glass doors on the fireplace. So I believe the damper works as advertised, but the odor is an unfortunate side effect.

13x13 chimney top damper

I had 12x12 clay flue so I though this would fit better, however mine had rounded corners which interfered with the flap going down. Had to re-bend the cable support support bracket so I could move it forward enough to get enough clearance for the flap. With that modification it worked fine. Good price and super fast shipping.

Lyemance Damper

We never built fires. The real reason was that the fireplace had no damper. I had a board jury rigged to keep the air from drafting up the chimney. But it was nuisance to open it and so we never made fires. I was trying to figure out a way to have a working damper and my wife came across the Lyemance web site. Put the damper on the chimney! Good idea. The installation was easy. We bought the little cover to keep the rain off it and it looks great from the street!

Great product!!

We love our new damper. Install was easy. The only issue was being 20' up the side of the chimney and finding out that a third of the tube silicone was already bad.

Top Mount Damper

I was very pleased with my purchase of this damper. Well designed, well made, easy to install with very clear and simple directions provided. Looking forward to a bug free & bird free chimney! Would have given it 5 stars but the price is pretty high for this item considering what materials are involved.

Lyemance Damper - Energy Saving

This damper is very easy to install and use. I followed the directions provided and was able to install two dampers in about a half hour. After installation there is a almost a complete lack of draft when closed.


I just installed this product November 17th and have had one fire since then. it seems to work great at keeping the down draft out.

The package was delivered quickly and the damper was very easy to install. I was very happy for the first month. After one month the damper started sticking. Yanking the chain quickly was of no use. So I'm up on the roof of a 2 story house lubricating the thing. Everything is working great - for 3 weeks then I was back up on the roof lubricating it again. We don't get a lot of ice or snow were I live. So I'm very frustrated and don't understand why it keeps sticking.

Lyemance Damper

The damper has really helped keep the draft out of the living room. We haven't had a working damper for years. The only problem is that it doesn't always want to open easily. Sometimes we have to force it open.


Easy to install and drop cord down to fire place box, the only thing I dont like is when you look up the chimney you se daylight thru the top where the cables attach, which is a problem when it rains


Easy to install, but the cable that works the damper got caught on one of the pins inside the mechanism. I had to remove the pin while on the roof and reroute the cable. If I wasn't handy I would not have been able to fix it and I'm not sure what I would do as it was already siliconed to the flue pipe. It was hard enough to fix as it was. Now that it's in it works well.


Easy instal--further review pending use after winter passes.

Lyemance Damper

Great product, good price , but the delivery time is not acceptable. Like many contractors i don't get paid until the job is complete.This took almost a month to get delivered!!!

Product works, but it was my third attempt at getting something that would fix my chimney. I was not impressed with technical support and their assistance. Also, tracking the product was impossible.

chimney flu damper

the product was shipped on time and in good order BUT unfortunately I will have to modify my Flu liner to fit. I am using the product in Canada and maybe our 8" x 8" Flus are slightly smaller. the Damper system does not quite fit and jams a little at the top.

Same order two different items

I ordered two different parts a 13x13 dapper and a stainless steel multi flue hood both parts was missing parts

Lyemance chimney top damper

The damper is not quite what is advertised. . . If you watch their video they compare the damper to a storm door. My storm door has a gasket on all sides. The damper only has a gasket around 1/2 of the open space. The other disappointing item to note is there are gaps where the damper hinges. If you can see sunlight, air will leak. Having said that, the CTD will block more air loss than a flue damper, however, the video implies both visually (smoke test) and verbally that it is air tight. I plan to keep it anyways and install it with some modifications to make it more air tight if possible. It also will provide better protection against raccoon infiltration than my existing SS screened chimney cap. I suggest you find one locally and visually inspect it and see if you are happy with the way it is constructed. If you are happy with it, purchase it from Woodland as their price was $50 less than either of my local options.

Lyemance Chimney Damper

These do not seal all the way around under the pivoting damper. There is still air leakage about halfway around and I am not talking about the sealing surface that sits atop of the flue. I also received this and was up on the roof installing it when I realized that the sealant that was supplied with the unit had all but dried up in the tube making it unusable. I contacted Woodland Direct and they said they would have some sent from the manufacturer, which they did. The new tube arrived a couple of weeks later. Installation was fairly quick and straight forward, however, after all this I was a bit disappointed that this damper, as well made as it is, still leaks a considerable amount of air. We will probably end up having to put an air pillow in the smoke shelf, which is probably what i should have done in the first place and saved over $150.00.

Lyemance damper

Despite measuring my flue twice and referring to the product spec sheet on-line, the 9X13 damper did not fit inside my flue. Consequently I had to return the damper. The damper quality itself looked quite substantial. I only wish that it had fit.

Chimney top dampers

Chimney top dampers used on their own are awful in cold weather. The air that is trapped in the chimney cools and then drops into the house. There is a convective effect of cold air entering and warm air rising. This also brings odour of soot into the house.

Lamaze damper

Well the damper froze after the first week the customer is extremly pissed off because they couldnt open the damper. I wont be promoting this damper again

Lymance Damper

I am very happy to find this product and many others that I use in my restoration work. The shipping is very timely also.

I would definitely buy from this company again. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I should have installed a proper damper years ago and not have let so much heat and AC escape up the chimney when it was not in use.

Review depends on size of damper

I got two of these dampers. The larger size worked great. Easy install, but it is not a 100% weather tite seal. The smaller damper I purchased was an 8x8. It did not work as well. The cables kept getting caught on the moving parts and the damper would not shut all the way. They use the same closing apparatus on all sizes. The parts seem to be too big for the smaller damper. I had to walk up and down the ladder 10 times to get it to work. I will not need to use this damper often, but I am afraid it will get caught again after being opened a few times.

Purchased this item along with a cap for installation on a customer's chimney. Original damper frame was cracked and damper did not closed properly. Installation was uncomplicated and took about 3/4 hr. Only concern I would have is the long term durability of the silicone adhesive. Have not heard anything from the customer as to any problems to date.

Size matters

Older Flues are more square cornered and newer flues are more rounded and it your on the cusp between sizes order the smaller cause the larger may not fit.


Let you know in the spring, its 20 degrees here. It takes 50 degrees for the adhesive to cure. It does look like it will do the job, instead of the leaky flue in the fireplace.