3 Ways to Incorporate Fire into Your Tiny Outdoor Space

Find the perfect size fire feature for your space with these simple tips!

Fire features come in all shapes and sizes and can be incorporated into practically any outdoor space, no matter how small it may be. If you're looking for a way to add a fire feature to your tiny outdoor space but aren't sure where to start or what to look for, we've got you covered with these 3 simple solutions!


The easiest way to incorporate fire into your tiny backyard is through a compact, portable fire pit. Portable fire pits are lightweight and can easily be carried from place to place making it possible for you to enjoy a fire wherever you want.

Some portable fire pits even fold up into a compact carrying case, so you can take them with you on your next trip in the great outdoors!

By using this type of fire pit in your tiny outdoor space, you'll be able to enjoy a beautiful fire whenever you want and then store the fire pit away when you're done, saving you a ton of room.


To get the most bang for your space-saving buck, look for products that serve a dual purpose, such as fire pit tables and fire pits with cooking grates.

Fire pit tables bring the features of a fire pit and an outdoor dining table together, into one convenient design.

They come in a range of sizes, from small cocktail tables to two-seater pub-style tables, to large, full-size dining tables and feature a fire pit in the center. Most of the time, you can cover the fire pit with a burner cover to get the full use of the table's surface whenever you need it.

Many fire pit tables have wide enough bases to store a propane tank underneath, as well, keeping the propane tank out of sight and saving you even more space in your tiny backyard!

Fire pits with cooking grates are a great option if you're looking for a way to enjoy a cozy wood burning fire and delicious, barbecued food, but don't have enough space for a fire pit and a grill.

You can get a steel fire pit insert, like this one, that has an attachable and adjustable grill post. The grill post makes it possible to whip up all of your favorite foods, from steak to chicken wings to delicious grilled veggies while basking in the comforting warmth of a wood burning fire.

If you prefer a permanent fire pit, look for a compact masonry fire pit kit or a small fire pit ring insert. Simply use the ring insert as your guide to building the perfect masonry fire pit by surrounding it with stacked stone or brick. Add a steel cooking grate and you'll be totally set to enjoy a beautiful fire and awesome grilled food.


Instead of trying to figure out how to jam a giant fire feature into your tiny space, why not consider a miniature fire feature, instead? Small-sized fire features can create the same lovely ambiance and striking detail as larger fire features do and are much safer to use when space is limited.

Tabletop fire features are among the smallest fire features on the market and are the ultimate space-saving way to incorporate fire into your tiny yard. They are portable, lightweight, simple to install, and won't take up any storage space, either!

Look for a tabletop fire pit or a fire table bundle that uses a miniature propane tank and hides it out of view, so you can get the most out of the fire feature without disrupting the flow of your outdoor decor.

Fire urns and fire bowls are also great options for outdoor areas with limited space. Fire urns are often tall and narrow, meaning they don't need a ton of room while fire pits and fire bowls come in sizes small enough to accommodate even the littlest of yards.

Both fire urns and fire bowls can double as decorative accents on your patio or next to your walking path, and they can even be used in your small garden in place of a traditional planter. Incorporate one fire bowl or, if you have the yardage, use a few throughout your space to get the look you desire.

For a miniature fire feature that still has an air of grandeur, outdoor fireplaces and firefalls are great options. Outdoor gas fireplaces will give you the traditional element you're craving from an outdoor fire feature while saving you space. Choose from a prefab fireplace or create a custom one that's built to your exact specifications and sizing requirements.

Firefalls, on the other hand, put a modern spin on the traditional fireplace by incorporating a waterfall into the design. They not only provide a beautiful, soothing fire-and-water display but also only require a maximum of 5 feet of space for installation!

As with any fire feature, it's important to remember that you'll need to check the manufacturer's requirements for clearance to combustibles to ensure the fire feature is safe to use in your space. Be sure to check your local city's codes, ordinances, and regulations, as well.


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