Stove Bright High Temperature Stove Paint

Item # M10900144

4.583 out of 5 Customer Rating (24) Reviews FAQs
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Stove Bright High Temperature Stove Paint

Item # M10900144

4.583 out of 5 Customer Rating (24) Reviews FAQs

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Product Details

Use Stove Bright High Temperature Stove Paint for complete stove refinishing. Use it to match stove color to room decor, or for touching up worn, chipped, scratched, or heat bleached areas. Tested to withstand heat up to 1200 degrees.


  • Color: Gray | Silver | Black | Brown | Gold | Red | Blue | Green
  • Accessory Type: Paint
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Flat Rate Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS


Q: I need to refinish the door for our wood burning insert. Since the paint is peeling off on some areas of the door my plan is to remove all the existing finish. Do I need to use a primer or simply use multiple coats of the flat black? A: It is wise to prep the door thoroughly. You’ll achieve the best result by removing the old paint. That being said, this is made to be applied directly to the metal with no primer. You may want to first apply a “sheer” coat of paint, let it dry so that it is at least tacky and then apply a second coat. The formula for this paint is thin and will easily run if you apply it too liberally on a vertical service.
Q: Can you use this to paint the inside of your fireplace on brick? A: Yes, this paint can be used on the inside of the fireplace. Be sure to clean the brick thoroughly before application.
Q: I need to paint my gas stove which has enamel on it. Can I use this paint? A: Stove Bright paint is designed to paint steel and cast iron surfaces that are not coated in porcelain.
Q: "Up to how many degrees this paint can take. " A: This is tested up to 1200 degrees
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Product Reviews

Stove Bright Paint

I used the paint to cover a tractor muffler. After sanding the rust down, I painted it. I allowed it to dry for 24hrs and then ran the tractor. With in a few minutes the paint began to bubble. I will try again and allow it to dry several days before running the tractor. Please send this to me again in about 4 weeks. don



Amazing, Beautiful!!!

Used this spray to repaint the fireplace casing. Stores have black, typical. But the wonderful variety of colors are great. We used golden brown. Against the stone it looks like a million bucks! EZ to use too.

Stove Paint

The color was right on. I painted a mini wood stove for the yacht, and it looks perfect.



Stove Bright Paint

This paint worked well, and was a much needed update to an old Kodiak stove that I have finally refinished.

Great Product

This paint is easy to apply. Goes on evenly , covers what you want to cover and holds up to extremely high wood stove heat . I definitely recommend this product!

Great Product!

You'll definitely want to use a ventilator and if doing inside have windows wide open! I did this job myself given my husband has a great white beard and wasn't able to use a ventilator because it wouldn't get a seal (and we both agreed keeping the beard was important!) We had some spots on our stove top that looked pretty awful. I put a coat of primer on those spots and at the tray in front of the door. I followed by 3 light coats of paint. WOW! Looks like a new stove. We did the curing according to directions and the paint looks fabulous! Great product - be sure not to take short cuts on the preparation!


I bought this paint to refinish part of our fireplace insert. My wife had spilled wax from a candle on it so I had to sand it off and repaint the front of the insert. I am grateful that you stocked Stove Bright High Temperature paint in the color that I needed. The paint was a perfect match and application was a breeze.

Easy to Use

Product was easy to use and covered well with a few light coats.

Color for Coleman Green

The color was good but not glossy like orginal. It look as if it was flat green instead of gloss. The Coleman fire pit which is what I was painting was gloss and about 20 years old. It is the only Coleman device that needed painting touch up. The stove and lantern are OK I believe.

Fireplace Renovation

Love this stuff. I've repainted 3 fireplaces. Super fast shipping with Woodland Direct.

Stove paint

I ordered Stove Brite paint, shipping was quick. The only problem was the cans would not spray, still giving 5 stars due to the amazing customer service. They refunded my purchase without a hassle, quickly! Thanks.

Great Item

This paint works fantastic. Made my 15 year old stove look like new! your customer service reps. are very knowledgeable and made the purchasing experience a plus. Thanks

Refinishing Fireplace Screen

I have a brass fireplace doors , with the help of the paint CSR I was able to get the right color paint to refinish my fireplace doors. The doors came out beautiful.

Primer and Paint Project

I used the primer and paint on the flue for our wood burning fireplace. The paint went on easily and looks great. Definitely use a respirator when applying it ($40 at Lowed Or Home Depot). I would give it 5 stars except for 2 points. First, a minor point, one can had a defective spray head. As I had 2 cans of each I swapped the spray from one of the other cans. Second, it doesn't seem to be a very tough finish. It scratched easily. It has only been on for 3 days and one fire so maybe it needs more time to cure. I had carefully prepped the surface so don't think that is the problem. Once the work in the area is completed there will be little activity near the flue so I will touch it up and be good going forward. Overall a good product I would recommend and use again.

Painting Fireplace Doors

This paint was exactly what we were looking for. It applied smoothly and the doors look like new! Thank you for a great product!

High Temp Spray Paint

As directed, the fumes during use are significant. Surface prep critical as always but rushing the project does not pay. Coverage depends greatly on the poriuness or courseness of the surface. Took a fair amount of time to dry at a cool temp. 65 deg F. Final finish not bad but there are a lot of Silvers out there and a assumed match is a dream. I would use this product again if I prep much better.

Stove Bright Paint

Went on smooth and perfect, went a long way per can. Will fire up stove this week.


The item is what I wanted plus it shipped fast and delivered b4 the excepted date

Updated Fireplace Screen Cover

The "Stove Bright High Temperature Stove Paint" worked out great. My wife was able to update our great room fire place cover with new colors to match our new room colors. Thank you.

Stove bright high temp stove paint

The finish had come off the top back plate on my stove. Stove Bright was easy to use and covered the bare paint area completely. The almond color matched well. I did not clean first with acetone because the area was so close to the stove burners of my gas stove and I had no way to extinguish the pilot light. It still worked well. The odor is strong, so please remember to open doors and windows. I would highly recommend!

Betsy F. | Fremont, NE
Submitted: 05/13/2020

Stove bright paint

The color, quality, and speed of delivery were amazing.

Stephanie M. | Chandler, AZ
Submitted: 06/11/2020

Still Happy!

Still enjoying the unique color I was able to choose for our chimeria on the back deck. I will always shop at Woodland for these needs.

sue c. | Pioneer, CA
Submitted: 07/27/2022