Thin-Line Masonry Fireplace Door

Item # M12500023

4.208 out of 5 Customer Rating (24) Reviews FAQs

Thin-Line Masonry Fireplace Door

Item # M12500023

4.208 out of 5 Customer Rating (24) Reviews FAQs

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Ships Within 4 to 6 Weeks | Free Ground Shipping!
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Product Details

The Thin-Line Masonry Fireplace Door is handcrafted with heavy duty welded steel and features ¼” tempered glass and fine-textured black finish. The tracked bi-fold door is easy to use with smooth sliding features and folding construction.


  • Designed for use with masonry fireplace
  • Fine-textured black finish
  • Tracked bi-fold constructed door
  • 1/4 inch tempered bronze glass door

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  • Firebox Type: Masonry
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Style: Traditional
  • Door Fit: Inside
  • Door Style: Tracked Bi-Fold
  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 20" - 42"
  • Height: 18" - 28"
  • Color Family: Black
  • Finish: Textured | Powder Coat
  • Color: Black
  • Glass Type: Tempered
  • Glass Tint: Grey | Bronze | Clear
  • Child Protection Feature: None
  • Assembly Required: Required
NFI Certified Experts on staff to assist you CALL: 800.919.1904
The industry’s leading fire knowledge base LEARN MORE ONLINE
Free Ground Shipping on this product HOW SHIPPING WORKS

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Q: Does this screen come with a mesh curtain? A: This fireplace door does not come with a mesh curtain.
Q: Do the glass door models have a screen door as well? A: This model does not have a screen included, but we do offer separate mesh screen kits which can easily be installed behind this door in your firebox.
Q: Is this door airtight? A: No, this door is not airtight.
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Product Reviews

Fireplace Door

This door is perfect!!! Customer service was great! Shipping was quicker than expected! Thanks!

fireplace doors custom fit

Very pleased with salesperson who took our order and results. It was done as we ordered and as salesperson presented delivery, etc. Does 5 mean best?

Thinline Fireplace Door

Excellent quality for the price.

Thinbb Kine Masobdy Door

Thin Line Masonry Door

Excellent Fit and Look

Fireplace Glass

It is the correct measurement, and looks good. Thanks.

Fireplace doors

The product was easy to install, well built, and looks great. Delivery was exactly on time. I would recommend Woodland Direct to my friends.

Thin line fireplace doors

This product replaced an old shiny brass glass door cover. The room looks modern now and dressed up the fireplace. It is a great product and fit perfectly with the dimensions I sent in.

Glass Doors

Perfect fit, good instructions, really gives the fireplace a rich look.

Thin-Line Fireplace Glass Doors

The dimensions and fit were PERFECT. The masonry anchors provided with doors didn't hold in the holes I drilled - and I used the bit size specified - but I had some lead anchors that worked great. The total installation took about thirty minutes although it would have taken longer if I had to go out and buy the anchors. The doors arrived quicker than expected. The quality and appearance are top-notch.


was very pleased with this the professional way it was handled as well as the price thank you had looked for a year for a door

very happy with the purchase

The custom-made glass door is very well built and meet my expectations. Thumbs up for WoodlandDirect and their personnel!


Perfect fit with the exact measurements I gave them. Looks fantastic and was super easy to install. I'm glad I did business with this company and would definitely recommend them.

Easy Installation

Easy installation, I was impressed with the way the thin-line fireplace was packaged. I received it in perfect condition. I installed the frame myself. This took a few hours but finished perfect. We love the look and recommend your product to others. Thank you.

Fireplace Glass Door

Shipped and received well before promised. Installation was quite easy and direct. Doors fit and functioned perfectly. We were able to use it in conjunction with a preexisting screen, and couldn't be more pleased.

Thin-Line Masonry Fireplace Door

We couldn't be more pleased with the custom fit and clean line appearance. A great product and the ordering services through Woodland Direct were easy and very helpful.

Fireplace Door(FP) Installation

I had no difficulty following the directions and installing the FP door frame in my masonry FP, until i went to install the left door. The height was about 1/64th inch shorter than the right side. The door frame was already installed and fit well. However the set-screw for the upper left door pivot-hole blocked the door from snapping in place. I resolved the problem by grinding off the head of the screw enough to allow the door to clear the screw and snap into the hinge hole. This solved the issue and we are enjoying our FP more than ever.

Adequate, overpriced

Aside from the glass need to be able to withstand the heat generated by fire, these fireplace doors are pretty simple. Custom sized made to order vinyl windows for example, are actually much more complex and contain more glass, and special coatings and more moving parts These glass fireplace doors cost as much as a window larger than the doors, Even though the doors are much simpler and cheaper to manufacture, then the windows. I bought the least expensive fireplace doors that were available. I guess there's just not enough competition, because it's a low volume market . I have yet to build a fire behind your stores, so I cannot speak to quality, whether or not they withstand the heat they're supposed to. Customer Service at Woodland direct, is as it should be, and the product seems to be high-quality.

fireplace door

We are still trying to install it. I've had surgery on both hands and haven't been able to help much. My husband had to make the holes bigger, because the square screws didn't fit in the round holes. Then he had to grind down the brackets, because they didn't line up with the holes, before or after he made the holes bigger. Then we didn't have a masonary drill to drill the holes. So, we're still working on that. I thought the door would go around the outside of the opening and fit on the inside. My mistake. It looks as if our fireplace bows out on the sides, so there is a narrow crack on both sides, but fits tight in the corners.

installing door

we really think the fireplace doors are handsome, clean, and seem to be well made. Very sharp looking. My problem installation. The parts you sent did not fit very well. The brackets door mounting holes were set to deep had to grind down tops to line up holes. Then the little black bolts to mount the brackets had square heads but the holes were round, had to adjust again. All in all a one hour job turned into two. Wrong parts, quality control or bad engineering. thanks, Andy

It's just ok

Unit looks nice but, the glass doors do not operate smoothly at all. They stick pretty bad and can be hard to open and close. I installed all level, plumb and square. I couldn't find any way to adjust the smoothness or rollers on the glass doors (there are no rollers, which is why it operates poorly). Also, hardware that came with door, to secure it to a masonry FP is very poor quality. I used my own, Tapcons to secure the frame. I need to buy a 2nd FP door, for another house but, I won't buy this one again. Lessons learned here.

thin line fireplace

I found this unit to be overly flimsy. A weld came undone the minute we took it out of the box. The unit fit squarely in the opening which was the only saving grace. You should better inform your customers that this is an extremely fragile insert.

Gaps with the glass doors.

I was disappointed with the fireplace doors I ordered. For them to be sold as "CUSTOM" doors they sure didn't look like the time was put into making them. It looks good from far however the bifold glass doors are off. There is a 1/4" gap on both sides of the doors (between the farm and doors). The center of the doors (where the bifold doors meet) are fine when closed. The gap is appropriate. It is the other end that has the gap. This 1/4" gap is an obvious mistake because there is plenty of room for the doors to open and close and still be up to or behind the flush mount frame for a clean look. The gap on one side starts off at about an 1/8" then grows to a 1/4" at the bottom. I just installed the doors 2 days ago after having them sit for a month while I worked through having our mantle and tile redone. I wish there was some sort of credit that could be refunded for the price of these so called "CUSTOM" doors. Also one side of the bifold doors has a very slight bend when the doors are closed. The other side does not. This throws off the "Look" of the straight clean flush mount look. The doors and frame don't look cheap. Its how definitely how it was manufactured and put together. More time needed to be spent on installing the tabs where the glass doors clip into and maybe even having the width of each glass panel slightly wider so there is no gap period. The gap is going to cause major drafts issues for us. Especially living in a windy area.

Thin Line Door

Just as advertised, fit perfectly, looks great but took forever to get!